Not changing your style can be dangerous

I was interviewed for the blog which flattered me enormously. (For those who are interested, here is the link:

When I answered the video questions I had to think quickly, which lead to a mistake. Because I said that my style had not changed much after my 30th. And I think and sincerely hope that this is not true. I am now 58.

Everytime when I look at “before” photos of a “Make-over” in a magzine I think horrible things like:
Oh girl, really! Those boots, those leggings, that short sweater….. really, you cannot do that anymore. Your body does not move as smoothly anymore as it used to, which is necessary for this style.
But I am afraid I might be exactly the same. It is so hard to see yourself as other people do.
The mirror does not give me a reflection of myself, but gives me my own perception. Nearly the same word, spellingwise, but, oh boy, is there a difference!
I can upload two photos of outfits that make me hesitate. But to you, not knowing me, it doesn’t say much. You have to see me move. Difficult issue.
With the first photo it is the small jeans jacket that bothers me. It looks good in the photo and it gives me a waist, but I am afraid it is too childish for me. In the second photo it is the wide white skirt. Again it gives me waist but…….
Greetje (Greta)



First try

First and foremost….. I will never be a good blogger. No time. On the other hand… who knows in what situation I might be next year. I only have one hobby and it is an expensive one: making things pretty or prettier from head to toe. From hair to toe nails. From earrings to shoes and bags. And everything in between. I love it and I am not very good at it. So I follows blogs like (I overqualify) and Not Dressed As Lamb or Not Dead Yet. And I learn every day. And in the slipstream I learn more about my camera (I need to take good photos to upload onto the forum of and about Pinterest and about creating a blog. No waisted time I would say. Another added value is the improvement of my written English. As I am Dutch, English is a foreign language. More next time, when I have figured out, how to upload photos onto a blog. Greetje Kamminga