Last year I bought this flower skirt, red jumper and white blouse at Max Mara. Perfect brand. Pricy but you get well-fitting clothes.
Red is my perfect colour and the shape of the skirt is flattering for me as it gives me a waist.
Finally used my new small black belt as well.

I used to only wear it the way I bought it due to lack of fantasy. And I wore it with a black beaded necklace.
Anja thought the necklace made it look too old fashioned. I remember this brooch (put on a string) and she asked me to wear just a black top underneath the jumper. (Not wearing a top underneath it would get me arrested.)

When you see the last photo you will see the wrinkles in my neck again….pfff. I so much want to photoshop it… I don’t but it is soooo ugly. For those readers who are a lot younger than I am: …this does not necessarily happen to you too when you get older. A lot depends on your genes.
I just have to accept it.

Now look at these photos below. You’d think that my posture is quite reasonable. But it is not. See the difference between left and right.
It is so difficult to improve your posture. You cannot remember to stand straight the whole day. Such a pity as it changes your looks SO MUCH.

Which combination do you prefer? With the white blouse? Or with the black top?

These brown jeans are proving to be a real treasure. I can wear nearly anything with them. Even my newly acquired lime-green jacket looks very nice on them.

Of course I am combining it with black again. Must have listened too long to Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black.
Really… I should be punished if I buy another black piece of clothing.

Nevertheless I would not have thought of putting this particular jacket on these jeans. Again it was lovely Anja who encouraged me to try it. I really like this outfit a lot. Even better than with the black (….oh..) sweater I bought with the jeans.

The last two pictures are about my cat and dog rather than the outfit. Included them just for fun.

Above picture: I know she looks skinny but she is really very healthy and in good condition. I have sent my husband to two different vets and a dog trainer to check whether she is not too skinny. Apparently not. She seems to have the condition of a 1 1/2 year old dog and she is 6. Her name is Charlie.


As I have said before you are going to see a lot of my grey boyfriend jacket. Because it took me so long to come up with a good combination for the jacket.

Here are 7 more photos of trying out different things. With jeans, with white trousers, with other tops, with flat shoes, with heels. I did find a combination which I quite like, but I am saving that for another post.
(It have to save some to be able to put an article on the blog every day.)

I also like the combinations in the first and the second photo. (The second one screams “NECKLACE” and I only have my yellow one which you will see in a next post.)
The rest of the trials I have dismissed as failures. Still contemplating whether I should have the jacket altered to waisted as Josep-Maria suggested in the first post of this jacket.

I look a bit like a surprised rabbit in the photo above haha.

Today something nicer than yesterday… my olive green dress from LaDress (la dress online). A lovely online shop with dresses that will suit any woman. You can dress them up or down. (I do not get paid for this advertising haha, I just like the shop.)

You will see my olive green dress with shoes and a brass wolves necklace. With a peach top and peach / black dotted scarf as belt. With pink/cream boots (Suzanne, these are for you) and with my black boots.
You can pick and choose what you like best.

Perhaps you will see this dress again in the future as Anja styled it with some more items, clever little thing.

Now I have to upload the photos very quickly as my husband wants his dinner on the table. It is my turn to cook.


Allright….. this post is for a good laugh.

Some people seem to think that I am really stylish. That I know how to put together the perfect combination.
That is not true. I struggle. I try. Sometimes I succeed but lots of times I fail miserably.

Up till now I have shown you mostly my successes. Some of the outfits were put together by friends who are better in styling than I am. Some of them were actually by me.

This time I will show you my struggle with a very old, comfortable black sweater. As big sweaters are in fashion again, I thought I could re-use it. I also still had the long yellow skirt which I bought together with the sweater. (I saw to my surprise it was by Rykiel. Never knew that. Bought it in a tiny shop in Nice.)
And as leather and big sweaters are also in fashion, I got my long leather skirt out too.

We can safely say that it is hard to re-use something twenty years later. I don’t mind sharing my failures with you. As the subtitle of this blog says: live, learn and laugh.

OK…. now for the laughs:

I have uploaded the above yellow skirt with a fiited jacket to the Forum of the site:
40plusstyle forum

And these were the best pictures of the series……