Eijk flat shoes and a red mini bagA simple outfit, with Eijk flat shoes being the starting point. They are called Molly loafers and are super soft. No stitches, nothing to give me blisters. As the jeans are like PJ’s and the shirt is not restricting either, this is an outfit for casual days, feeling fine, looking good.

Well… looking good….nothing exceptional, nothing fancy, but not frumpy either.

We went to the old town of Velsen, a neighboring village of Haarlem. It it tiny and well preserved.

Below: get the idea of old and well preserved?

Velsen, The Netherlands

Below: green is always a good background colour. There must be a dog in that house the way Charlie is acting.

Eijk flat shoes and a red mini bag

After I saw the above photo I realised the shirt was too tight. How could that happen? I checked the label and for sure it said M. I am not a medium, sometimes I am not even an L. I have to go back to the shop and discuss my options.

Below: another beautiful house with a magnificent door. And again, there must have been a dog in the house.

Eijk flat shoes and a red mini bag

Below: arty picture by Ron of the restaurant sign Het Roode Hert (the red deer), where we had dinner once.

Velsen, The Netherlands

Below: pictoresque street. The jeans are by J Brand. The white bag is the Obag I brought back from Turin.

Eijk flat shoes and a red mini bag

Below: church

Velsen, The Netherlands

Below: church door. Any door will do for a photo, although this colour is bad for a blond.

Eijk flat shoes and a red mini bag

Below: details: necklace is several years old. Red mini bag is by Zara. Bracelet antique jet.

Mini red bag Zara

Below: close-up of the Eijk flat shoes.

Eijk flat shoes

Below: this peaceful scene came to a sudden end….

Eijk flat shoes and a red mini bag

Below: “WHAT was that? Why is my bum wet???!!??”

Eijk flat shoes and a red mini bag

Below: even though I sat next to this little puddle, the pressure of sitting down caused the water to run my way… Result: wet bum.

Below: Eureka.. I went back to the store where I bought the shirt (Bellamy Gallery), explained what happened (long story) and asked whether I could exchange the shirt for a bigger size. The answer was yes. I needed an XL, not an M. The motto of the shop is: “We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases and wearing our clothes with joy. If you are not satisfied, we will solve it.” How great is that? On top of that they are sustainable and show exactly how the price of a garment is composed (specified cost of design, material, work, VAT and margin). Very transparent. And… very inexpensive.

I scrunched the sleeves up higher which I think is better. It is a high/low shirt. The trousers in this photo are a little more “exciting” than the blue jeans. (Although the shoes really need more of a “rock” oufit, don’t you agree?) The tassle necklace is by Suzanne Carillo. The earrings are rolls of corrugated cardboard, made by Dorisse who has a shop on Etsy with the name PaperStatement.

Bellamy Gallery shirt and Eijk flat shoes

Below: different things Dorisse makes. I am wearing the red earrings, slightly adjusted for me as I want to wear them with studs instead of a hook.

PaperStatement on Etsy

Below: after taking the pictures, we stopped at a nearby park to let Charlie run free. I adore the green of leaves in spring. It is such a beautiful colour and everything is still so fragile.

Below: how about this for a picture. Another green love of mine: tree tops that meet each other over a path.

Below: Charlie having a great time

Below: Ron having a great time. Ron photographs love messages carved in trees. Two years ago he had a two page article in the regional newspaper with these photos, subject: Valentine’s Day. What are the odds to find a tree with RON carved in it? I swear, we didn’t do that. It was just there.

Below: a 40 seconds video of Charlie trying to dig out mice. We always walk on before she gets to them. Promise: I won’t use Charlie in the next posts. There is such a thing as overkill.

To tell you the truth, I am not impressed by the outfits I showed you in this post. The items are terrific building blocks. They just need to be in a different building. To be continued….


PS I am joining fabulous women gathering on Catherine’s blog Not Dressed as Lamb at I will wear what I like and at Saturday Share Link-up.

No Fear of Fashion

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