OK, admittedly, this is not a great achievement….. putting a cardigan on a black dress.
Nevertheless I like it and it gives me an opportunity to wear this cardigan for which I had little use so far.
On the other hand, this outfit is 100% classic. So really, it needs something to give it a twist. Any ideas?

It is so nice to be able to use you all as stylists. For free. (“For free” is something we Dutch are known to love. LOL)

The variations are simple: buttoned up, buttons open at the top and bottom or cardigan completely open.
My preference is open, which is a bit of a surprise to me. The fact that you interrupt the horizontal lines by opening the cardigan would have stopped me from doing so. In theory. In practise I think it makes me less straight which is good to me as I don’t want to look like a long stick.

Have you got a preference? And do you have a tip to make it less classic?

(With the exception of Josep-Maria, who likes classic. LOL)

Looking forward to your advice for making it less classic.

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