Elegant styling of a pencil skirtThis outfit is for Daniela (The Pretty Cute). Because she started following me for my ladylike dresses and the elegant styling of a pencil skirt. So no skinnies today but a (rather short) pencil skirt.

It is going to be a short post with only pictures of this outfit as I was in a real hurry. It was Wednesday afternoon when it stopped raining and I could go outside to have my pictures taken. After that rushing home to make this post as I will be away until Sunday evening.

My friend and neighbour Anja (Curly Traveller) is back in the country and she did me the honour of being my photographer. (Ron doesn’t like taking pictures in our neighbourhood. He wants interesting backgrounds.)

I decided to add some bloopers to spice things up haha. Here we go.

Below: nice shot with green background. This was in a street behind ours.Elegant styling of a pencil skirt

Below: trying to look elegant, but not really quite capturing it.Elegant styling of a pencil skirt

Below: blooper number 1..  I shouldn’t talk during a photo session. But it is very hard to shut me up.Elegant styling of a pencil skirtBelow: how about a nice picture with this yellow car? To match your shoes and belt? Even though one foot seems to be shy, the picture turned out rather well…..Elegant styling of a pencil skirt

Below: unlike the next one… blooper number 2.Blue mirror shirtBelow: some detail shots.. the yellow belt has a very smart way of closing. One of the square metal pieces is the clasp. The blue shirt with the mirrors I have worn before with a long and wide fuchsia skirt.yellow beltBelow: the yellow summer shoes have been on this blog a couple of times: with a white cardigan, with a white dress with purple dots and with a yellow summer jacket. With and without an added flap…yellow summer sandals

Below: another shot of the belt and of the plastic bracelet. Of course I am wearing my new ring.yellow bracelet and belt

Below: blooper number 4… no further comment….funny face

Below: and blooper number 5, even worse than blooper number 4.funny face

Below: Ok one nice shot…laughing face

Below: and this was fun. I discovered this handsome looking neighbour working in his garden. He didn’t mind at all to appear on my blog. Good sport.neighbour and meNow I am going to pack for a trip to my friend Pat in Geneva.

So sorry if you are one of my blogger friends and I haven’t been round to your blog… I am swamped. With nice things, but my goodness….


No Fear of Fashion


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