10 things you don’t know about me

Leopard summer coat Weekend Max MaraSometimes a reader of my blog is so enthousiastic to suggest we’ll meet whenever she is in my neck of the woods. I find that very sweet. And at the same time a bit scary. You see, you (readers) know a lot about me. I share my experiences, thoughts, bloopers, face with no make-up, friends, husband and, of course, many outfits. I, on the other hand, know nothing at all about you. Can you imagine that meeting a total stranger makes me a bit nervous? On the other hand, if somebody likes my blog and the things I share, we must have something in common, right? So whenever I can, I will meet that interested person.

Today I will give you a further insight in little old me. I have read “10 things you don’t know about me” on other blogs and always found it a good read. Hope you like mine equally.

I have included some photos of way back when. The photo above is taken when I featured “the yellow skirt in the Rijksmuseum“. The coat is Weekend Max Mara. View Post

Fun outfits, rings and miscellaneous

boyfriend jeans with white linen shirt and blush pink cross body bagAs it is holiday time, I decided not to do a complete shoot, but to show you outfits and rings which I have put on Instagram. Not everybody is on Instagram and those who are, don’t see everything. I also have a few new outfits to show, like the above one. I am in stitches here because husband Ron was trying to take the photo while fighting off mosquitos. Very funny sight. He was less amused. View Post

Wide cream skirt with black and yellow polka dot blouse

Wide cream skirt with black and yellow polka dot blouseThe Haarlem Bloggers (THB) got together again. Misja wanted to take photos and we all agreed. I decided to wear my wide cream skirt by Marella again. Wel.. again. that is a bit much as I only wore it on the blog twice: when I bought it in Turin (almost last picture of this post) and later, after I styled it with the fun leopard sweater and the bright blue silk top.

I really wanted to style it with a tight top, but because of the fashion these last years, I only have wide tops. I remembered a trick and tied this transparent blouse to create the waist. View Post

Meeting Karen in a red and white outfit

Greetje and KarenThis is a special post, one by request. About meeting Karen (above) in The Hague. Karen and I would never have met if it wasn’t for Elizabeth and her Instagram account: the Antique Goddess. Elizabeth also has a blog called: The Vintage Contessa. I first “found” her on Instagram and started following her, reading her blogpost off and on. We commented on each other’s blog and Instagram photos. And Karen, born in California and living in The Hague (The Netherlands), did the same. Karen’s Instagram account is Karen Persson.

Elizabeth “knowing” the both of us, insisted we’d meet and that we would send her a photo of the two of us as proof. For her birthday, which is today. We thought it was a charming idea. So one Friday morning when I had the day off, I drove to The Hague which is only 45 minutes by car, door to door. Everything is close by in The Netherlands. View Post

Bright yellow top with bell sleeves

Bright yellow top with bell sleevesAbsolutely not everybody’s taste, this bright yellow top with bell sleeves. When you enter a room, dressed like this, you definitely stand out. For me that is a bonus. I don’t want to be invisible, quite the contrary.

At my work we were psychologially dissecting each other (just joking) and I asked my colleagues: “OK guys (and girls).. here is one for the group: can anybody tell me why I have this urge to buy clothes all the time?” I got the answer straight away from a dear colleague, who I have known for 18 years. She replied: “Because you like the attention, you like to take the stage”. I was flabbergasted. She was so right. I love telling stories, I love being on a stage. Give my a microphone on stage and I am happy. Always wanted to be an actress. I am an extrovert++. Which is why I don’t mind taking photos in crowded places. Why not? Join the fun, join the conversation and let’s all have a ball.

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