Black pointy flats rocking

Black pointy flats by Eijk AmsterdamYou saw these black pointy flats before in the post with the white shirt. They are very soft and do not give me blisters wearing them with bare feet. In summer all shoes give me blisters, so this is such a happy exception. Last time I styled them in a hurry but I think they look best with black skinnies and a black or red leather jacket. But… it is warm and I wear them with bare feet, so adding a leather jacket would be far too hot. This thin summer sweater is a reasonable alternative in my opinion. The plastic accessories help to convey a “rocking” vibe (agreed?? Or not?).

This was my outfit for meeting the BVA girls. For new readers: these are my friends for 21 years and we get together every two or three months. As seen here, here, herehere and many more times. The girls are used to my outfit photography, but I did ask them again whether they minded. “Not at all” was the answer.

Marianna, the sixth member of our group, couldn’t join as she had been operated on her foot and was recovering.

Let me show you what the rest was wearing and what we bought when we hit town in the afternoon.


Below: Jilske, wearing the shirt she bought on our last get-together. See the cake next to her? We always start the day eating cakes.


Below: Marijke in virgin white.


Below: Claudia in a dress we bought together last year just before we went on holiday together.


Below: Marianne, pointing at the text on her sweater. We thought this was a fun oufit with the shoes and the striped trousers.


Below: close-up of Marianne’s fab bag.

blown bag

Below: me again, photographed by Marijke’s youngest daughter.

Black pointy flats by Eijk Amsterdam

The necklace is one of my favourites. Nevertheless I have worn it only once or twice. It has been on the blog once in a Kings Day post on a blue shirt. The yellow bracelet was on the blog only once as well.

Below: I forgot to tuck the sweater into my jeans at one side.

Below: Claudia and Marijke’s daughter (haven’t got more photos of her). She is a lovely and good looking girl.


During eating cake we looked at several clothes and shoes which Marianne and I brought with us because we didn’t want them anymore.

Below: Marianne in a yellow tunic dress. “Yellow doesn’t suit me” she said. But we urged her to take it with her as it is a nice lightweight thing for summer. My advice was to put a blue necklace or scarf near her face to calm the yellow. She will probably never wear it as it was forced on her haha.


Below: Jilske in a soft grey/green top. Also very lightweight.


Below: Claudia was showing a jacket she had brought with her.


Below: Marijke with a necklace which had been a gift from Anja to me. But I never seem to wear it. Looks nice though, doesn’t it?


Below: Marianne with a red and golden necklace. I knew it would be perfect for her.



Lunch is the second milestone in a BVA girls’ day. In The Netherlands lunch is a sandwich with cheese and a glass of milk. I know… we are weird people. Our hostess (Marijke) had put quite a lot more food than just that on the table.

Below: Marijke and Jilske.

Marijke and Jilske

Below: Claudia with a soft cardigan over her dress.


Below: Marianne and me. The rings I am wearing are a gift from Tiffany, who loves plastic and bakelite bracelets and rings. See her Instagram account.

Marianne and Greetje


As soon as lunch is cleared away we all go shopping.

Below: I did not buy these perfect pumps. And I am still weeping over that fact as I so love them. But closed shoes in summer…. is asking for blisters.

Blue patent leather pumps

Below: Jilske in a new yellow top and blue cardigan jacket. (To be worn on different trousers.) Feminine and tough in one.


Below: Claudia in a long summer dress. Knock-out.


Below: Marijke in a sheath dress. A model which is sooo good on her.


Below: and for the finals….. tarrah… me in smart sweatpants (not as thick as the sporty ones). The accessories have to change, but I like these trousers even better with the shoes.

Black pointy flats by Eijk Amsterdam

Below: with a silver line at the side. I am pulling the trousers into a funny shape because I didn’t know what to do with my hands (again).

Black pointy flats by Eijk Amsterdam

Again a day filled with friendship and laughter.


No Fear of Fashion



  1. 4 June 2017 / 09:12

    All very nice outfits and beautiful women! I love Claudia s jacket and your trousers. And the plastic accesories. Looks like such a fun day!

