A pale slate Demellier bag, such luxury

A pale slate Demellier bag, such luxury

Buying this pale slate Demellier bag is pure madness for me. It is expensive and as I already have so many bags it is also embarrassing. Certainly not sustainable either, but I adore this bag. Ever since Susan of Une femme d'un certain âge showed bags from this brand,...

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A polka dot co-ord

Isn't this polka dot co-ord lovely? I think it is very feminine and so does husband Ron. He saw it on me when Kitty took photos of me in the shop of kpa.haarlem. It was the post with my multi-coloured knitted cardigan. Ron was so taken with it, that he paid for the...

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Python print boots with an oversized jumper

What do you think of these python print boots with an oversized jumper? I saw in 2020 that it was trendy again to wear your knee-high boots over trousers. Why not use the python ones then? OK, it is 2021 so I am late to the party, but I always am. I am no trend setter...

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A cream jumper on wide green trousers

You have seen this jumper before, worn with boyfriend jeans. For this post I decided to wear the cream jumper with a pair of wide green trousers. The latter has also been published before, worn with a purple jumper. The idea for this outfit came when I bought the tan...

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A flared black midi skirt in the snow

Something entirely unexpected on Valentine's Day, a flared black midi skirt combined with a black cashmere turtleneck. And you are seeing this correctly, the photos were taken while it was snowing. The lengths I go to for you, my lovely readers... Was it freezing...

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A black shirt dress with python print boots

You all wanted to see me wear these python print boots more often so I styled them with this black shirt dress. For comfort I am wearing a soft yellow sleeveless dress underneath. You can see the sleeveless dress styled in three ways in this post, so this is the...

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Cashmere jumper in rainbow colours

And now for something entirely different....a photo shoot of a cashmere jumper in a car park. Why? Because it was too bloody cold to be outside without a coat. I had told Kitty (photographer) that there was a lot of light in this car park. There is, but the lights...

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Dark green jumper with a light green brooch

As Ron and I were in Amsterdam for the houndstooth blazer on jeans shoot, we also shot this dark green jumper outfit. It is a funny kind of green, almost teal but then again it is not. Turning a corner, we found ourselves in front of restaurant Greetje. My name is...

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Denim jacket, orange ankle boots and an orange coat

Buying a denim jacket when you know that this shade doesn't suit you, isn't the smartest move to make. Still, it is in my wardrobe, which means I either make it work or give it away. By adding a blue, white and yellow scarf, there is more 'light' near my face. I...

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