Summer dress with flowers

Summer flower dress 2
When I was at the seamstress one day, I saw this silk lying there and fell in love. We decided on the collar, the type of skirt etc. and she made me a trial dress in cotton…. Stupid me: when I tried it on I noticed that the waistline was a bit high up, but never said anything. Thinking I could always put a belt around it if I wanted the waist a bit lower.  View Post

White capris, green blouse, leopard sandals and a man you have to love

Leopard summer sandals with green blouse 1

This post will be a funny one. First I will show you some pictures of this outfit with my leopard sandals. Then I will show you a picture of my husband Ron trying on new sneakers…. View Post

Black & white striped skirt with several tops

Anchor blouse with B&W striped skirt 1

You will probably like this post as there is quite some variation. With a failure to finish it off. 

It is all about this horizontally striped skirt. I showed you this skirt before with my pink neon top and my lime sweater. I think I have worn it once and I am deeply ashamed. In my defense…. it was lousy weather till two weeks ago and it is a summer skirt. View Post

Kimono jacket

Kimono 1

On holiday I was out lunching with a friend and she was kind enough to take these pictures. It was one o’clock on a bright, sunny day. Not the best time to take photos. But I do not turn down such nice gestures especially not when it means a different environment. Makes a nice change from my garden. View Post

Boating and shopping in Amsterdam

Boating in Amsterdam 1
Last Saturday it was splendid weather, not too hot, not too cold. Perfect weather to go boating in Amsterdam with friends. I don’t know whether “boating” is the right word, but “sailing” with a motorboat sounds very silly to me.

This post has a lot of pictures (20 or so) and is especially for Dan from Italy who put in a request for photos of the Amsterdam canals LOL. But I hope everybody likes it. View Post