I showed you my multicoloured silk suit yesterday, still contemplating whether I would wear it for Christmas.
Looking at it again, I decided it was too much summer and party and searched for another outfit.

My friend Anja gave me a whole bunch of skirts this summer which did not fit her anymore.
She is a size small now. I am not.
I am a size large believe it or not. In English sizes: a 14. In Dutch sizes a 40 and in Italian sizes a 44.

Back to the pile of skirts… In that pile was a beautiful black skirt embroidered with black beads. Ideal for Christmas. Which is why I did not wear it this summer. It was obviously a winter skirt.

The question was “what to wear on top”? I decided it had to be something tight, something that would show my waist. A normal fitted jacket was out, because it would cover part of the skirt with the beads.
A short jacket was an option but I only own 1 short jacket, a red one.
(Come to think of it, that might also work. Red is a Christmas colour. I will have to try that later.)

I opted for two similar blouses. One in purple and another one cream coloured.
Give me your opinion. Which one looks best?

First I made a photo indoors (above) as it was storming outside.
Then I decided the light was significantly better outside (below).

Changed into my other blouse as the wind was getter worse (below) … bye-bye hair-do…:



As you can see in the photo above on the right, the wind was really fierce. And it was cold. The things you have to endure when you are a model hahaha.

DETAILS…. beads and evening purse.

So let me know: purple blouse or cream blouse? Or should I search for something completely different because you dismiss the outfit all together?


First I bought the skirt. Then I remembered, it was near my face that I need all these bright colours. Therefore, a skirt was not such a good idea. Solved it by buying a matching jacket (…… If I keep solving problems like this, the bank will soon own my wardrobe.)

It is really better to wear them separately, but when there is a party, they work quite well together as a party suit. Do you agree? Or do you think it is too much?
If you agree on the party suit I have another question: can I wear this at Christmas? Or is it too much like summer?

I tried the skirt with two different tops: a black jacket and a red/raspberry coloured shirt.
The black jacket balances the red better in my opinion. With the shirt there is too much red going on.
I added the long green necklace1) as counterbalance for the red and 2) to give the outfit a bit of a modern look. Because, although it is a recent buy, the style looks a bit outdated. Don’t you think? Nice and feminine, but not modern.


And last one…. the failure. The skirt came with a separate sash and I decided to put the shirt over the skirt and the sash around my waist…. Oohhh what a mistake.

Notice the different shoes I am wearing: black closed shoes (leather), red closed, red open (both suède).


PS I now know how to keep my photographs the same size in my blog. But it means I cannot crop them as much as I used to do. Before I just cropped them until there was nothing on either side that bothered me. Have to watch the background of my photos more in future.

These trousers are very comfortable, which is something I appreciate more and more as I grow older.
I remember the times (seventies) when I laid flat on my back on the floor in a jeans shop with the shop assistent bending over me trying to get the zip up. Those jeans were so tight, that you saw the impressions of the trousers in your body.
These days have gone.

It was quite difficult to find the right shoes with these “harem trousers”. I found out by trial and error that I needed to show some flesh (of my feet). So no boots. Not too high heels etc. Finally I stumbled upon these flat shoes from Marithé et Francois Girbaud. They are a bit funny with a little flap on the nose of the shoe.
I got a few comments that the trousers were too long. When I look at other photos I agree with those comments. When I look at the trousers in real life or in the photos in this article, I don’t. What do you think?

I tried the trousers with several tops. The vest with flower pattern is nice, the white jacket is nice, but the green jacket with the slanting belt… no, a failure.




The green stone is periodot and the bracelet is in reality a watch.
You can open the top like a little lid and see the time.
Do you think it is dangerous to show jewellery on a blog?



Take a deep breath (I did). Here are my trousers with a black top and (as variation) with a brown leather jacket.
When I saw the back of these trousers I had to laugh and thought about the blog called Man Repeller.
Josep-Maria is not repelled by them, so it does not apply to all men. (You are unique Josep-Maria, but I bet you already knew that).

The sneakers are lovely to wear. They have flowers on the side and studs and are made of leather.
The jacket is not my favourite. If I wear it outside as a coat, it is too cold most of the time. And if I wear it indoors I have the idea that I am ready to leave the house. Especially with that scarf, although I think the scarf is lovely.

All in all, I do not wear the trousers much like this. Stay tuned… tomorrow I will show you these trousers with something more tight at the top but still with sneakers. A sort of part III and the end of this sequence.
Here are two photos of the front…..


And here the photo of the back….

Oh really, it looks terrible. HAHAHA.

The photos with the leather jacket look quite relaxed. But it also looks as if I have short legs which I have not.

Until tomorrow.


Because showing failures got such enthousiastic comment, I decided to show some more.
Failures??? No problem. I have lots of them.

This time my baggy trousers. Dangerous territory for a women of 58. Dangerous territory for women who want to please men. Because hardly any man likes this look. Pity. I cannot help it…. I love these trousers.

The high heels in the first (right) outfit and the nice, cream coloured jumper, are what the trousers need.
As a sort of compensation.



The jacket which I tried later and the orange scarf are both hopeless.

Tomorrow I will show you some more photos with these trousers.With sneakers !

Have a nice day or sleep tight.