Green leggings with side stripeThe reason I bought these green leggings with side stripe was their comfort and the great quality. I figured I could use them a lot. As it turned out, styling them was not that easy. Nevertheless I managed to create 4 outfits (quite unique for me) with the outfit above being my favourite. I prefer to wear the kimono jacket open. It looks and feels like silk, but it is not. It is viscose and cupro (never heard of cupro before). Bought it at Levv in Haarlem, which has a very skilful and lovely owner to help you. View Post

orange leather pencil skirtAn orange leather pencil skirt is something out of the ordinary. I like that. The colour orange, which I like as well, made me pull the item from the rack and I was amazed how well it fit me. Usually these skirts have room for hips, which are not on my body. This thing was just straight. The shop provided the very comfortable black shirt to go with it. As I was wearing the orange necklace that day, adding it to this outfit was rather obvious. The peeptoe shoes are for the modern look although I still prefer normal pumps. View Post

Contemporary, timeless and comfortable high heeled shoes. Where do you find them? Usually you can only have one of these three. Which is what Jolanda van Eijk experienced when her feet started hurting.  As she couldn’t find comfortable shoes that looked cool, she decided to learn everything there was to learn about shoe making (three years training, mind you). After which she created the perfect last and the perfect heel, took a very deep breath and started her own company: EIJK shoes. View Post

One holiday day with lots of friendsAs it happened I spent one holiday day with lots of friends, the last day. First there was lunch with Anja (blog Curly Traveller) and Misja (blog MisjaB). (You have seen both on my blog a lot of times.)

In the evening I went out to dinner with 3 friends: Marianne, Claudia and Jiske. Two other members of this group of friends were on holiday. All of these women are used to having their photograph taken, so that was all right. View Post

My holiday dayToday again two holiday days with friends. Thursday with Aafke in Amersfoort and Tuesday with Eefje in Haarlem. Both were colleagues of mine. In 1985 Eefje joined the advertising agency where I worked at the time and Aafke came working with the advertising department at the bank in 2009. All three of us have a really Dutch first name. View Post