Bright yellow top with bell sleeves

Bright yellow top with bell sleevesAbsolutely not everybody’s taste, this bright yellow top with bell sleeves. When you enter a room, dressed like this, you definitely stand out. For me that is a bonus. I don’t want to be invisible, quite the contrary.

At my work we were psychologially dissecting each other (just joking) and I asked my colleagues: “OK guys (and girls).. here is one for the group: can anybody tell me why I have this urge to buy clothes all the time?” I got the answer straight away from a dear colleague, who I have known for 18 years. She replied: “Because you like the attention, you like to take the stage”. I was flabbergasted. She was so right. I love telling stories, I love being on a stage. Give my a microphone on stage and I am happy. Always wanted to be an actress. I am an extrovert++. Which is why I don’t mind taking photos in crowded places. Why not? Join the fun, join the conversation and let’s all have a ball.

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Blue and pink striped dress

Blue and pink striped summer dressHurray, a dress for a change! Bought this beauty a few months ago, even though it was blue. Again. Most of the dresses and tunics I bought in these past years were blue with white (and yellow). This is a blue and pink striped dress. Does that count as different? It is very lightweight and when I saw it on the hanger I was convinced it would look horrible on me. Jacky, the owner of the shop (Levv in Haarlem), convinced me to try it on and lo and behold, it looks good. View Post

Again, orange clothes. And my friend Marjolein

Orange clothesYes, I have been at it again. Not going on holiday to Spain with my BVA girlfriends left me sad and needy. (I know, it is pathetic and a very first world “problem”). After having worked the Monday when I was supposed to be on holiday, I decided against working that week, took the rest of the week off and arranged several dates with friends. This day I was with Marjolein and it was a day of orange clothes. View Post

Lemon yellow trousers on the Noordermarkt

Lemon yellow trousersOne of our favourite Saturday morning outings is going to the markets in the Amsterdam Jordaan. It was lovely weather, not too hot, not too cold. Perfect for my new lemon yellow trousers and white sneakers which I bought at LAB Women’s Clothing. When I tried these items on, I had just purchased the white asymmetric summer sweater at Levv. Remember I tried on a black sweater on red skinnies? That was the black version of this white one. It was in this post with the Shopping Saturday girls in Haarlem. That day ended abruptly with the broken finger of Sabine’s son (he is well again) and as the girls went home, I cycled to some other shops. What can I say? I am incorrigible. View Post

Bloggers get-together in Haarlem

Bloggers get-together in HaarlemIt doesn’t happen often, but we were able to arrange a mini bloggers get-together in Haarlem. Misja (MisjaB), Anja (Curly Traveller) and I live in Haarlem and Sylvia (40+Style), although Singapore based, almost always spends some time in Haarlem in the summer. We all know each other and we all have a blog (well.. Sylvia’s blog is a website to be honest). It is not all about fashion and outfits in our conversations but as you can understand the subject does come up. View Post