Fuchsia poncho

fuchsia poncho by HopeWhile visiting my friend Pat in Geneva I wore this fuchsia poncho by Hope Fashion. The “surprise poncho” I call it. Because: 1) the people of Hope gave one to every blogger at the 3040 Blogger Meet which I thought was terribly generous and 2) I really liked it, it looks great on me and it is comfortable. I always imagined ponchos would restrict your movements. This one doesn’t. Perfect for evenings when it gets colder and perfect for days with “in-between-weather”. We have a lot of those in The Netherlands.

Now let me first introduce you to my dear friend Pat, who agreed to her picture being published on my blog. Which is a huge privilege as she doesn’t like any footprint on the internet. And she hates her picture being taken. We have been friends for 37 years now. She is Scottish, very witty (dry humor), very loyal, warm, hospitable, honest and loads of other things. She used to throw the best New Year’s parties… loads of friends, lots of eggnog (mmmm, I can still taste it, yummy). Of course we were still in our twenties back then and single.

Below: this is Patstylish Pat

Pat is a very good stylist. One of these women who can create completely different and gorgeous outfits with 4 items. You know the ones. She told me to confess to you that this particular outfit cost her 12 euros + 12 euros for the shoes. She has “the eye” for finding treasures in the sale, in vintage shops and in charity shops. And when she shops retail, she finds the most wonderful and versatile clothes.

Pat is also a good interior stylist. From the day I met her she is reshuffeling the items in her house, painting the walls another colour and making the living room a warm, inviting and friendly place.

She is good.

And she told me while taking the pictures of the poncho I should move on from the “here-I-am-in-another-outfit, head-to-toe”-pictures. She finds them boring. And she is right. Why didn’t you lot tell me that? You can be honest with me, you know. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

I always want a photo showing you the whole outfit, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be like this:

Below: side view.fuchsia poncho by Hope

Below: other side view.fuchsia poncho by Hope

Below: back.fuchsia poncho by Hope

Pat took me to her garden….. oh I have to show you her rhododendrons first.. they were so pretty. See 2 photos below:rhododrendron


OK, where was I? Oh yes, Pat took me to her garden and said: why don’t you sit on that lavender bench…bend one leg…fuchsia poncho by Hope

OK, she said… now ..move a little bit more to the right…Voilá, a lot more interesting photo.Fuchsia poncho by Hope Fashion

Of course she painted all the items lavender herself and put those plants left and right from the bench. Everything was already there, nothing was staged. I could really use her living near me. Gosh that would be lovely. Alas…

Back to the fuchsia poncho. Even though I got it as a present, there were no strings attached. No demands to write about it. As I liked it a lot I decided to do a review anyway. But before I put it on to “do a photoshoot”, I let Pat try it on first. And even though she is not as tall as I am, it looked perfect on her and she loved it. So I said she could keep it and we went on with the photos.

Immediately when I saw the pictures I knew I couldn’t do without it and had to order the poncho from Hope. Which I thought was quite funny. As now I can say I paid for it (it is on its way) and you can believe me when I say that my enthousiasm is genuine. Details fuchsia poncho: 90% merino, 10% cashmere (no itching … that is a novelty) and knitted without seams. I am going to put a great big brooch at the top… Slingbacks: Unisa, Jeans: Denham.

More about Geneva next week.


No Fear of Fashion

Linking up to Patti’s (Not Dead Yet) Visible Monday. To make sure women over 40 don’t become invisible.

And linking up to Alice (Happiness at Mid-Life) for her Ageless Style Link-up.




  1. 5 June 2016 / 16:33

    Beautiful! I love this poncho on you. The color is perfect and its draping flatters you.

    • Greetje
      5 June 2016 / 17:14

      When I saw the pictures I knew I had to order it. Instant love.

  2. 5 June 2016 / 16:34

    Golly gee Greetje—that color pink is perfection on you!! I think what makes the shape so flattering is the differing lengths of the hemline!! It’s just marvelous!!
    What a fun trip to see a friend—friends like yours are such a treasure!! I have one from high school that is the best also!!
    And you do take other kinds of pictures—Ron puts you next to a car, or in a restaurant—there’s been many a variety in my opinion!!

