multi colour Ralph Lauren shirtOK…. the post about Geneva….As you can see in above picture, it was glorious weather. The shirt I am wearing is bought in Geneva. Because as I arrived I lost my belt. The belt matching the shirt I was wearing. Which meant the whole outfit really looked off. Is that a reason for buying another shirt? Hmmm… no, of course not, but Pat wanted to look at something in a big beautiful department store. I passed a mannequin wearing this multi colour Ralph Lauren shirt and stopped dead in my tracks. Loved it. Tried it on and it fit!! It wasn’t even gapping. It is really soft and breezy, covers my arms.. perfect in my book.

Below: this is what my outfit looked like without the matching belt.. I had to put on another belt otherwise the shirt looked too big. The belt totally clashed with the necklace. OK, the pose, the stupid grin and the flat ballerinas didn’t help either. I could have taken off my necklace but didn’t think of that at the time.purple silk shirt

Below: Place du Molard.Geneva

Below: a human statue … man, he must have been sweating… he had shoe polish on his face.human statue in GenevaBelow: a little band playing happy music… can you feel the happy atmosphere? And see the word Globus?? That is the department store we went in….band playing in Geneva

Below: Pat and me having a drink on the Place du Molard.Pat and meBelow: when I paid for the shirt, I got a voucher for 10% off any shoes I might buy. As I knew my summer shoes needed stocking up, we went a floor up, where I found these beauties. The brand is What For. Never heard of.white sandals What ForBelow: Pat had discovered these gorgeous clocks outside a watch shop (we are in Switserland after all).clocksBelow: I spotted these women. I thought the pink dress with the red jewellery was nice. And the dress in the picture below that is lovely as well. I saw many well dressed women but wasn’t quick enough with the camera.Woman in Geneva in pink dress

woman in Geneva

Below: 4 random pictures of Geneva. Not my best ones…Geneva

swans in lake Geneva



OK, let’s move on… Pat took some pictures of my new outfit in her garden. The baby blue trousers are ever so comfortable and by J Brand.multi colour Ralph Lauren shirt

Below: with her cat.multi colour Ralph Lauren shirt

The next day we went over to Debra, a friend of Pat. Whenever I am over to see Pat, we usually meet up with Debra.

Below: Debra, a very kind, giving and creative woman. She is a very good interior decorator. I like her a lot.Debra

Below: having drinks in the shade. I was wearing my cool shirt which you saw in this post with high heels.Pat and me at Debra's

Below: one last shot of a view which we never have in The Netherlands. As there are mountains in the background. Many mountains in Switserland, none in The Netherlands.At Deborah's (5)_LR

As you can gather, it was a lovely, happy long weekend with splendid weather.


No Fear of Fashion


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