    • Greetje
      4 June 2017 / 11:17

      It is always fun with these women. And a lot of yap yap yap haha.

  2. Wendy
    4 June 2017 / 12:59

    I agree, I also like your shoes with the trousers. And your friends look lovely. I especially like the sheath dress.

    • Greetje
      4 June 2017 / 16:50

      Thanks Wendy. Yes, the sheath dress is very classy and elegant. Marijke always looks terrific in such dresses.

  3. Trish
    4 June 2017 / 13:03

    You all look as if you are having a great time – and you all know how to dress well! Great idea for the clothes giveaway. I like Marianne in the yellow top, it really suits her. I haven’t heard of sweater trousers before? They look good and relaxed. The Bakelite and plastic jewellery is all great. I love that sort of stuff ? Re the cheese sandwiches, it used to be more of a thing here in the North of England (we have lots of lovely varieties of crumbly cheese) but now we have so many different varieties of food and sandwiches – I sort of long for those simple days!

    • Greetje
      4 June 2017 / 16:53

      We do have many varieties of food, as well in the super markets as in the restaurants. But generally, the Dutch stick to sandwiches for lunch. Sometimes a salad.
      Perhaps sweater trousers is the wrong expression. Don’t forget, English is not my native language. Jogging trousers? They are made of that soft, bit stretchy, material that sweater used to come in.

  4. LinC
    4 June 2017 / 16:10

    Very stylish ladies wearing lovely eclectic collection of clothes, I love all of your looksx

    • Greetje
      4 June 2017 / 16:55

      We all are very different, in character and in clothes styling. But we have a lot in common as well. Otherwise we wouldn’t be friends for such a long time.

  5. 4 June 2017 / 17:48

    Nothing beats comfy shoes. Except maybe this necklace! It’s right down my alley.

    • Greetje
      4 June 2017 / 19:03

      That necklace is tough, a conversation starter and it brings colour to my face. What’s not to love?

  6. 4 June 2017 / 18:55

    Very nice shoes. I find that talc powder on feet helps to prevent blisters and rubbing.

    • Greetje
      4 June 2017 / 19:05

      Does it Josephine? Oh I am so going to try that. Thanks. You see, my feet swell up. It is as if there is half a centimeter of moist between my skin and the rest underneath it. And that skin is thin, easily damaged. I hope your tip works.

  7. Isa
    4 June 2017 / 19:51

    I didn’t know what sweater pants were either…. maybe you mean “sweatpants” – usually that is jogging bottoms/ sports pants but your trousers look as though they are thinner material than sweat pants usually are (and smarter). It looks as though you had a lot of fun and I wish I was there!

    • Greetje
      4 June 2017 / 20:38

      I think you are absolutely right about the trousers, but as they are thinner than sweat pants, how do ai call them? ??
      I never studied at an university but these girls form my long lasting set of friends.

  8. Mr. NYC
    4 June 2017 / 21:17

    Beautiful taste in clothing, ladies.
    I can always tell the 40s Ladies from their mature stylish dressing.
    Says a lot about the personality and aura of the individual.

    • Greetje
      6 June 2017 / 08:22

      What a lovely thing to say. We are all very interested in clothes. That helps ?.

  9. 4 June 2017 / 22:04

    I’m starting to recognize the members of this group of friends now – what a beautifully stylish, fun group of women! Of course you should start the day by eating cake! I mentioned on your IG how much I like the black shoes with khaki. I love that shape of shoe, and used to wear pointy flats for most of the 1980’s. They are very rock n roll!

    • Greetje
      6 June 2017 / 08:25

      Because these shoes are very rock and roll they are out of my comfort zone. But it is nice to take these side steps once in a while. Keeps matters fresh.

  10. Sharon
    4 June 2017 / 22:58

    Your fun days with your lovely friends are a treat for readers. Glad to see Marianne looking so vibrant.

    • Greetje
      6 June 2017 / 08:26

      Marianne is always stylish and looking good. She is a classic beauty with a great sense of styling. And yes, such a day with my friends is precious.

