Blue and white top with yellow trousers in Amsterdam

Blue and white top with yellow trousers in Amsterdam

From the minute I spotted this blue and white top in March 2020, I loved it and it hasn't disappointed me since. It is from Essentiel Antwerp, as is the silver belt. You have seen it before in this post with white trousers and silver high heels and in this post with...

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Walking through Amsterdam in a wide green trench coat

They say "Paris is always a good idea" and I agree, but I think the same applies to Amsterdam. I decided to wear my new wide green trench coat from kpa.haarlem, when I went to Amsterdam two weeks ago with my friend Helena. The trench coat is part of my husband's...

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A striped jacket with big sleeves

Because trendy stuff, like a striped jacket with big sleeves, will become quickly dated, it is not something I am usually very fond of. In a couple of years or perhaps already next year, someone might say: "Oh that is quite old, isn't it?" On the other hand, if...

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Anchor print blouse and the house of an inventor

This post will only be a little bit about the anchor print blouse and a lot about the house of an inventor. You see, the father of our friend Arine sadly died recently and she and her brother and sister have to clear out their parent's home. Arine's dad is Lou Ottens,...

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Black trouser suit in the Dutch tulip fields

Before the flowers were all gone, husband Ron took photos of my black trouser suit in the tulip fields. The colours are magnificent and the flowers are only there for a short time. The bulb growers cut the heads of the flowers which leaves you with a field full of...

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A pale slate Demellier bag, such luxury

Buying this pale slate Demellier bag is pure madness for me. It is expensive and as I already have so many bags it is also embarrassing. Certainly not sustainable either, but I adore this bag. Ever since Susan of Une femme d'un certain âge showed bags from this brand,...

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Oversized pastel green shirt

Talking about a garment which covers "all sins", how about this oversized pastel green shirt? And it wasn't for that reason why I fell for it. It is because it reminds me of the kind of thing an artist would wear to create a painting. It is fun and quirky (in my...

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Pink and orange brooch, created by an artist

These boots are definitely made for walking. Their third appearance on the blog is with this red and pink pleated skirt, nicely matched (haha) with an orange and pink brooch. I adore the brooch but it is a pain in the you-know-what, to wear it. It is heavy and pulls...

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Red and cream shirt on cream trousers

Kitty, my usual photographer, was really busy so I pleaded pretty please to husband Ron to photograph my new red and cream shirt. He was kind enough to take these photos in Amsterdam, in Wertheim Park. Below: The entrance of Wertheim Park. Aren't these lamp holders...

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