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Lemon yellow trousers and multi-coloured shirt

Lemon yellow trousers and multi-coloured shirt

Believe it or not, there was a time you couldn't take one decent photo of me. I always looked stupid in every photo. My, my... this blogging has taught me a thing or two. Of course when you have a great photographer (Kitty this time), it makes a big difference. I...

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With Lisa (The Sequinist) in London

The third week of my holiday started with boarding a train to London St. Pancras. It seemed a good idea at the time as you don't have to walk too far on platforms (unlike airports) and you can sit and read a magazine or a book for a long time. Relaxing. Hmm, true ......

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Holiday outfits and fun

Holiday fun. In spite of the fact that the trip to Spain with my BVA girlfriends was cancelled I am still having a jolly good holiday, seeing many friends and having fantastic weather. Some people need to go on long vacations to exotic places. Not me. The only thing I...

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A pair of bright pink trousers, worn three ways

Being on holiday in my own country means I have more time to do photoshoots with one of "my" photographers. This first (holi)day I went to Amsterdam with Loes and wore bright pink trousers. They are second-hand from Kat & Ko and as you know, I love bright colours....

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Wide blue trousers by Essentiel

The fact that this pair of wide blue trousers suit me so well was a total surprise to me. I have no hips and a very tiny bum which means that trousers with emphasis on those areas are not my friend. I only put them on because husband Ron liked them so much. And...

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Haarlem bloggers at Café Martinus

The Haarlem bloggers got together again. From left to right: Sylvia of 40PlusStyle, Misja of MisjaB, Anja of Curly Traveller and me. So nice when we are all together in the Netherlands. It was horrible weather that day: fierce wind and rain. We only had to walk a...

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Black sandals with block heel

Believe it or not, I have a terrible taste in shoes. Even my mother told me as a teenager how old-fashioned my shoe choices were. Which is why I challenge myself and pay attention to shoe fashion. These black sandals with block heel would not be the kind I'd normally...

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An easy blue and white striped dress in lovely Haarlem

As you read last week, I scored 2 dresses at the second-hand shop Kat & Ko. This blue and white striped dress looks brand new. No marks, no fluff, the white is pure white and I love the neckline. I didn't think it would suit me but decided to try it anyway. One...

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A wide blue skirt

Here it is, the wide blue skirt I bought in Newcastle when I was there to meet Nikki of Midlifechic. I adored it the minute I saw it hanging on the rack. It has three layers and an extra frill on the bottom layer. Luckily it fit me like a glove (love my newfound...

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My name is Greetje Kamminga, I am Dutch, born in 1954. Married and living with husband Ron, dog and cat. Pretty stepdaughter lives on her own. There is little time in my life to blog with a full-time job, but I try. It is for everyone, but probably most appealing to women over 40, like me (oh, all right...I am way over).


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