  11. Sharon
    4 June 2017 / 23:00

    Track pants?

    • Greetje
      6 June 2017 / 08:27

      I think sweatpants is the right word but they are a bit thinner.

  12. 4 June 2017 / 23:02

    What a fun day! I am completely nuts about the trousers with the silver stripes. Want, want, want. Your orange/red necklace is also amazing. Other things I am swooning over are Marijke’s sheath dress and Jilske’s colourful necklace.

    I laughed out loud at the cheese sandwich and milk comment… so true. And how about breakfast, with those terrible candy sprinkles that you Dutch put on toast. That is the worst. I used to have a colleague (American) who would take the filling out of about six Dutch sandwiches, put them all together into one and then declare ‘NOW I have a sandwich!’ LOL!

    • Greetje
      5 June 2017 / 10:23

      Hahaha.. funny. Yes America is the land of more. As for the trousers.. I can send them to you if you want. They are by a brand called only and dead cheap: € 35,-. I am hipsize 38 / M and I am wearing a M.

  13. 5 June 2017 / 01:46

    LOVED Marijke’s sheath dress – where can I get one next time I’m in Amsterdam??

    • Greetje
      5 June 2017 / 10:24

      I have no idea. I will ask Marijke. Not sure whether it is still for sale, but I will ask.

    • Greetje
      6 June 2017 / 17:02

      The brand of the dress is Rinascimento. She bought it in December in a shop called Blossem in a town called Purmerend. I know they sell this brand in Amsterdam too. But December probably means previous collection.

  14. Marilee Gramith
    5 June 2017 / 03:47

    You and your friends are a very stylish bunch! I love that you have certain rituals (cake to start, cheese sandwiches with milk for lunch, all required before shopping) and I guess those kinds of things develop with longtime friends like these lovely women.
    This shopping trip was a bit more low key than the last one where there were lots of wild moments and laughter in the shops. Everyone seems to have found a stylish new item to take home.
    Have you girlfriends ever traveled together for a couple of days away from Amsterdam?

    • Greetje
      5 June 2017 / 10:27

      I just forgot to take pictures while we were shopping. That’s all. And yes we have been away twice on holiday for a week in Spain. Last year and the year before. Went smooth. At the beginning of this post I linked to other posts with these women. The last “here” and the second but last “here” will take you to our holiday outfit pictures.

  15. 5 June 2017 / 19:06

    You should have bought those pumps! I love your pants with the stripes and Jilske’s necklace.

    • Greetje
      5 June 2017 / 20:41

      I cannot walk in those shoes. Closed shoes give me blisters. I am now trying all sorts of cures. If one helps I might go back for them although Ron says they are very much “mother of the bride”, “look-at-me-aren’t-I-a crazy-woman”? But Ron does’t know it all haha.

  16. 6 June 2017 / 00:46

    I have to tell YOU I bought THREE O~BAGS in ENGLAND last week!!!!!!!!
    I saw them in a shop window and thought I saw those on GREETJE’s BLOG!
    Well, they fit into my luggage perfectly and my friends will be happy of course I keep ONE but which ONE!!!!!!
    I love cheese sandwiches……….
    YOU ALL look SO FUN!
    I especially like ALL your shoes!!!!!!!
    Don’t suppose my friend PAT called YOU?!!!!
    I told her to months ago……………I will find out soon enough!

    • Greetje
      6 June 2017 / 08:30

      No Pat didn’t call me. Or at least, not that I know of.
      If you regret giving away a bag, you can order anything and more online! Thanks for all the compliments.

  17. 6 June 2017 / 06:01

    I love that massive floral dress and the maxi dress.

    Looks like a great time!


    • Greetje
      6 June 2017 / 08:34

      I had to go back to the post to see what massive floral dress you meant. But you meant Marijke’s sheath dress of course. Yes that is striking. And I get why you like the maxi dress. So your thing!

