SAMSUNG CSCWe have had a post with skinnies, then one with a skirt, skinnies, skirt, so time for skinnies again. As promised, herewith another styling of this versatile piece: my green leather jacket. This time with cream skinnies. Sylvia (40+Style) did a whole series with light coloured pieces for winter and I loved her cream trousers. Couldn’t find them myself. When she was over in The Netherlands we hunted together. With success. They are very comfortable and brighten things up a bit.

The jacket is a no-brainer with these trousers, really. Dead easy styling. I hesitated whether my new booties (seen before here) with the leather would make the look common, but decided it was OK. You might disagree and I wholeheartedly invite you to speak your mind in the comments. Don’t be polite.

Let’s go through the photo shoot… Ron and I first tried out the camera and the light. As we had had camera lessons that very morning, we were keen to get it right this time.

Below: Ron found a wall with fun graffiti as background for my outfit in a “sheltered” place. Yeah right…… In the dunes. What did he mean by “there is hardly any wind”? Fortunately I was wearing my trusted parka. Not that stylish or colourful, but ever so good when it is cold.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: although my mood was getting foul, the photo is fun. You can see Ron taking my picture in the glasses.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: Ron told me to step back, towards the wall, because the light was better there. No direct sunshine on my head. Which caused me to question his judgement. As in “What were you thinking? Do you think the location is “good”, when my high heels are sinking into the ground?”SAMSUNG CSCBelow: we got into a good old fight being very cross with one another. (We don’t work well together, you see. Not on any subject. We could never start a business together. Yes, yes I agree, I can be quite a bitch…) The “fight” ended with laughter when Ron said “When we get home, the first thing you are going to do, is reread the LINDA”. Explanation: LINDA is a Dutch magazine. That morning we had been discussing one of their articles on how to keep your longterm relationship healthy. The remedy is: every time you tell the other one off, you have to give two compliments as well. So now, every time I am nagging him, Ron says: “Uh.. LINDA!” Meaning I have to counterbalance hahaha. It actually works very well.

Below: the rest of the photo shoot went in harmony. Isn’t it funny that the graffiti doll is waving a white flag saying “End war now!”hahaha.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: some more graffiti for those who like this SAMSUNG CSCBelow: COLD !!!SAMSUNG CSCBelow: usually, my bum is covered, so I am taking a risk here…. Fortunately the trousers are giving me some shape. SAMSUNG CSCBelow: close-up of the necklace, which is a gift from my dear Scottish friend Pat.SAMSUNG CSCNext week Sabine and I at the flea market.


PS, want to see something more sunny and happy? Have a look at Share in Style of Mis Papelicos. Japanese inspiration this time.

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