Colour in the living room

Something different this time.
No outfit, but still about styling. (Once a week I might bore you with such an article.)

When visiting the blog of Style Crone, I was inspired by the heading “A house is not a home without art”.

Three years ago we decided we needed another couch and (easy) chairs. Again. We tried to replace them before and failed to form one whole.
So we saved (we are Dutch, we save) and with some money in the bank we went off to a furniture store. A very good one. To make a long story short….we ended up replacing everything in the living room, including the paint and wallpaper. The only things that remained were the table and dining chairs and the parquet.
Which led to a loan…. so we will probably die in this setting as we do not have the money to do this again.

No big problem as we absolutely love it. Although it is colourful we do not get bored with it, nor do we find it “busy”.

It is not everybody’s taste, far from it. So you don’t have to like it. But I am curious to know whether you appreciate an article like this or whether you prefer just outfits and clothes styling. Please be honest!

Although the photo is a bit vague, you can still see me sitting on the couch. (I never seem to be able to “shrink” a photo without loss of quality.)

Above: the sculpture on the mantelpiece and the painting you can see in more detail further down.

Above: the painting you can see in detail further down.

Sculpture on the mantelpiece.

Painting 1

Painting 2 (not a very good photo… the vertical lines you see are of the lamp above the table.)

And last…: the hallway. As it is a very tiny house, the hallway is very small. I had to photograph it in parts. We had so many little drawings, paintings etc. left that we decided to create this “gallery”. The big silk-screen print on the right was a lucky find on (the Dutch equivalent of) Ebay.




  1. 6 December 2012 / 23:15

    Seems like a good idea to talk about other things besides fashion. The decor is also art and beauty. I love your house. It seems simple and comfortable, without the baroque style that characterizes some other houses. I really like a lot of furniture and the artworks. I think it’s a very nice house to live and I do understand that people who live in it are fantastic and friendly.

    • 6 December 2012 / 23:43

      Your comments are always so friendly. This one made me smile. Especially the last line.I am not sure whether I should enter many more posts like this as the blog is about fashion, clothes, outfits and fun. Well you are in favour. That is one.And this post gives you more details about me as a person, so I thought you might like it.

  2. Anonymous
    7 December 2012 / 00:52

    Greetje! I am so overwhelmed I might have to come back later and finish writing to you. I think this post is amazing and I truly LOVE your house. Art is my passion and your home is all about color and sculpture and paintings – all of the things I adore. Your furniture is so modern and bright, yet it works with your fantastic leaded windows which seem very traditional to me. The “fish” on the mantel – fabulous! Your paintings – fabulous. I especially like the one above the couch you are sitting on. The other two are wonderful also. And the “Hallway Gallery” is charming and clever. I think the overall effect is stunning. I will come back later and look again because I know I will see things the second time I missed the first. Beautiful!USA Suzanne

    • 7 December 2012 / 11:00

      Wow Suzanne, that is very flattering. Thank you. I will admit that the interior decoration of the rest of the house is nice, but not modern. Still in the style from when we moved in (1995). I would not mind changing that as well, but no money in the pocket anymore.

  3. Aileen
    7 December 2012 / 01:27

    I love your colour choice, especially against the grey neutral which makes the bright colours sing.Great to diverse into this area of article as well as fashion.Keep up the great work.It’s so nice to see your lovely artwork as well.Thank you.

    • 7 December 2012 / 13:46

      What is funny is the fact that my husband have fallen for the same paintings (birds and woman). They were hanging in huge exhibitions. And still both of us pick the same thing.The painting over the couch is not his favourite but works very well for the room. The fish was his idea and I grew attached to it as well.

  4. 7 December 2012 / 07:26

    Greetje, you home is gorgeous! Thank you for giving us a look at what you’ve created. Your environment is as stylish as your outfits. Thank you for the mention; I am honored.

    • 7 December 2012 / 13:47

      And like my outfits…I (we) have had a lot of help. This was not just our idea, I can tell you.

