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High tea at the Amstel Hotel

High tea at the Amstel Hotel

Yes, I know the title of this blog post is "High tea at the Amstel Hotel". And when you see Marijke and me like this, we don't exactly look like the clientele suitable for the Amstel (5 star) Hotel. They let anybody in these days  😆  Our group of friends, the BVA...

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Finally shopping my wardrobe

Economy time! I have decided to shop my wardrobe for a while, thinking you will never be able to remember what items have already been on the blog. Today's finds are these blue jeggings with side stripe combined with a printed blue blouse. Why shop your own wardrobe,...

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Floral tights with a black leather skirt

The floral tights do indeed make another appearance, this time combined with my black leather wrap skirt and a pink sweater. When I showed this combination to Ron (husband), I was still wearing the black leather ankle boots of the floral tights outfit with the red...

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Floral tights and a red skirt

All items of this outfit are from my own closet; the only new item are the floral tights. To document it all for you ( 😎 ), my photographer Loes and I went to the Music Building in Amsterdam, called Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. It is a beautiful building with fabulous...

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Dots and balls

This is my new polka dot top. As in new to me / second-hand. Do polka dots always have to be completely round? Are the ones in my top more like snowflakes? Perhaps they are, but I'll stick with polka dots and wear polka dot tights with it. Both the top and the skirt...

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Long striped tunic

In my post Shopping with Sabine in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat, I gave you a little preview of this long striped tunic. Or is it a shirt? I don't know. That day I was wearing my boyfriend jeans and these white sneakers. Somehow I cannot style it differently. To...

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Enjoying the last sunny days of fall

Unbelievably warm for the Netherlands in October. These khaki trousers are supposed to be for spring and autumn yet I was quite warm wearing them. Ron (husband) and I decided to hit a terrace in Haarlem for cappuccino on this lovely and warm Saturday morning. We chose...

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Leopard print ankle boots… oh how I love them

When Kitty suggested to go to the Stedelijk Gymnasium to do a photo shoot on a Saturday morning I needed to look it up on the map of Haarlem. Oh there!?! Right in the centre of the city. I had sent her a photo of the outfit with the leopard print ankle boots and asked...

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