Sightseeing in Apeldoorn with my friend Lia

Sightseeing in ApeldoornOnce a year my friend Lia and I go away on a long weekend. Funded by my husband Ron as my birthday present. He knows how much I enjoy spending time with her so he provides the means (love him). We have been to Paris (twice), London, Rome, Milan, Copenhagen, Barcelona and this time we went sightseeing in Apeldoorn. Due to an illness Lia has overcome but it still recovering from, we didn’t want to go abroad this time. A trip to the east of our country, into the woods seemed a good idea. View Post

Bangles, boyfriend jeans and a lime coat

bangles, boyfriend jeans and a pink bagRon and I went to see the ruins of castle Brederode in Santpoort (no information available in English). Because I wanted photos and he remembered this place would give us a nice background (tip from my friend Anja). Unfortunately the sun decided to hide behind clouds, which makes the pictures a little dreary. I started the styling of this outfit with the new bangles. They are very attention drawing so I toned down the rest. Well.. sort of. View Post

How to create a good outfit

How to create a good outfitDid you get a fright seeing this photo? I bet you did haha. While searching for my summer dress pictures, I found old photos of me, trying on different combinations. In search of the answer to the question: How to create a good outfit? These pictures were never meant to be published. My friend Anja (Curly Traveller) took them only to document what I put on. But I had to laugh so much over these photos, I wanted to share them with you and let you laugh as well. I don’t mind making a fool of myself in order to achieve that. 😆 View Post

Summer dresses

Summer dressesAs it is summer, we are all on holiday. We all have little time to visit blogs. I decided to take a bit of a break too and do what lots of bloggers do: rerun older pictures. However with an appropriate theme: summer dresses. As it turned out, I haven’t got that many dresses. What you see in this post is what I have. All of my summer dresses. Apparently I am more of a trousers girl. Never knew that. Pity really, as I like dresses. View Post