  5. 7 December 2012 / 07:41

    Well, it’s definitely my taste! In fact my living room is very colourful as well with many paintings. I have been meaning to photograph it for ages and post on the blog. One of these days…..

    • 7 December 2012 / 13:48

      And you photographed the top photo of my post. I hope you are going to show us your house soon. I am very excited to see it.

  6. 7 December 2012 / 11:22

    You have a very lovely and stylish home! I too love the contrast between the classic features such as the wooden floor and the leaded windows and the colorful, modern furniture! And you have tall ceilings, which I love! I also think that your home reflects in the way you dress, which to me signals that you have a bright and cheery personality:)It’s interesting though, isn’t it, how our personalities show in the way we dress and adorn our homes. I’m a rather calm, quiet and relaxed person, and I mostly use neutrals both when it comes to clothing and in my home – but with a pop of color, though:) I’d love to read about other things in addition to your fashion posts:)

    • 7 December 2012 / 13:52

      The man who helped us pick all these things (and also a woman later in the process) tried to persuade us in the beginning to take sand coloured or grey furniture and brighten it up with cushions etc.But we were so focussed on colour that he caved in and said: allright, go for it. Fortunately he kept helping us in choosing the right stuff otherwise the end result would have been a disaster.The material of the two easy chairs is by Designers Guild.

  7. Anonymous
    7 December 2012 / 11:50

    Having been in your home and enjoyed its beauty first hand, I only want to ask you to consider that it might be dangerous to show your art on a website…… You never know… patski

    • 7 December 2012 / 14:58

      I thought about that Patski, but these things might have cost a lot when we bought them 3 years ago, but they have no commercial value. Nobody will buy the curtains (which were the most expensive thing) from a fence.Also the art pieces were not expensive. And not exclusive enough for breaking in and stealing it. If a thief wants to go through all that trouble, he’d better pick a house were there are things worth stealing.

  8. Marianne van den Berg
    7 December 2012 / 15:07

    I know your house too, and I always like entering your house, it is stylish but most of all it has a good vibe. It brightens up your day, not only because you are there but also because your husband is there, he has more humour in his little finger then most people in their whole body. And don’t forget Charlie the dog and Sofie the cat, they are winners too. So the whole picture is one of colour, fun, humour and harmony.

  9. 7 December 2012 / 21:34

    Greetje, thank you so much for inviting us into your lovely home! Yes, please continue to blog occasionally about other things in your life. It gives those of us far away a wonderful insight, and clearly I am not alone in feeling appreciation for this. I had to laugh when you said “We are Dutch, we save” — as an American I am happy to learn about such a thing, ha ha. 🙂 Seriously, this is a fun addition to your blog and I thank you for sharing.

    • 8 December 2012 / 11:49

      Thank you Raquel, I will try and come up with these side things without losing sight of this blog’s theme.

  10. 8 December 2012 / 02:00

    Ofcourse, keep postst like this one coming. Consistency is one thing, but that does not mean that there is no room for differentiation. There IS! We need that and love that. At least I do!;-)

  11. 8 December 2012 / 06:44

    Love you living room decor. It’s modern but fun and cozy too. Mine is so dull. But we have two kids so nothing can be done at the moment.

    • 8 December 2012 / 11:53

      I admit that upgrowing children, cats and dogs can be a bit of a problem with nice things in the living room. But hanging great art on your wall should not be a problem. They won’t reach that far up haha.I find rain and snow interferences for nice boots and coats.

  12. Stella Scott
    10 December 2012 / 22:51

    Love your house! The mixture between old and new, the art, coloring the calma and airy feeling. Doesn’t look small at all! And those black dots on the kitchen floor matching your freckled peach shawl. 😉

    • 10 December 2012 / 23:17

      Thank you Stella. Obviously you have also seen the article with my Kermit green jacket and the peach scarf. As I do not have many places where I can photograph indoors, there will always be some part of our hourse in the picture. Did not choose the tiled floor on purpose to match the scarf haha. I agree the living room does not look small thanks to our high ceiling (3m30). But it is only 3m75 wide, wich is not much.