    • Greetje
      5 June 2016 / 17:15

      Any bright colour suits me. And any shade of red is even better. Oops guests arrive .. have to dash.

  3. 5 June 2016 / 18:54

    I think your photos are always interesting because you so often go to such interesting locations! And even the ones on the street have interest (well, a lot more interest than most streets!).

    But, as you know from my FB comment, I do love the photos on the bench! 🙂 It’s the perfect color for your outfit, and the pose is lovely!

    Your friend Pat is very stylish indeed! And what a great deal she got on that outfit! And how nice of you that you let her have the poncho! And very wise of you to go and order one for yourself right away. The color is indeed perfect on you!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Greetje
      5 June 2016 / 21:59

      I didn’t bring my friend a present and she did put me up for three days. So this poncho was my bunch of flowers haha. Didn’t know whether she would like it and if it would suit her. So I was glad it did. I had also brought her my turquoise sweater I bought at Hope. I thought that would have been totally her colour. But it was too wide for her. I am much taller.

  4. 5 June 2016 / 20:38

    Great look, great shoes

    • Greetje
      5 June 2016 / 22:00

      The shoes aren’t the easiest ones to walk on, mainly cause of their height but they do make an impression.

    • Greetje
      6 June 2016 / 06:02

      Thanks Alice. If I wear these jeans with heels I can wear anything on top. Such a staple piece.

  5. I would totally want to steal this Greetje! Its such an amazing color and suits you so well. But the whole ootd is a killer. Shoes, jeans and hair! When I saw the pic on Instagram loved the way you were posing on the lavender bench. Some people just got the greatest talent when it comes to decoration…not me though 😉 I can imagine those cool heels are not the easiest to walk in but hey….they are not platforms, are they? It does not look like it in picture.

    • Greetje
      6 June 2016 / 17:53

      No Sabina, no platforms in the heels. They are comfortable only the height makes it more difficult. It is a bit of balancing. Normally a challenge but with my sprained ankle still not fully recovered it is really difficult. Well… the ankle just has to deal with it. This is its future.

  6. 6 June 2016 / 18:14

    Wow, what a fabulous color on you! I love ponchos like this. They keep me warm when I’m in an air conditioned move theatre or restaurant, and they give my outfit that touch of drama. You wear this well! Cheers, Deborah – Fabulous After 40

    • Greetje
      6 June 2016 / 21:55

      I have never had one, but I am really pleased with this one. And fuchsia is my colour. Like all reds, like all brights. They go so much better than pastels with me.

  7. 6 June 2016 / 22:59

    I am glad to see your friend, she is very cute. Luckily she agreed to be in the post!
    You were generous to gift her your poncho:a real friend! Of course you had to buy it again because it suits you perfectly. I think you will use it often.
    About the photos, I think that Pat took very beautiful photos of you!
    But I think that the blog reflects the personality of the blogger and I am very affectionate to your here-I-am-in-another-outfit-head-to-toe pictures!!! For me your photos are really special and always catch my attention…


    • Greetje
      7 June 2016 / 19:01

      You are so sweet. Big kiss. Cannot wait to see you in August.

  8. 7 June 2016 / 02:33

    This is why we love our friends and hold them in high esteem. She is right, but I would not have thought to say so, as your photo shoots always include lots of shots with different perspectives and personality.
    Your friend is very pretty, and modest. She has great taste. of course, she chose you as a friend.
    And yes, the poncho is fabulous on you!
    Whoa! fabulous!!
    xx, Elle

    • Greetje
      7 June 2016 / 19:04

      Hahaha… What almost all my friends have in common is that they are deadly honest. Even when they are not Dutch, they act Dutch. Daniela is the one who really tries to let me be a bit more diplomatic. And my friend Lia is just sweetness all over.

  9. 7 June 2016 / 02:44

    Clearly your friend has loads of style! I bet you each have great stories to tell about the other when you were young and single – well, even now! Hahaha.

    The shots of you on the lavender bench are visually beautiful. I shall try to keep her advice in mind for my own photos too. Even if I don’t have the props, there must be other ways I can present what I’m wearing.

