Little black dress

Finally I have a little black dress again. I know… I have too much black in my winter wardrobe, but come on, a little black dress should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

You will get bored with this dress as you are going to see it a lot. Dressed with a cardigan, with a jacket, with big necklaces etc. And you will see failures too, but not this time. Today my LBD is in full glory.

I had it custom-made as I do not have a ready-to-wear figure, unlike what most of you think. And a little black dress has to be cut perfectly. My seamstress made this miracle work. You would think I have hips and a bum, haha. LOL
The dress comes with a separate peplum. A loose piece. Isn’t that clever? Thought of it myself and I am very proud of that. It is not often I have these great ideas.

The earrings are for the colour near my face as black is definitely NOT my colour, however much as I like it.

Above with peplum, below without.


Do you see the shoe clip on the above photo right? Is by Heels Diva Shoe Accessories. You can order them online. They have feathers, bling bling, simple bows … you name it. Most of them can be clipped on the front of the shoe and on the side. The feathers I have are really just for on the side. Detail below.


Until the day after tomorrow.



  1. Aileen
    18 December 2012 / 20:20

    What a perfect fit. This is a wonderful little black dress and would be great for lots of different occasions. Black isn’t my colour either, but I’ve been to a fashion advisor who suggested a black dress for me. When I tried it on I loved it, so now we are both in love with black. Who cares if they say we shouldn’t wear black. Wise women never go with the flow and do what they are told……….right?

    • 19 December 2012 / 09:18

      Right. Never did either. LOLI do try to add some colour though. Got lots of compliments on the dress in the office as well, so it cannot be too bad.

  2. 18 December 2012 / 21:33

    So clever to have a peplum you can take off! Love the clip-on on the shoe, too. I agree you need more colour close to your face, but that black dress looks pretty on you anyway

    • 19 December 2012 / 09:19

      Thank you Katty. You are going to see more combinations with this dress in the near future.

  3. Marianne van den Berg
    18 December 2012 / 21:47

    What a great idea that peplum you have had made. It gives a totally different look , and the colour of your earrings matches your shoe accessoiries. I am sure you can make endless kinds of variations with this dress, especially because it fits so well. I am looking forward to all the combinatios your are going to make. By the way this is the perfect dress for the new challenge.

    • 19 December 2012 / 09:21

      Yes I thought of the challenge at as well. But there is little effort in this combination, so I am hesitating.

  4. 18 December 2012 / 23:57

    I love this dress and this look. You are very smart and attractive with it. The dress you feel great and beautiful. I have not sure if I like it more with peplum or not. I love the classic choice, but added, but I think your figure appreciates the added. This is a topic that worries you, I know, but I think the simple option also you look great. I love your earrings, this tear brightens colored outfit. The addition of the shoe can be useful for parties or special events, not for everyday use, would be excessive, I think. A great proposal, I like. much. Congratulates your dressmaker, is an artist!

  5. Anonymous
    19 December 2012 / 01:37

    Perfect! I am so happy for you! Every woman should be as fortunate to have a little black dress made just for her. And the peplum is brilliant. You are gorgeous.USA Suzanne

  6. 19 December 2012 / 06:45

    The LBD is a perfect fit and you wear it with elegance. I am a lover of peplums, so I think your idea is brilliant, to add or subtract as you desire. And the feather shoe clips are such a great addition, flashing a touch of color. I love black too, and expect that I will continue to do so.

  7. 19 December 2012 / 12:32

    Oh, this is perfection! And what a great idea with the loose peplum, it makes the dress so much more versatile. You know that I’m a bit reluctant to wear black, but of course I do have a couple of LBDs in my closet, couldn’t do without them! The shoe clips are cool, very you:)

    • 19 December 2012 / 12:49

      Thanks, I am really pleased with it myself. It is very comfortable as well and does not crease either. You have to love good material.I will show this dress with colour at the top a few more times, which makes the dress like a blanc canvas.

  8. 19 December 2012 / 18:42

    Perfect Greetje. Both combinations. So clever of you to have the peplum separate. You know how much I love versatility and good design!

  9. 19 December 2012 / 20:37

    I have a combination that you both like, Anja and Sylvia. How about that!Thank you for the big compliments.

  10. 20 December 2012 / 07:58

    Now that is a beautiful dress. So elegant! You could wear it anywhere. The peplum is brilliant. As for black, I wear a lot f it in winter too. I find it cozy and reassuring.

    • 20 December 2012 / 21:10

      I used to own such a LBD but grew out of it (…). Missed it ever since. Such an easy piece in your wardrobe.

  11. RedTagChicLosAngeles
    21 December 2012 / 18:08

    Awwww this is the LBD I’ve been waiting for….you surely rock it my dear & those FAB shoes nailed the look!REBECCA

    • 21 December 2012 / 21:03

      Do you want the address of my seamstress? A bit difficult with fitting but you could see it as a bonus on a trip to Amsterdam. LOL

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