Boat tour through Amsterdam with Anne and Kirk

Boat tour through Amsterdam, Anne and meMy husband Ron has a company, taking people on a boat tour through Amsterdam. He teaches them how to navigate the boat (if they want to) and shows the sights. More information on if you forgive me this blatant advertising haha. I want to promote his business because he really enjoys doing this. As he gets 5 out of 5 stars ratings, I can only conclude, so do his customers.

When Anne and Kirk contacted me they were spending a week in Amsterdam, could we meet, Ron immediately suggested to take them on a boat tour. Which they gladly accepted. I know Anne and Kirk from their blog Music and Markets Tours. They take travelers on exciting explorations of life and music in Europe. They are in Europe (and Amsterdam) many times. Anyway… as it so happened the week they were in Amsterdam was chockablock for me. All lovely outings and dinners, but hardly any time left. Fortunately we agreed on the Saturday and fortunately the sun was shining that day. View Post

Turin Style – part 2

Turin StyleAnd on with the second part of my trip to visit Daniela in Italy. Last week I called my post Fashion in Turin. And that didn’t really cover the subject. Therefore, I thought of Turin Style for this second post. Better?

Above: on Saturday Dan took me to a palace: La Reggia di Venaria. It was bloody hot that day, so I decided to join Dan in wearing a dress. View Post

Fashion in Turin – part 1

Fashion in TurinYes dear readers, another trip to Italy for only one reason: to show you the fashion in Turin… Right.. I knew you were not going to believe that haha. Of course the main reason is seeing Dan, whom I met through her blog The Pretty Cute. And she discovered my blog at the same time. We both have an extreme love for Max Mara and its sub brands, so a visit to Dan, means a visit to the outlet of Max Mara. Which is in Turin. View Post

Makeover or makedown? The before and after of a woman over 60


before and after makeoverOn the right in above picture, is how you know me: colourful, high heels, nice hair, smile on my face. Sometimes I even hear:

You are so <fill in compliments about my looks.. he he>, I could never look like that“.

Social media are full of happy, lovely, perfect people. Images impossible to live up to. So…. for all of you out there….. you are going to see what I look like when I get out of bed !! And what I have to do to achieve this look. The makeover of a woman over 60.

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