Blue skirt and my BVA friends in Zwolle

Blue skirt and my BVA friends in Zwolle

Although just a simple blue skirt, it has been on my wish list for ages. Last week, as I was going to fetch that lettuce, I strolled into the shop of Bellamy Gallery. I have been a fan of their clothes since they started. Perfect basics which sometimes don't look...

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Blue and white top with yellow trousers in Amsterdam

From the minute I spotted this blue and white top in March 2020, I loved it and it hasn't disappointed me since. It is from Essentiel Antwerp, as is the silver belt. You have seen it before in this post with white trousers and silver high heels and in this post with...

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Blue patterned trousers at the OBJECT exhibition Rotterdam

The subject of this post aren't really the blue patterned trousers, but art objects. The ones my neighbour Monique and I saw at the exhibition OBJECT in Rotterdam. The art object you see above and below has nothing to do with the exhibition; it is a statue by a...

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Long green linen coat, worn as a jacket

Bicycles, a bridge, canals, old houses...that's Amsterdam for you. The outfit of the week is a long green linen coat, which I am wearing as a jacket. Apparently I am going through a phase of wearing coats and dresses as a jacket. (It might not look green to you but...

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Wearing a dress as a jacket

Wearing a dress as a jacket is ever so easy with a button-down dress. Unbutton it, wear a block of colour underneath and you're done. This Sportmax dress has been in my wardrobe for many years, it appeared in this post in Paris and in this post, styling a sleeveless...

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Black linen dress, a midi dress to be exact

Nothing as easy to style as a black linen dress, or any black dress really. I bought it at my favourite address: kpa.haarlem, again because Karlijn, the owner, modelled it on Instagram. I knew immediately that this was an ideal dress for me with the full skirt, the...

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Wearing a blue shirt one morning at the beach

The sky was blue, the sea was blue and I was wearing a blue shirt. Too much of a good thing? Looking at the photos (taken by husband Ron), I think it is a lovely combination. Ron had sent me some photos of backgrounds at the beach and I agreed they would be very good...

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An atypical trouser suit

Most trouser suits I have seen, have jackets with sleeves. Mine hasn't, it is rather different. Not only is it sleeveless, the jacket and the trousers are an unusual style, which is why I call it an atypical trouser suit. I bought it at kpa.haarlem, after Karlijn, the...

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Black Vivienne Westwood blouse

My friend Katrien gave me this black Vivienne Westwood blouse. She never wore it and thought I might like it. And I do. It took me a couple of hours to style it, while sending photos to Katrien for feedback. We both liked this skirt and these shoes best with the...

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