Black Tara Jarmon dress

Black tara Jarmon dress 1One of the nice things of going abroad is buying clothes in different shops then you are used to. Often to find out they sell the same thing at home…. Globalisation has its down sides. The time I bought this black Tara Jarmon dress was when we visited Gent in Belgium. Not really far away, just popping over the border, but still abroad. Tara Jarmon is a very good brand and not very well known in The Netherlands. Normally I don’t wear things like this as it can make me look like a stick. I planned to hoist it up until it was a tunic, which turned out badly. It looked as if I had several fat bulges from waist to bottom. Not flattering.  View Post

Green and blue in a mix and match

Max Mara blouse with green skinnies 1Mixing and matching this time. Not that I am any good at that, but I try. The silk blouse is by Max Mara as well as the pattern skinnies in the second outfit. Those two pieces together is my favourite combination as you have seen before. But… it would be a pity not to make more use of such lovely clothes. So herewith green and blue in a mix and match: the blouse with green skinnies and the pattern skinnies with a black sweater. I know, I know… no rocket science here. View Post

Shopping in Amsterdam… Haarlemmerstraat

Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 13This time my shopping in Amsterdam was aimed at vintage stores in Haarlemmerstraat. However, old clothes and shoes are less captivating than stunning buildings, canals and beautifully displayed merchandise. To solve that “problem”, my two colleague friends came with me: Anke and Sabine. They are modelling the merchandise. Both are very stylish and shopaholics (like me). Lovely personalities, so much fun to be with. We had a ball. View Post

How not to dress…

Black and blue body with A line skirt 1This is a bit of a blooper post. A lesson in How not to dress when you are nearly 60. What was I thinking? This Wolford body is the “sister” of my black and white body. In the shop my husband and I had different opinions: he said: “buy the black and white one” and I argued that the blue and black one would make a change to my wardrobe. In the end he bought the black and white one for me and I paid for the blue/black. (I know…. decadent.) Needless to say he was right. Again.  View Post