Green coated skinnies with cream tunic 2These coated skinnies prove to be such a good choice. Two weeks ago I showed you the trousers with a black sweater. Today with this Acne cream tunic. I told you that Alexandra and I “did” three shoots. Which means you are going to be bored to death with these skinnies. LOL

There were lots of dogs with their owners in the park and I spotted this pug (just for you Susanne Carillo). So cute! I kneeled down to pet the dog, totally forgetting it had been a soggy morning… The pug lovingly put his paws on my cream tunic. “No panic”, Alexandra said, “I will get that stain out in no time with lightroom”. And she did. As I did with detergent as soon as I got home. Both are perfect solutions for one problem.Green coated skinnies with cream tunicThis tunic is really for spring. I did 7 outfits with this tunic for springย !! ( Well…. really only one outfit with 7 scarfs/necklaces). As I did not have a cream coloured top for the trousers, I used this Acne top and put on a T-shirt underneath it in the same shade of green and bingo, we have a fall/winter outfit.

The necklace is a bit of a mistake. It is really pretty and modern, made byย Angela Caputi, but I use necklaces to brighten up tops in colours that do not suit me, like this one. Therefore the necklace should have been in a bright colour near my face, like the big green Angela Caputi necklace I wore in my post with the little black dress (third picture). But no, I bought this one with a lot of black near my face. Not a bright necklace, not a bright idea, not a very bright woman.ย Green coated skinnies with cream tunic 6Above: can you see that my nose is a bit red from the cold?

Below: the necklace. the colours are black, gold, orange and green. ย Green coated skinnies with cream tunic 5Green coated skinnies with cream tunic 7

Green coated skinnies with cream tunic 3Below: my much loved grey booties from Max Mara. They blend with green and grey and brown. Very versatile booties. I do have green booties, but they are the wrong shade.Green coated skinnies with cream tunic 4Below: this picture clearly indicates that Alexandra and I still have to find out each others preferences. She looks at photos from an art point of view. I only think “I look like a dork”. But I don’t mind sharing it with you. You know how much I like to make you laugh.Green coated skinnies with cream tunic 8Next week you will see something else but the green skinnies. I will keep the third shoot for later. Just prepare yourself: I also have them in burgundy ๐Ÿ˜† ย 

No Fear of Fashionย 


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