A red leather jacket and Project Sister Act

Red leather jacket No Fear of Fashion 675It never rains but it pours… Well, for my bank account the meaning of this saying is true (bad things happening). As for red jackets this was a good thing. Only one week after I bought my long red jacket, I found this cute red leather jacket. I weighed things up (that was a negative), I considered the options of this shorter jacket (that had more positive sides) and I asked my colleagues for their opinion. They tried not to influence me but did admit it looked good on me. When the shop assistant added the scarf, the four of us went: “ohh, that’s nice!” and it was a done deal. I am on bread and water for two months. But looking darned good haha. View Post

Red jacket… finally

red jacketI have a red jacket!! I have a red jacket!! YAY…

Red is totally my colour, it suits me so well. But if it is not in fashion, it is hard to come by. And vintage shops are nowhere near as good in The Netherlands as they are in the USA or Canada. Three weeks ago, to my total surprise, I saw this red jacket in the window of a shop. Of course at that moment I was totally skinned (financially). Nevertheless I bought it straight away. I know ….. totally irresponsible behaviour. I am like that with clothes (and shoes). But now that I finally found my jacket, right colour red, right length, right fit, right size, right price, there was nothing to stop me from acquiring this trophee. View Post

An orange coat to bring some fun in winter

Orange coat by Claudia SträterThis orange coat is hanging in my closet since February 2014. I only wore it once. There was something wrong with it and I couldn’t put my finger on it. No, not the colour…. I know this is not everybody’s cup of tea, but I love bright (neon) colours, especially when they have a shade of red in them.

I found the coat in the sale at Claudia Sträter which is a Dutch store, renowned for their good coats. It was half price, had the right length (just hitting the knee) and the right shape.  So what was wrong with it? I will tell you.  View Post

Celebrating 250 blog posts on No Fear of Fashion

250 blog posts celebration No Fear of Fashion-2Yesterday I showed you this jeans dress and two different ways of styling it. I published it a day earlier than usual to give you a chance to follow the webinar on accessorizing by Sylvia (40+Style). That post of yesterday was my 250th post on No Fear of Fashion. Something I would not notice but my attentive husband did. Already in November. Secretly he planned his surprise for me. View Post

Jeans dress and the power of accessorizing

Jeans dress SportmaxThis jeans dress is by Sportmax and I bought it at full price (ouch). I fell in love with it even though jeans blue near my face is on the negative side of my “colour card”. So far it promises to be worth every penny. I will show you in this post two ways how I styled it, but there are more possibilities (for another post). The difference in style is achieved purely by changing the accessories: shoes, belt, bag and necklace. View Post