Black & white Perfectly Basics 4
Oh gosh, fall was here the day I took these pictures. Which meant: COLD and taking photos indoors. In my tiny house with no space and no light whatsoever in dark days. Being a bad photographer anyway, this is a real challenge. Looking at the pictures I can think of two solutions: 1) taking more lessons or 2) having more pictures taken by Alexandra, my “private” photographer LOL.

I must have taken 100 photos and deleted them nearly all as soon as they were uploaded. There are only 4 photos left to show you and even they are not what you call a sharp contrast. What a nightmare.
OK… let us put things into perspective now.

  1. Is it really a nightmare when your blogpost is not as nice as it could be?   No, it is not.
  2. Am I aiming to go professional with this blog?  No, I am not.
  3. Will you stop looking at my blog if I provide bad photos?   Hmm… you might do…

Well fooks, if you do stop coming to my blog, it will leave me with more time to visit yours AND read a book. (This is beginning to sound pretty good. LOL) All kidding aside, I will do my utmost to improve the pictures.

Over to the outfit: the sweater is by Repeat, a brand known for their cashmere sweaters and scarves. They ship to quite a number of countries within Europe but apparently not to the US. Sorry.
The skinnies are by Weekend Max Mara. Oh how I love that brand. These skinnies are the most wonderful trousers I have ever had. I broke the vow I made to myself and spent money on more skinnies. You have seen the green coated ones last week and I have a similar pair in burgundy.

The booties are by Panara, an unexpected pleasure. I knew they were not bad and the price was steep, but boy are they worth it. You don’t even feel you are walking on high heels. Terrific. Dutch design, produced in Italy.

As for the necklace….. how many times have you seen this before? I like it so much I tried to buy it in red and green too. However the store is in Rome and they did not reply to my letter. Yes I wrote a l-e-t-t-e-r. They have no website and they do not answer the phone. I therefore wrote an old-fashioned letter. Alas. So if you are going to Rome ….???

Black & white Perfectly Basics 2

Black & white Perfectly Basics 1As you can see, the sweater is longer at the sides and has little zippers in the side seams. To no other purpose than to please the eye.Black & white Perfectly Basics 5
One consolation for me: vague photos don’t show wrinkles that much. LOL

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