New Year outfit 2Is this outfit right for New Year celebrations? Or would it have been the right Christmas outfit? Or is it outdated? That is a question I have been asking myself a lot. Similar to last year when I asked your advice about my Christmas outfit 2012. As my blog was only a month old then, there were only a few comments.
This year I decided for myself that I liked this skirt and tried to update it with booties. I just needed a more modern top. This jacket is very classic, so it does not update the skirt.

No problem you would say: no shortage of tops in this house…. However, the top I brought with me for Alexandra to photograph was a slack black top and made me look like a stick. Wrong proportions. For women with hips the top would encounter a threshold past the waist which would make it fold nicely. Alas, not with me. The top just went straigt for the floor in the fastest way possible.
A cardigan then? No, I had no nice short cardigans in my wardrobe to suit this skirt, only a bright green one, a red summer one and a knotted peachy one. Neither of them qualified.

I solved it by not wearing this skirt at all, just nice trouser outfits, like the green / blue Max Mara outfit.
I think it is better to feel comfortable in something you are sure of than feeling insecure in a “appropriate” outfit. New Year outfit 3Above and below: with pumps instead of booties. Makes the outfit even more classic.New Year outfit 1Below: I picked up this brooch at a fair. It is a piece of iron with fake diamonds. I sew it on and if the jacket needs to go to the dry cleaner, I take it off. And … sew it back on again…New Year outfit 4Below: Alexandra and I are both learning and experimenting. I think this kind of photography is nice. We just have to focus on the the first shoe (has a nicer side to it; no seam)New Year outfit 5Below: you have seen the booties before (with my green coated skinnies)New Year outfit 6 Below: after having great, beautiful nails for 3 weeks, they all broke two days before the shoot. So stubs…New Year outfit 7 Alexandra and I will continue experimenting with photography. These pictures were taken indoors (it rained) against a white background. Of course we will try more.

OK.. for a laugh… below is the photo I took with my iPad showing you the slack black top making me look like a stick.New Year outfit 8Always when I say “stick” it reminds me of Jeff Dunham’s “Jose Jalapeno on a stick”.


No Fear of Fashion


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