Red cowboy boots (1 van 2)These red cowboy boots never get the attention from me they deserve. They were a present from my husband but I was too impatient when buying them. I wanted them less high. Perhaps if they had been mid calf, I might wear them more. They are pretty comfortable and the brand is Sendra (worn in winter here). The red is perfect to combine with my new tassel necklace.

I love tassels, I love red and I love a V-shape. This necklace was custom-made by Suzanne according to these wishes. I love it. I have already styled a couple of outfits with it and this one makes the blog as Ron had time to photograph.

“Let’s try the standard lens”, I said “…and do one of these photos with a vague background and me razor sharp in the middle”. As we had to figure out how to do that, we chose the “kitchen garden” where Ron has a plot (300 square meters). You will find hardly any vegetables* on his patch, but neither a nagging wife. Nobody who tells him to clean up or do little chores as I don’t often visit his garden. I bet that is the biggest attraction of that garden to him haha.

* Ron disagrees. LOL

Below: we tried this shot on the path. But the sun was a spoilsport. Far too bright in the middle of the day. Makes my face very harsh and with shadows. Only half an hour before it was nice and cloudy. Nice as in “nice for photographing”. The weather is still mostly cold here in The Netherlands. Bummer. No spring at all.Red cowboy boots (1 van 1)-2Below: still, the background is blurry and I am sharp. So that part was good.Red cowboy boots (2 van 2)Below: Ron knew a path with more shade. I say… not bad, not bad at all. Ron shot about 6 photos on this spot, one after another. Every photo was totally different as the light kept changing.Red cowboy boots (2 van 2)-2Ron had another idea: “Let’s go to the garden of Gerard and Anne. They have a lovely (huge) garden with lots of shade and interesting vintage stuff.” And indeed their garden was like the garden of Eden. Luscious,beautiful, big, green, colourful, flowers.

Below: here I am underneath an arch in their garden.Red cowboy boots (1 van 4)Below: in front of one of their two little wooden “houses”.Red cowboy boots (3 van 4)Below: Charlie, our dog who wants to be in the picture too. Isn’t she sweet? She always looks like this. Never smiles. Charlie is a “Korthals griffon”.Red cowboy boots (1 van 2)-2Below: this is the same outfit but without the scarf.Red cowboy boots (4 van 4)Below: the inside of the little house. Everything is decorated with vintage stuff. Like going back in time, especially with the bed in the alcove (where the lace curtains are).Garden A and G (11 van 21)Below: Gerard and Anne in front of their other “house” in the garden. (The man on the right is my husband Ron.)Garden A and G (8 van 21)Below: And this is their view from their “house”. Garden A and G (3 van 21)Below: apart from water lilies there are ducks…. can you spot mother duck and her two ducklins?Garden A and G (6 van 21)Below: three more pictures of their lovely garden. I can tell you, Ron has a very nice garden, but compared to this one, it pales.Garden A and G (12 van 21)

Garden A and G (14 van 21)

Garden A and G (18 van 21)Below: OK, now for the details of the outfit. Bag (brand Furla), boots, necklace.Cream Furla bag

Red cowboy boots (1 van 1)

Red necklace made by Suzanne (1 van 1)This was a photographing experience post. Not much to laugh over this time. Sorry.


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