Fur jacket with boyfriend jeans and 3 coloured booties

This fur lined jacket is for really cold weather and it was snowing, so…. As this is the year of new combinations, I decided to try something new with the jacket. You have seen this fur jacket with my charcoal skirt and I explained then it could get very hot. And it also rides up in wear. Very annoying.

Combining the jacket with the boyfriend jeans I could leave it open. Less hot and no more pulling down.
The red T-shirt underneath it gives me some colour and of course my new 3 coloured booties fit this picture perfectly.
A lot of photos look alike. I could not choose. Sorry.

Do you like this combination?

My back will never be my best part, but so be it.

The garden

You have seen parts of our garden in nearly all photos I have uploaded. Most photos were taken from the end of November onwards. Not the best time for a garden. And to add to the misery you had to look at a torn-down fence. It used to be a lovely fence, painted yellow with frames for plants to get attached to.

As these things go, we had to pay the consequences for neglect. After a couple of years of NOT painting the fence, we heard a strange sound one sunny morning. It was the sound of a plank falling out of the fence. A few days later, two planks fell out at the same time. The right side of our garden looked like an old man with half of his teeth missing. So we took them all down. We could do that as our neighbours have their own fence on the other side of the posts.

This spring we are getting a new shed and a new fence. Hopefully exactly the same and also yellow. We like the sunny charm of it.

Here are some photos of our garden in the good old days and two photos taken this month with the garden covered in snow.

Above: unfortunately the two trees at the right, died this spring. Boehoe…

All photos were taken in spring and the trees were not in full bloom yet.

Below and above: the bench is also gone as it took up too much space. 
You can see my previous cat, called Sari, sitting on it. She died two years ago, age 15.

A look at the back of our house. I have covered the faces of our guests as they are not too keen to appear on the internet.

Below…. look at our poor garden these snowy days….

A small garden, but we city folks, like it a lot.

Brown sheer skirt, part 3 en last

My brown sheer skirt gave me so many unexpected possibilities. Hope I don’t bore you as this is the third article on the subject. I wanted to show you a fourth as well, but decided against it. Would be too much of the same. LOL

It was such an eye-opener that I could come up with so many outfits just by setting my mind to it. Before I began this adventure and threw all sorts of tops on the bed, this skirt was hanging in my closet, not being worn for 2 years. Now I can wear it so many times.

The first time you have seen it with a brown top, brown boots and a statement neckace, and the second time with the same brown top but a different belt, smaller necklace and python shoes. (I am giving you the links in case you want to refresh your memory -haha- or have not seen them yet.)

This third time I am using a leopard top (seen before here), cream jumper (seen before here), again a different belt, different necklace and my beautiful blue earrings (seen at the bottom of this article).
I spotted similar earrings with a big oval red stone and a green drop… so nice…. I could not restrain myself and tried them on. Fortunately they did not suit my face. Too long. What a relieve, as I did not have the money for it. LOL

And below the last two creations:

  • with a blue cashmere jumper, small brown belt and large bracelet.
  • with the leopard top underneath a brown velvet jacket. (I need to come up with some more combinations with this jacket. Next challenge.)

Will you believe I once said I only wore a skirt and top in one combination as only one could be perfect?
I find all these combinations perfect.

Black poncho, cream trousers

Here we are again with black and white….. According to Suzanne, B&W is going to be a big hit this spring and summer. Boy, am I ahead of things. LOL
This poncho was made by a young designer from Young Designers United (YDU). It is adorned with black Swarovski crystals. A very simple and effective design.

As usual I tend to overdo things like adding a necklace and such. Luckily I hear Chanel’s voice more and more, saying: “when in doubt, leave out the last accessory”. I have to take that a step further and leave out the last two accessories.
I am striving for classic with a modern twist. Not for “more is more”. OK, OK… I can hear you think…. sometimes I do like “more is more”. Call me fickle, I am a woman.

Starting the photos with the best result in my opinion. Which is without a collar shirt and with long boots.
As we go along you will see the poncho with a poloshirt and the poncho with a necklace and patent leather shoes. The latter are really nice, but not in this outfit (too many focus points).

Nicely covering my bum and creating hips.


Of course there is an animal in the pictures. Can you see my cat Sophie, on the right from the brown pot, hiding underneath the bushes?

Above: with a polo shirt.
Below: with polo shirt, necklace and patent leather shoes. Too much.

Hope you enjoyed my journey.

Big orange cardigan

It is so nice to have really comfortable clothes in leasure time which still look stylish. To me this cardigan  is such a thing.

As you can see, snow has fallen in The Netherlands. Nevertheless bloggers must take photos, so cold or hot,  there you are, with your camera and remote, trying to take pictures which make you look good. It takes about a hunderd photos to get 4 to 6 pictures which you dare put on the internet. I am not kidding, I am not a photogenic person. If you think “she doesn’t look that bad”, just remember the selection 4 out of 100. LOL

Back to the big cardigan.

You will see this cardigan with:

  1. jeans, my patent leather bootie/shoes, a polka dot scarf tied long,
  2. black trousers, black boots and a black and white necklace,
  3. black trousers, black boots and the polka dot scarf tied short.

You can pick your favourite.



Below with the scarf tied short.