New Years outfit ? Christmas outfit? Or neither?

New Year outfit 2Is this outfit right for New Year celebrations? Or would it have been the right Christmas outfit? Or is it outdated? That is a question I have been asking myself a lot. Similar to last year when I asked your advice about my Christmas outfit 2012. As my blog was only a month old then, there were only a few comments.
This year I decided for myself that I liked this skirt and tried to update it with booties. I just needed a more modern top. This jacket is very classic, so it does not update the skirt. View Post

Green coated skinnies, an Acne tunic and grey leather booties

Green coated skinnies with cream tunic 2These coated skinnies prove to be such a good choice. Two weeks ago I showed you the trousers with a black sweater. Today with this Acne cream tunic. I told you that Alexandra and I “did” three shoots. Which means you are going to be bored to death with these skinnies. LOL View Post

Black&white big sweater and skinnies

Black & white Perfectly Basics 4
Oh gosh, fall was here the day I took these pictures. Which meant: COLD and taking photos indoors. In my tiny house with no space and no light whatsoever in dark days. Being a bad photographer anyway, this is a real challenge. Looking at the pictures I can think of two solutions: 1) taking more lessons or 2) having more pictures taken by Alexandra, my “private” photographer LOL. View Post

Green coated skinnies, black sweater and black suede boots

Green coated skinnies and black sweater 2A colleague at work did not know I was blogging…… She must have been the last person not knowing as I have told EVERYBODY. After finding out, she told me she is a photographer and would love to make pictures of my outfits. Can you believe my luck? So thank you Alexandra Psalti. For spending a Sunday in a cold park and actually liking to take my pictures. I still find it hard to believe and am very grateful. Love our coffee moments too.

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Shopping in Amsterdam the Nine Streets area – part 2

Amsterdam II 174
Same shopping tour, same clothes, different steps, different street, no scarf.  Great to link the two posts about the Nine Streets by two similar photos. By accident fooks, this was not a deliberate strategy, not a plan.
As you have seen in my previous post about the Nine Streets I was with my friend Helena, who is a sweet and patient friend. Not minding the numerous times she had to wait until I was done photographing. View Post