    I like your standing outfit shots too, Greetje. Your backgrounds are always interesting and when you’re standing we get a full view of what you’re wearing and the draping.

    It looks like you’re feeling good in your first photo. I LOVE it. Great poncho and what a lovely gift. It’s great that you guys could hang out.

    • Greetje
      7 June 2016 / 19:10

      I try and see her at least once a year and stay for a couple of days. A couple of years ago Easyjet had really great times of flying and I could go and come back in one day. Talking about decadence… But really a return plane ticket wasn’t much more than a train ticket to the south of our country.

  10. 7 June 2016 / 07:48

    I always knew you were a generous friend, always willing to give (the shirt off your back) without a thought. But I so love the fact that you couldn’t resist not having this item yourself. I do that all the time (usually when I give something to Tori) so I feel much better now. Although I will say, that poncho looks so lovely on you, color and all, that you were a wise woman to purchase another for yourself.
    I also love the photo on the bench, it does look much more relaxed and natural. Fun seeing you in heels again, but be careful with that ankle still.

    • Greetje
      7 June 2016 / 19:21

      Grin ??.. I have my bad sides and my good sides, like everone. I only walk on those heels in the office for 9 hours…

  11. Trish
    7 June 2016 / 09:42

    Gosh how generous of you. Would you like to visit me? Some time next week maybe?? I love the poncho, and your friend’s garden is superb. What a talented lady. I think her painted benches are a treat, and she has given you new poses. I don’t think your previous ones were bad, but the new ones are show stopping. She obviously has the eye!

    • Greetje
      8 June 2016 / 07:48

      Totally agree with your words about Pat. You made me laugh with “would you like to visit me” haha. Sorry but it takes a long time of friendship for such things to happen ?.

  12. 7 June 2016 / 13:42

    Greetje I think it looks soooo beautiful on you (the colour is divine!!) but it did make me laugh that you gave it to your friend and then promptly bought one for yourself…! Very generous of you 🙂

    I know what you mean about wanting to switch up outfit photos, but if someone’s outfit post *doesn’t* have a straightforward head-to-toe shot that I can pin I get a bit frustrated. I always, always want a head-to-toe shot! Details shots are nice too, to show texture and close ups of pattern I think.

    Catherine x

    • Greetje
      8 June 2016 / 07:52

      I know the frustration. That is why I always have a head to toe shot. It really annoys me when I look at fashion photos in a glossy magazine and I cannot see more than one inch of the top (f.i.). So the will always be a head to toe picture in a post. But I like to vary a bit more with the first picture. There are more ways to skin a cat. I hope.

  13. Marianne van den Berg
    7 June 2016 / 15:48

    I am glad that at last I can put a face on the stories you tell about Pat. Lovely and precious girlfriend. I agree with you that I would never have imagined you in a poncho. But this one is made for you. Lovely color. It really becomes you. I have some poncho”s not to be fashionable but simply because I am always cold. ‘But this one will certainly bring some color in anybody’s outfit. Very wise of you to order one. Almost all bloggers take a picture from the front to show there outfits. I think you are an exception, you always take funny or arty photo’s.

    • Greetje
      8 June 2016 / 07:54

      Thank you Marianne, but I think Pat is right. There is room for improvement. Although there will always be a head to toe picture in each post, I might not have to start with it. We will see.

  14. 7 June 2016 / 19:04

    Gorgeous poncho! I am in love with the bright color and how it just draws the eye. Such a generous gift to receive, too. I have a dress almost exactly like pat is wearing and it never occurred to me to pair it with pants of any kind. I will definitely be giving this a try soon.

    Thanks for linking up with The Ageless Style link-up!

    • Greetje
      8 June 2016 / 08:07

      Of course I applaud such an initiative as the Ageless Style Link-up. For me to join it is a matter of what day in the week a style link-up is open. I only publish once a week, and I want to be able to link back in my post and reach as many readers as possible.
      Pat is an inspiration to many. She should start a blog haha (which is the last thing she would do).

  15. 7 June 2016 / 20:23

    How wonderful that you got in a visit with a cherished friend.

    She seems like the kind of lady I’d love to get to know.

    I always like the photos Ron takes because he photographs with the creative eyes of an artist.


