Black pointy flats by Eijk AmsterdamYou saw these black pointy flats before in the post with the white shirt. They are very soft and do not give me blisters wearing them with bare feet. In summer all shoes give me blisters, so this is such a happy exception. Last time I styled them in a hurry but I think they look best with black skinnies and a black or red leather jacket. But… it is warm and I wear them with bare feet, so adding a leather jacket would be far too hot. This thin summer sweater is a reasonable alternative in my opinion. The plastic accessories help to convey a “rocking” vibe (agreed?? Or not?).

This was my outfit for meeting the BVA girls. For new readers: these are my friends for 21 years and we get together every two or three months. As seen here, here, herehere and many more times. The girls are used to my outfit photography, but I did ask them again whether they minded. “Not at all” was the answer.

Marianna, the sixth member of our group, couldn’t join as she had been operated on her foot and was recovering.

Let me show you what the rest was wearing and what we bought when we hit town in the afternoon.


Below: Jilske, wearing the shirt she bought on our last get-together. See the cake next to her? We always start the day eating cakes.


Below: Marijke in virgin white.


Below: Claudia in a dress we bought together last year just before we went on holiday together.


Below: Marianne, pointing at the text on her sweater. We thought this was a fun oufit with the shoes and the striped trousers.


Below: close-up of Marianne’s fab bag.

blown bag

Below: me again, photographed by Marijke’s youngest daughter.

Black pointy flats by Eijk Amsterdam

The necklace is one of my favourites. Nevertheless I have worn it only once or twice. It has been on the blog once in a Kings Day post on a blue shirt. The yellow bracelet was on the blog only once as well.

Below: I forgot to tuck the sweater into my jeans at one side.

Below: Claudia and Marijke’s daughter (haven’t got more photos of her). She is a lovely and good looking girl.


During eating cake we looked at several clothes and shoes which Marianne and I brought with us because we didn’t want them anymore.

Below: Marianne in a yellow tunic dress. “Yellow doesn’t suit me” she said. But we urged her to take it with her as it is a nice lightweight thing for summer. My advice was to put a blue necklace or scarf near her face to calm the yellow. She will probably never wear it as it was forced on her haha.


Below: Jilske in a soft grey/green top. Also very lightweight.


Below: Claudia was showing a jacket she had brought with her.


Below: Marijke with a necklace which had been a gift from Anja to me. But I never seem to wear it. Looks nice though, doesn’t it?


Below: Marianne with a red and golden necklace. I knew it would be perfect for her.



Lunch is the second milestone in a BVA girls’ day. In The Netherlands lunch is a sandwich with cheese and a glass of milk. I know… we are weird people. Our hostess (Marijke) had put quite a lot more food than just that on the table.

Below: Marijke and Jilske.

Marijke and Jilske

Below: Claudia with a soft cardigan over her dress.


Below: Marianne and me. The rings I am wearing are a gift from Tiffany, who loves plastic and bakelite bracelets and rings. See her Instagram account.

Marianne and Greetje


As soon as lunch is cleared away we all go shopping.

Below: I did not buy these perfect pumps. And I am still weeping over that fact as I so love them. But closed shoes in summer…. is asking for blisters.

Blue patent leather pumps

Below: Jilske in a new yellow top and blue cardigan jacket. (To be worn on different trousers.) Feminine and tough in one.


Below: Claudia in a long summer dress. Knock-out.


Below: Marijke in a sheath dress. A model which is sooo good on her.


Below: and for the finals….. tarrah… me in smart sweatpants (not as thick as the sporty ones). The accessories have to change, but I like these trousers even better with the shoes.

Black pointy flats by Eijk Amsterdam

Below: with a silver line at the side. I am pulling the trousers into a funny shape because I didn’t know what to do with my hands (again).

Black pointy flats by Eijk Amsterdam

Again a day filled with friendship and laughter.


No Fear of Fashion

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