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Trying on bathing suits in March

Trying on bathing suits in March

Spring is here again and many of us will go to the stores with a dangerous purpose: finding a swim suit. With our pasty bodies in those dreadful fitting rooms. Being over 40 makes matters worse. The text you are about to read is a fun article which was sent to me by a...

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Shopping in the 9 Streets of Amsterdam with Peggy

Peggy and I used to be colleagues until about 8 years ago. We became friends but don't see each other much as Peggy has a full-time job and three children. More than enough on her plate. This Wednesday however was OUR day. In the sense of sustainability, we went...

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A furry jacket

Attention: I am now using a different method for the comment box. You can read more about it at the end of this post. This outfit is a bit of an odd thing. You see, I do not buy anything with fur as I don't need real fur to look good. And yet I bought this short...

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Visiting Teylers Museum in Haarlem

Before we start, I want to tell you that I am going to start using a different method for the comment box. You can read more about it at the end of this post. Oh boy, Teylers Museum in Haarlem was such a nice place to take photos. For Teylers Museum is the...

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Our dog Charlie

Yes, this is a fashion blog, or rather a blog about outfits. But it has also evolved into a personal blog about my life. Which is why this week there will be no outfits (you cannot count the big coat I am wearing) as our dog Charlie is no longer with us. We had to put...

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Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Brace yourself dear readers as this might prove to be a boring post. Not intentionally of course, but still a bit of a risk. What happened? I have these gorgeous leopard boots and only used them in one outfit (see in this post with lovely pictures of Haarlem). That...

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Striped cashmere jumper

My BVA friends and I were to meet last weekend but poor Marianne was in bed with a lot of back pain, so we had to postpone. Which also meant: no blog pictures. RON TO THE RESCUE (can you imagine him with a cape, flying through the sky  😆 ?). His offer came the...

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The EYE film museum in Amsterdam

"My" two photographers were unavailable, so husband Ron stepped in again. No matter how much he hates it, he is always there to help me. It was cold and after much deliberation, we decided to do the shoot of this yellow jumper on the ferry between Amsterdam Central...

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Long green skirt

Entering modern times with another midi skirt. Since I have big jumpers and know how to use them on skirts, I am less afraid of buying long skirts. This long green skirt was in the sale for € 60 which I thought was a very reasonable price. I bought it after having had...

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