    • Greetje
      8 June 2016 / 07:57

      I pick my friends very well Suzanne. (Did you catch this compliment haha?) Pat is indeed a treasure. And I will tell Ron about your appreciation. He’ll love that.

  16. 7 June 2016 / 21:51

    A lovely poncho; and with jeans, they always look wonderful on you, a very nice and funny outfit.

    • Greetje
      8 June 2016 / 07:58

      I had not thought it would look this good. I was rather surprised when I saw the photos. A mirror is never as good as a photo to tell you the truth.

  17. Christine
    8 June 2016 / 04:58

    You are a simply a knockout in this simple outfit! And your friend is elegant too.

    • Greetje
      8 June 2016 / 07:59

      I thought the poncho was nice, but when I saw the photos I thought th same as you do: wow. Surprise, surprise. And Pat always disagrees with me but she always looks good. She is a natural at styling.

  18. 9 June 2016 / 08:17

    Great poncho and color. I get what Pat says about the photos. The problem is that it just takes so much more effort to create a more creative and interesting picture. Something I also aspire to for sure but just can’t find the time for…. See you soon my friend..

    • Greetje
      9 June 2016 / 18:07

      Ron will take care of that haha. Although I also get a lot of respons of people saying they like the head-to-toe pictures.

  19. 9 June 2016 / 12:34

    This is the best post ever! And you look fabulous as ever! And Pat is absolutely gorgeous, too! I love a great friend love story…that’s what this is, right? I have a similar friendship with my friend of 28 years, Jane. We do these sorts of wonderful things when we get the chance to see one another (which sadly is only about once a year). And this poncho is stunning on you. I love it with the purple heels! And I’m sure it looks equally fabulous on Pat. SO it is wonderful that you both now have one! Aren’t great friends wonderful?!


    • Greetje
      9 June 2016 / 18:43

      You are right, it is a friend love story. And yes, great friends and long lasting friendships are indeed wonderful. Thanks for all your compliments. Much obliged.

  20. 9 June 2016 / 20:20

    I really enjoyed this Greetje. Tales of friendship and posing! :oD
    That hot pink was quite an unexpected colour and it looks great on you.
    I love a poncho…just an easy throw on piece.

    • Greetje
      9 June 2016 / 20:39

      I never had a poncho as I thought they would restrict my movements. But this one doesn’t. Fuchsia is one of my favourite colours. Well… any bright colour will do really.

  21. 10 June 2016 / 20:45

    So pretty in pink… You are a generous friend. But in a way she earned it: she gave you very good advice on posing.

    • Greetje
      10 June 2016 / 20:54

      It is easy to give when you have so much. I am very blessed and sharing makes me just as happy as the receiver. And you are right Pat gave me good advice. She usually does.

  22. 12 June 2016 / 00:37

    I love me a woman with a dry sense of humour. I’d get her jokes, and, more importantly, she’d get mine, and we’d get along famously. I might also, in fact, consider asking Pat to take your pictures every now and again, Greetje, for the sheer pleasure of it. You’re clearly very comfortable with each other, something which is beautifully evident in these photos 🙂

    Much love.

    • Greetje
      12 June 2016 / 11:21

      Ah… but the distance between Pat and me Sheela, is big. It takes a plane to get there.
      But I totally agree with your comment.

      • 12 June 2016 / 16:51

        I forgot about that one very important detail #ditzySheela

        • Greetje
          12 June 2016 / 18:27

          If it wasn’t for such details I would have coffee with you every week.

  23. 12 June 2016 / 10:29

    What a lovely journey you’ve had with that poncho and with Pat! The colour really suits you.

    • Greetje
      12 June 2016 / 11:22

      And the colour and shape of the poncho suited Pat as well even though we are quite different. Clever design.

  24. 13 June 2016 / 07:27

    Haha Greetje, I recall seeing you write that you’d been given this poncho and then going on to say that you don’t do sponsored pieces or write up about freebies! How wonderful that the beauty of the fuschia poncho got the better of you, then you even went on to buy another. What a winning tale this has proved to be. It does look fabulous, a great colour and will be so useful in cooler weather as well. I bet Pat is thrilled with her gift too.
    Anna x

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