Chalk line jacket and jeans

This jacket is an oldy but goody by Pauw. They do have clothes that last….
It is not an easy jacket to style. I have had many failures with it. The jacket is at least 10 years old. As I was so much younger at the time (…) I wore it with a black leather pencil skirt. Later with a white pencil skirt, which you can see below.

The last photo shows how difficult it is to wear this jacket with trousers. Most trousers are too wide (see the last photo, the outfit on the left).
As a contrast between chic and casual usually makes an interesting picture, I tried jeans. The colourful scarfs are for the necessary colour. (Wearing a gold necklace in the outfit with the skirt). You can choose your favourite combination. I am very interested in your opinions.

Above and below: with a silk scarf and blue-with-purple earrings.

Below: in an attempt to make the whole picture less black and somber, I tried cream skinnies and a cream scarf. Hmmm…. not too fond of this combination. The skinnies look a bit like Long Johns. I think these skinnies are better with boots over them. See last photo.

Below: with the cream/white skirt and very old (pointy) boots. I cannot say goodbye to these very comfortable DKNY boots. But they are really outdated. I should throw them away, shouldn’t I?

Below: with two other scarfs and boots over trousers. Notice the trousers on the left which are too wide for the boots.                      

Let me know your honest opinion. Do you like it with jeans? With the skirt? With cream skinnies? If the latter, with boots over the skinnies or with shoes?

Brown jeans, black jacket and sneakers

These brown jeans are proving to be a real treasure. I can wear nearly anything with them. Even my newly acquired lime-green jacket looks very nice on them.

Of course I am combining it with black again. Must have listened too long to Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black.
Really… I should be punished if I buy another black piece of clothing.

Nevertheless I would not have thought of putting this particular jacket on these jeans. Again it was lovely Anja who encouraged me to try it. I really like this outfit a lot. Even better than with the black (….oh..) sweater I bought with the jeans.

The last two pictures are about my cat and dog rather than the outfit. Included them just for fun.







Above picture: I know she looks skinny but she is really very healthy and in good condition. I have sent my husband to two different vets and a dog trainer to check whether she is not too skinny. Apparently not. She seems to have the condition of a 1 1/2 year old dog and she is 6. Her name is Charlie.