Amsterdam IJhallen

SAMSUNG CSCThe money was spent. All gone. The lust for shopping wasn’t. My friends Sabine and Anke said: “Let’s go to the Amsterdam IJhallen!” This is an enormous flea market (hallen = market and IJ = the name of a big water in Amsterdam). At the IJhallen, the prices are right for people with little money in their pocket, like us. Anke could only join us at the end of the day, so Sabine and I went to the flea market together. Although without Anke we had a lot of fun as you can see from the first picture. Laughing doesn’t cost anything, yet it is so precious.  View Post

Green leather jacket with cream skinnies

SAMSUNG CSCWe have had a post with skinnies, then one with a skirt, skinnies, skirt, so time for skinnies again. As promised, herewith another styling of this versatile piece: my green leather jacket. This time with cream skinnies. Sylvia (40+Style) did a whole series with light coloured pieces for winter and I loved her cream trousers. Couldn’t find them myself. When she was over in The Netherlands we hunted together. With success. They are very comfortable and brighten things up a bit. View Post

How to wear a skirt in a contemporary way

Black leather skirt white sweater purple necklace (2 van 11)To continue my search in how to wear a skirt in a contemporary way, this time: my black leather skirt. You have seen it three times before: twice awefully styled, when it was still ankle long (here and here) and once after I had it cut (here). It was a good decision to take the hem up, but I still styled it in a very classic way. Looking at other bloggers I came up with this outfit and I am beginning to like it. View Post

Golden boots dressed up with a classic jacket

Golden boots, black Pauw jacket and skinny jeans (3 van 7)Again the golden boots. This time dressed up with a classic black double breasted jacket by Pauw. A lovely brand with flipping expensive clothes. These last two years I didn’t buy very much from them. The black jacket is at least three years old and comes with trousers. The full suit is really for office wear only (see it here).

The jacket combined with skinny jeans is much nicer to me. A juxtaposition with styles and/or colours is a well-known way to create an interesting outfit. I learned both the word “juxtaposition” and how to achieve “this interest” while blogging the last two years. View Post