Flared jeans with yellow sweater

Flared jeans with yellow top (7 van 15)It is not that simple for me to style these flared jeans, although you probably think I am being difficult. They need something narrow at the waist and bum which usually doesn’t make me look good.

You have seen these flared jeans once before, with my green jacket. And I can tell you, they look awesome with this top as well. Which means I already have three outfits with these trousers and soon you will see a fourth. Not bad.  View Post

3 coloured high heeled booties and purple jacket

Together with the black patent leather shoes my husband gave me these three-coloured booties. They are sky-high and are very easy to walk on. Surprise, surprise.

I have combined them with a purple (hard to see, but it is really very purple) velvet jacket (from Pauw), jeans, a sweater from H&M and coloured tights.

At the beginning I was quite pleased with myself for coming up with such a daring combination. My husband liked it, a good friend of mine liked it…… still I am not so sure.
It feels a bit like a circus outfit. Which gave my husband the idea for the last two pictures:
the magician (or the ringmaster) works her magic and a pink cat appears from the top hat.

 Below: the magician joke:

Tell me… too much? Or daring?