Yellow LaDress tunic with skinnies

When I see banners on the internet, I always think: “Are there still people who actually click on a banner?”
The answer is Yes…..When the content of the banner is interesting enough for the target group.
In this case the banner was by LaDress, one of my favourite addresses. The banner showed a yellow tunic, at a reduced price.

That was enough temptation for me, so I ordered it immediately. OK, admittedly, it does not take much to seduce me (clothes-wise I mean).

This tunic is heaven to wear as you don’t feel it. It is also a bit of a risk. With an ostentatious bosom this tunic can make you look like a matron. Or … as if your breasts are twice as big as they already are. Or….. (the worst)…. as if you are pregnant. I am showing you photos of me sideways, but believe me, I took the best ones. There were photos where all the aforementioned risks became painly clear.

This tunic cannot be worn as a dress at my age anymore. At least not in my book. But as I acquired skinnies, I could not only add those, but also booties which needed the skinnies I never had before.

Above: with black skinnies, black scarf and black booties.

Below: with jeans skinnies, green scarf and necklace and green booties.

Below: with the skinny jeans, the green boots and just the green necklace (gosh my hair looked nice that day).

Below, one for fun, with a very ostentatious necklace (I like the word “ostentatious”), and grey boots.

Below: the sideway photos……


And the back…

Till next Wednesday.


Sorry my dear readers, I am experiencing a lot of spam lately. Therefore I had to change the settings to “moderating each comment before publishing”…. sigh.

I want to make it as easy as possible for people to leave a comment on my blog. Good people that is.
And I want to make it impossible for bad people to infect my blog.

Unfortunately I cannot find a good Spam-programme on Blogger, so I need to resort to this measure.
As there are friends who want to leave comments without a digital trace. Which means I have to leave comments open to anyone.

Don’t you hate criminals?

Black wide skirt with raspberry jumper and polka dots

This skirt is from a thrift shop. It is by Erny van Reijmersdal, the same person who designed my cream jacket. I could not find such a skirt in the shops this winter. Apparently this style is out of fashion. A pity as this style suits me. To find this skirt (at a very reasonable price) made me very happy.

I have updated it with the polka dots tights, the small belt and the polka dot scarf which you have seen in my  big orange cardigan article. The jumper is so-called cashmere, but the price was too reasonable to be cashmere. I think. Nevertheless it is warm and very soft.

At first I only had the jumper, skirt and belt to create the outfit. Looking at the photos I thought it was a bit bare-looking. Then I came up with the tights and scarf and put other boots on.

A colleague with photographic skills took pictures of me at the office. So you see a different background for a change. There were nicer photos but they showed artwork and being in advertising, I know you cannot publish photos of artwork without the permission of the artist. Pity.

The photos were taken in a different part of the building from where I work. Don’t think for a moment that my office space looks like this. Us worker bees have to perform in much smaller rooms. Never mind, it is warm there and they have coffee. LOL

Below: I was hoisting up my skirt to show my polka dot tights. Just for fun. My husband said I could not publish this photo, but I think that is rubbish.

Below the outfit without polka dot scarf and tights and with other boots.

Below: see the bracelet? I thought that was a rather nice accessory.

Do you prefer it with or without the scarf?

Lime green corduroy jacket and cream corduroy trousers

from now on I will only post once a week. On Wednesday. I love blogging, but I also like the rest of my life. And the rest of my life is suffering. Not enough time to do anything. So choices had to be made. Alas.

Back to today’s outfit.

You have seen this lime corduroy jacket before with black trousers and hairy black boots. I bought it with cream/grey corduroy trousers at Pauw (again). To me, this combination is better than the one with the black trousers.

The boots are really special, with golden smudges on the leather and bows at the top and on the instep.
A sales bargain of many, many years ago. They were expensive (orginally) but sooo comfortable even though they have a spike heel. They make the combination more special with the little bow peaking from under the trousers.

The brooch is vintage and a gift from a friend.


Hope you like it. No jokes this time.


Red La Dress dress with two different jackets

This winter it is all about new combinations with me. Spent all my money last year on spring, summer and winter wardrobe, so I have to be more economic now. Actually it is fun to find different ways of wearing your stuff.

I normally wore this red dress with a black and white polka-dot sash. Very nice but only suitable for “in between weather”. In The Netherlands it is often either cold or hot. Which meant I did not get enough wear out of it. With these jackets I can wear it more often. With cardigan and boots in winter and with cream jacket and shoes in fall or spring. This small belt makes the outfit more 2012/2013. At least that is what I think. I like throwing dust in my own eyes.

Anja came up with the cardigan combination and I thought of the cream jacket. Slowly getting there.