Green coated skinnies and black sweater 2A colleague at work did not know I was blogging…… She must have been the last person not knowing as I have told EVERYBODY. After finding out, she told me she is a photographer and would love to make pictures of my outfits. Can you believe my luck? So thank you Alexandra Psalti. For spending a Sunday in a cold park and actually liking to take my pictures. I still find it hard to believe and am very grateful. Love our coffee moments too.

We did three shoots. All with the same trousers but with different tops and boots. I was wearing a green T-shirt underneath, so changing was not a problem. As you can understand it would have been a lot more difficult if I had to change trousers LOL.We attracked enough viewers as it was although they were not awkward or lingering on. After all, this is Amsterdam where people are not easily surprised and where “strange” is an every day item.

Lots of dogs there too. We borrowed one to take a pretty picture with. It was such a beautiful dog (nice owner too). Β In the picture with the dog I am wearing a big belt. Alexandra said it was nicer without the belt. Being pigheaded I asked her to take the photos anyway. I was convinced it would look nice with the belt. But no, she was right. I went through all the photos and it was clear that the outfit was better without the belt.

Good thing about it is, I now know I did not only find a photographer but a photographer / stylist. She even makes sure my hair does not look stupid. YEAH.Green coated skinnies and black sweater 1

Green coated skinnies and black sweater 3

Green coated skinnies and black sweater 4Below: yes, the dog is very beautiful. And yes, the belt spoils the outfit.Green coated skinnies and black sweater 5Below: A big smile for you.Green coated skinnies and black sweater 6Sweater is old and by Pauw, skinnies Hugo Boss, boots by Panara. If you like shoes and boots, then have a look at some very interesting shoes at The Citizen Rosebud’s Shoe Shine. I saw two pair that were really amazing.
Till next week.

No Fear of Fashion

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