Green coated skinnies, an Acne tunic and grey leather booties

Green coated skinnies with cream tunic 2These coated skinnies prove to be such a good choice. Two weeks ago I showed you the trousers with a black sweater. Today with this Acne cream tunic. I told you that Alexandra and I “did” three shoots. Which means you are going to be bored to death with these skinnies. LOL View Post

Long Acne tunic with lots of scarfs and necklaces

Trying to get my photos a bit more interesting and of better quality, I am moving out of my garden and into the neighbourhood.
This day the weather was bright, sunny… and cold. I looked at my photography notes to see how the camera had to be set when I was wearing something light under these circumstances. It paid off to take notes AND consult them, as bingo… these photos were not half bad.

The tunic is by Acne, a brand from Stockholm in Sweden. I love the boxy look and I can make so many combinations with it. It is like a blanc canvas. The black 7/8 trousers are by Airfield.

Photographing in a street where you are unknown is funny. I can tell you that all the people who were passing, were very curious. You could see them think: “What is this woman doing there?”, “Why?” (a question I frequently asked myself). When I was so frozen my hands could not operate the remote, I packed it in.






      Above and below, the same necklaces and bracelet (orange and black), but different top and trousers.

OK, two more, just for fun.

I love this tunic. And I love these trousers.

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