Something different this time.
No outfit, but still about styling. (Once a week I might bore you with such an article.)

When visiting the blog of Style Crone, I was inspired by the heading “A house is not a home without art”.

Three years ago we decided we needed another couch and (easy) chairs. Again. We tried to replace them before and failed to form one whole.
So we saved (we are Dutch, we save) and with some money in the bank we went off to a furniture store. A very good one. To make a long story short….we ended up replacing everything in the living room, including the paint and wallpaper. The only things that remained were the table and dining chairs and the parquet.
Which led to a loan…. so we will probably die in this setting as we do not have the money to do this again.

No big problem as we absolutely love it. Although it is colourful we do not get bored with it, nor do we find it “busy”.

It is not everybody’s taste, far from it. So you don’t have to like it. But I am curious to know whether you appreciate an article like this or whether you prefer just outfits and clothes styling. Please be honest!

Although the photo is a bit vague, you can still see me sitting on the couch. (I never seem to be able to “shrink” a photo without loss of quality.)

Above: the sculpture on the mantelpiece and the painting you can see in more detail further down.

Above: the painting you can see in detail further down.

Sculpture on the mantelpiece.

Painting 1

Painting 2 (not a very good photo… the vertical lines you see are of the lamp above the table.)

And last…: the hallway. As it is a very tiny house, the hallway is very small. I had to photograph it in parts. We had so many little drawings, paintings etc. left that we decided to create this “gallery”. The big silk-screen print on the right was a lucky find on (the Dutch equivalent of) Ebay.


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