Contemporary, timeless and comfortable high heeled shoes : EIJK shoes

Contemporary, timeless and comfortable high heeled shoes. Where do you find them? Usually you can only have one of these three. Which is what Jolanda van Eijk experienced when her feet started hurting.  As she couldn’t find comfortable shoes that looked cool, she decided to learn everything there was to learn about shoe making (three years training, mind you). After which she created the perfect last and the perfect heel, took a very deep breath and started her own company: EIJK shoes. View Post

Black pointy flats rocking

Black pointy flats by Eijk AmsterdamYou saw these black pointy flats before in the post with the white shirt. They are very soft and do not give me blisters wearing them with bare feet. In summer all shoes give me blisters, so this is such a happy exception. Last time I styled them in a hurry but I think they look best with black skinnies and a black or red leather jacket. But… it is warm and I wear them with bare feet, so adding a leather jacket would be far too hot. This thin summer sweater is a reasonable alternative in my opinion. The plastic accessories help to convey a “rocking” vibe (agreed?? Or not?). View Post