  18. 6 June 2017 / 16:57

    I love the pop of color and the contemporary vibe that the jewelry lends to your cool black outfit. Love the shoes, and am glad your toes do too!
    I love the fact that you have so much fun with these beautiful women. Nothing is better than regular visits with girlfriends, and shopping together never hurts. I also love that you start your days together with cake and coffee ! Marijke’s sheath dress is so retro-chic and looks da*n good on her!
    I love the striped triton Marianne jeans, and think she looks fabulous in yellow.
    I love the sporty Olive pants, too! They look awesome, and believe it or not I like them on you as well as the skinnies!
    Fabulous and fun post.
    Happy week Greetje!
    xx, Elle

    • Greetje
      6 June 2017 / 22:19

      Ah you are so sweet. Always a nice comment. But feel free to knock something if you don’t like it. It doesn’t hurt me. I can take it on the chin ??

    • Greetje
      6 June 2017 / 22:20

      I got it even before you corrected it. No problem. Happens to me all the time.

  19. 6 June 2017 / 21:09

    Wow Greetje, what a great group of friends you have got. That is very valuable and something to cherish. Each of you looks happy and absolutely stunning as well. Great choice of outfits.

    • Greetje
      6 June 2017 / 22:25

      I have once said in a post that friends
      are the salt of the earth. I cherish each and everyone. The best bit is, even if you make more friends, the new ones do not take any love away from the “old” ones. It seems your heart just expands.

  20. Ann
    7 June 2017 / 05:12

    Cheese sandwiches! Love your friends and your posts…makes me wish I was there too?

    • Greetje
      8 June 2017 / 17:10

      Yes, cheese sandwiches. We are a tight lot. Very much : “just act normal, don’t do anything out of the ordinary”. Which makes me less Dutch than I thought ??.

  21. 7 June 2017 / 07:34

    No photos of your shopping … is it the sign that you didn’t buy anything???
    Nice to meet the lovely girls now and then…Marijke is wearing a very pretty dress which looks great on her perfect silhouette!

    • Greetje
      7 June 2017 / 17:28

      I bought the olive sweatpants with the silver strip on the side for €35. Not too bad right? Yes I am holding a bit back on shopping as I was going down the same road again as in December. But I had a great April and May haha.

  22. 9 June 2017 / 23:48

    I am loving your outfit – the necklace is fantastic, I am feeling inspired as normally I might wear earrings but then wimp out of anything more dramatic, but that looks so good

    • Greetje
      10 June 2017 / 17:39

      I bought my first (smaller) chain necklace (jewel tone yellow) in Rome and fell in love with it. It seemed I could use it on everything to make something modern. Especially on black. Then I found this orange one after a lot of searching. It was the last one in the shop and they told me :”Oh we had hundreds of them, but they are all gone now.” Thank you. For telling me I am behind in fashion and could have bought so many more if I had been more alert. The third one is black with specs of brown (artisan market in Paris) and the last one is big and chuncky in blue and gold from Iceberg. A brand I cannot afford but it was heavily reduced. Probably because it was out of fashion haha.
      As for wimping out. DON’T do that anymore. Wear what YOU want. Don’t think of what other people might think of you. Who cares? And besides, most people aren’t that interested in other people anyway.

  23. 16 June 2017 / 22:31

    I adore your necklace!! It IS fantastic!

    • Greetje
      17 June 2017 / 09:01

      Thank you Susi. Chain necklaces make an outfit look modern instantly. Which is why I like them. I have this orange one, and four more. All different colours and look.

  24. 20 June 2017 / 02:15

    I love seeing you out with your girlfriends. There is such a warmth in your circle which is priceless. And I also love seeing what everyone bought. When you said Marianne won’t wear the yellow because it was forced on her, I laughed thinking back on all the things I have “forced” on my friends too. Hahaha! But I have had the same done to me so we’re even. And it’s so much fun. Heh.

    Your last outfit is my favourite of the bunch – those pants with the unexpected silver stripe are excellent with the shoes and top.

    • Greetje
      20 June 2017 / 12:52

      I like those pants even better with my white tuxedo jacket and slogan T-shirt (you missed that one on IG ?). And you have never forced any clothes on me. Just ones I wear with pleasure.

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