Hope trousersCertainly a different pose, don’t you think? These black and white trousers were on the blog only one time before: when I went shopping with my friends in Antwerp. They are by Hope and the most comfortable trousers you can think of. Crotch hanging low, lots of room around tummy and hips, nice and warm. All lovely things, but one… these trousers are wool. And wool make me itch. Got that solved though. View Post

Moss green dressThat was a close call. These photos of my moss green dress were taken yesterday. I nearly had nothing to post. Luckily Ron was prepared to take the pictures and the weather wasn’t bad. Ron found a good spot where I would be protected from rain and wind: a small gazebo at the Elswout Estate in Overveen (adjacent to Haarlem). We will definitely go back there for more photos as they have phenomenal sites and buildings. In summer, when it is nice and green. View Post

Anke, Greetje and SabineYes we did it again…. Shopping in Haarlem this time. At the end of one of these Saturdays our little group of friends can hardly wait for the next date. I think we could happily do this at least once a month. Alas, there is not enough money in the bank for that. We choose a different town each time. As you might have seen, we have been in Eindhoven, Antwerp, Utrecht, Amsterdam, again Amsterdam, and I probably forgot a few times. View Post

Black skirt suit Max MaraThis black skirt suit has been a difficult item to style. When I bought it in 2015 I was in awe because it reminded me of the New Look by Dior in the fifties. But…. (yes there is a but) … there is a whole lot of black going on. I did find out that some bare leg showing (pumps) looked better than boots. You can see the skirt with boots here and with red pumps here. Both outfits were sort of all right but not the kind of outfit you feel terrific in. View Post

jeans jacket G-StarImagine…three bloggers meeting for lunch. What do they bring? Right!! Cameras. All three of them. So meeting Anja (Curly Traveller) and Misja (misjab.nl) for lunch, meant I needed to wear something you hadn’t seen yet. With all the pictures that were bound to be taken, I could create another blog post without having to trouble Ron. Anja is photographing for a long time and she knows how to handle my pigheaded camera too. Her blog shows wonderful pictures of all her travels. And Misja is a photographer by trade. Her blog features all kinds of people she photographs in the street (indeed… Street Style), but only of people over 40. View Post