  13. Anonymous
    13 January 2013 / 18:56

    I am looking back at some of your old posts and I just had to comment on your beautiful home. I love it. The colours, the artwork, the furniture. It’s lovely. Thanks for sharing. Marie S

    • 13 January 2013 / 21:27

      It was a big experience and a long journey with risks, Marie. Glad you like it.

  14. 10 April 2013 / 21:49

    I find it generous to let people take a look at your beautiful home. The first thing I noticed was the light,yes it’s full of light!… and colours.
    It looks special, like you.

    • 11 April 2013 / 19:55

      You are sweet to me Dan. I am just a big exhibitionist haha. No, really I just like sharing and showing.

  15. 25 April 2013 / 22:50

    Greetje, your living room is gorgeous! I like it. It has what I call the retro edge to it! Actually my current living room has wasabi (Japanese mustard) green walls and yellow sofa set even if I like something more neutral in color. Different but still I like it 🙂 Your house is not exactly small.. this would be a perfect size for me and hubby when the kids all gone to college 🙂 I kind of like post on designs or other general thing about life or living in The Netherlands on top of outfit posts, but then again that ‘s just me, not sure how others feel about it.GREETINGS FROM DUBAIMRS JACK OF ALL TRADES

    • 25 April 2013 / 22:56

      I don’t do many other posts than outfits. A did a post about the garden, but that is really it. Have not got that many subjects. LOLThanks for the compliments about our living room.

  16. 28 May 2013 / 22:06

    Wowwwwwwwwwww so my kind of house.We are moving to Málaga closer to our daughter Paloma, so I am house obsese.I could just move in in yours, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Thank you dear friend.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • 28 May 2013 / 22:27

      You are very welcome. Good luck with decorating your new house. I am sure you will have so much fun with it and will do great.

  17. Clothes and Creativity
    2 September 2013 / 09:53

    I love how you have incorporated colours in to your living room. Love the pink couch and the striped chairs. The striped chairs give a retro vibe to the room. Love the painting and the green plants.

    Although my blog is centred around clothes and fashion, even I have done a post on home-decor. You can have a look at it here



    • Greetje
      2 September 2013 / 21:28

      Hi Anya, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Had a look at your blog and you are definitely a person who appreciates colour. My friend and next door neighbour Anja (very much like your name) adores kitsch and colours and accessories. You two would make a good match. Glad you like my home.

  18. Elle
    1 June 2014 / 00:32

    how did I miss this? These rooms are just stunning! I am in love the the striped chairs, the wonderful sense of balance and liveliness, and the grain in the wood chairs, too. The art is magnificent. I am redecorating and I am so happy I got to see this for inspiration!
    XX, Elle

    • Greetje
      1 June 2014 / 12:28

      You missed it because it is an old post from my early blogging days (December 2012). I wasn’t sure if I had given you the link to this post before. As I thought you would appreciate it.
      Balance was essential (in hindsight)). We got that with the curtains. They connected the left and right side of the room.. and… the front and the back of the room. Before we had the curtains (and the bird painting) I was a bit desperate.. I had the feeling when you “cut” the room lengthwise we had two totally different sides left and right. And we had guidance from somebody who knew how to decorate a home.
      Unfortuantely we got carried away, so it was three times more expensive than we had in mind when we started to change the couch and chairs. We will die in this setting hahaha. No chance of doing this another time.

      • Elle
        1 June 2014 / 19:19

        But it turned out so beautifully, and you do enjoy it everyday, I think it is worth it!
        Better than living in a room that feels like it is missing something.
        I think you should re post this, seriously, it is fun to know more about you and your home says much…
        and it is gorgeous
        Please consider this!
        XX, Elle

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