Off-white summer coat, green dress and lots of surprises

Off-white summer coatJust looking at this off-white summer coat scares me. I imagine all sorts of stains on it, which will be very, very visible and spoil the “rich” look of this coat. Who in her right mind would buy such a thing? Me, said the idiot.

When it was full price I resisted it. A month later I bumped into a second-hand Burberry off-white trench coat which I bought. Only to find out two days later that the above coat was heavily reduced in the sale (at Studio LM). As a matter of fact it was the same price as the second-hand Burberry one. Regret set in immediately.  View Post

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis SchuytstraatWe intended to make our shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat, another event for the Shopping Saturday girls. Unfortunately Anke was feeling too poorly to join us and cancelled that morning. Sabine and I were already on our way and decided to go through with it. The shops and fall collection were beckoning. Sabine drove me and Knee to the street itself and I only had to cross the street or move from door to door. Knee was very cooperative. As you can see in above picture I was wearing my favourite G-Star Raw boyfriend jeans, my Vic Matié sneakers, an old black summer jacket and a white belt. The cream top is by Filippa K, a sales score. View Post

Having fun with my friend Lia at a Food Truck Market

black and white leopard jacketMy biggest joy in life is spending time with friends, which always means laughing a lot. As I cannot walk very far yet, my friend Lia came to me. It was lovely weather, not too hot, not too cold, although Lia was doubting her choice of knee-high trousers and sandals. I had my black and white leopard jacket on, perfect for the weather. We started with coffee in our garden. As long as we were at home I could wear my new green high heels. Actually I can walk pretty well on them even with the Knee, high heeled or not. But it is never wise to go distances on high heels. Pretty for the pictures but I changed to sneakers as soon as we drove to town. View Post

Is there anybody who doesn’t like polka dots?

Polka dot dressTime for a summer dress again as you might grow sick of seeing me in jeans. This cute polka dot dress was a sales score at Essentiel Antwerp, the same time I bought the bag. They also had the dress in blue, in blue/white striped and red/white striped. Although I really like stripes, nothing beats a polka dot. Or perhaps leopard print could. I love the freshness and the cuteness. The dress is a good length for me, but at the sides it rises up too high for my taste. So I used my usual trick: wearing a stretchy pencil skirt underneath.  View Post

Do you mind standing out? I don’t.

bright pink sweaterThe Haarlem Bloggers got together one last time this summer and I decided to wear my bright pink sweater. I bought it from South of the River and I love the impact of the colour. Yes, it leaps out at you. Fine by me.

Sylvia of 40PlusStyle has left for New York, Anja (Curly Traveller) is nearly on her way to Singapore which leaves Misja (MisjaB) and me to roam around Haarlem. Therefore Sunday last week, one last lunch/coffee meeting.

We paid a visit to the restaurant of Dolhuys, the museum of the mind. More information if you click the link. We met here before in 2016 when Misja photographed me in my purple silk jacket. It is close for the four of us and provides a beautiful background. View Post