Yellow coat, green silk blouse and B&W body

Black and white body with green blouse 7Hurray for skinnies. I love them, could wear them every day. They make my legs long and they feel like pjs. This particular pair of skinnies is by Max Mara (again…. Dan and me… we just love this brand).

Oh I have to tell you this before I go on. The sleeves of the purple Max Mara coat which you saw in my previous post were too long. The shop altered them for me. At the top of the sleeves, not at the bottom because then you would lose a button. They did it for free. Now that is Service.  View Post

A green outfit and a purple coat

Max Mara coat and green outfit 5One of my colleagues was leaving the company and I went to a department store (the best) to buy her a fare-well present. That is a dangerous task for me. If I am exposed to many beautiful things I get sorely tempted. Best thing for me is not to get near a shop.  View Post