Shopping at the Max Mara outlet

SAMSUNG CSCHaving arrived at Turin on Thursday afternoon, there was Daniela to meet me at the airport. We stuffed all my suitcases in the back of her small car and went for our first cappuccino. And dinner at Eataly. It was so nice to meet one another again. Friendship through blogging. View Post

Travel clothes

SAMSUNG CSCYep… I can hear you think….. “Travel clothes…. in high heels… Never”. And I so agree with you.

Last week I visited Dan (Daniela) of The Pretty Cute in Italy. Thanks to Transavia the price for a return flight is very reasonable. Dan and I have become really good friends. Which is one of the beautiful things that come from blogging. Last year you could read on my blog about our first encouter (and the second day and my return visit last year). Even though English is not our native language, we understand one another very well, even without words. View Post

Miscellaneous clothes

Purple jacket and black and white pencil skirt (2 van 4)I haven’t got any new photos ready (lack of time), so here are some forgotten ones from the past. Hence the strange title of this post: miscellaneous clothes. I couldn’t think of another title.

In these pictures I am still a brunette (sigh). First my purple velvet jacket and black & white pencil skirt. Both by Pauw (Dutch brand). This is a style I am not that keen on anymore. As a matter of fact, I never wear the skirt anymore. Don’t even know whether it still fits me. Any ideas as how to style the skirt in a more modern way… ?? Please share them with me in your comment. The jacket is another item I find very difficult to style. View Post

Boyfriend jeans with jacket

Boyfriend jeans with jackets (7 van 9)Friday was the start of my short holiday: 10 days. Hurray. My friend Marjolein was coming and we were to hit the town. Which means in my book: flat shoes. The day before I had been in tight skinny jeans and on high heels from very early morning till late in the evening. Even went out to dinner. Which meant a great need for comfort the next day. Starting with the shoes, I chose my white sneakers by Marco Polo (they are white, really they are. I have cleaned them now). And for more comfort, my boyfriend jeans with jacket. View Post