Blue Kenzo jacket with green and yellow skinnies

Blue Kenzo jacket with yellow skinnies 6It is so springtime in The Netherlands…. 21 degrees Celcius this weekend. Wonderful… but it did present me with a slight problem. All my photoshoots with a cold winter nose and winter outfits were not appropriate (really). And I had little time to prepare a post as I am trying to have a life outside blogging. Which is not easy. Therefore I was delighted to find a series of spring / autum photos waiting for me already prepared for publishing (did them early winter when it was too cold to publish them). My Kenzo jacket with green and yellow skinnies…. so much better than with normal trousers like I wore here. The skinnies make the jacket edgier. View Post

Finding a bathing suit

Bathing suit 1MSpring is here again and many of us will go to the stores with a dangerous purpose: finding a bathing suit. With our white bodies in these dreadful fitting rooms. Being over 40 makes matters worse.

The text you are about to read is a fun article which was sent to me by a friend. I have no idea who wrote it but it killed me laughing. Actually I have published it before last year, but because it is so hilarious, I am posting it again. For those faithful readers who have seen it before, sorry… but I hope it will make you laugh once more. You don’t need to comment, just laugh (if it is your kind of humour). Illustrations were kindly made by Anja (see her travel blog Curly Traveller). View Post

White sneakers with skinny jeans

White sneakers (16)_LROK, my camera has a problem with the colour green. That is a fact. Photos of my Kermit green jacket (here and here) always were a funny green as well. So take it from me that the sweater I am wearing in this post is a warmer green than the photos are showing. I think the white sneakers with the skinny jeans are a youthful combination but still (age) appropriate. My stepdaughter thinks this look is too young for me. Especially with the hem of the jeans turned up. What do you think??? Please give me your honest opinion, not your flattery. View Post

Eye blouse worn on skinny jeans

Eye blouse 1 Right ladies and gentlemen …a photo session with my husband (Ron)… what a treat. Normally Ron just clicks a couple of shots (5 or 6) and is bored to death with it. “Is it alright now? Is it done?” and off he goes. This time he was really interested, suggested a nice environment and took loads of pictures. Even accepted my help when we did a couple of shots not on automatic. It would be very nice if we could continue this. Subject of this shot was an eye blouse worn on skinny jeans. Location: Landgoed (Estate) Beeckestijn, a beautiful estate where your dog can run free, believe it or not. View Post

Shopping in Amsterdam… at the Albert Cuyp market

Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 14Of course markets are alike all over the world. Still …shopping in Amsterdam at the Albert Cuyp market is a nice experience and worth reporting on.  Lots of food for very low prices. (I mean strawberries for € 1.50 in February? That is cheap.) Lots of flowers, fresh fish, olives, vegetables, cheese… you get the picture. View Post