These trousers are very comfortable, which is something I appreciate more and more as I grow older.
I remember the times (seventies) when I laid flat on my back on the floor in a jeans shop with the shop assistent bending over me trying to get the zip up. Those jeans were so tight, that you saw the impressions of the trousers in your body.
These days have gone.

It was quite difficult to find the right shoes with these “harem trousers”. I found out by trial and error that I needed to show some flesh (of my feet). So no boots. Not too high heels etc. Finally I stumbled upon these flat shoes from Marithé et Francois Girbaud. They are a bit funny with a little flap on the nose of the shoe.
I got a few comments that the trousers were too long. When I look at other photos I agree with those comments. When I look at the trousers in real life or in the photos in this article, I don’t. What do you think?

I tried the trousers with several tops. The vest with flower pattern is nice, the white jacket is nice, but the green jacket with the slanting belt… no, a failure.




The green stone is periodot and the bracelet is in reality a watch.
You can open the top like a little lid and see the time.
Do you think it is dangerous to show jewellery on a blog?



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