What to wear on holiday in Spain

What to wear on holiday in SpainThis first photo is representative of my holiday with 5 friends who I have known for 21 years. Laughter, laughter, laughter. Oh.. and shopping. My word, these women are worse than me (I do pick them, don’t I?). Which is why this blogpost deserves the title “What to wear on holiday in Spain” as you are going to see a lot of outfits. Not only mine, but my friends as well. I am thrilled to bits that they let me use their photos for a blogpost.

All six of us worked at the same employer in the old days. We meet once every two or three months, one of us being the host of the day. Same procedure every time: coffee with cake, then lunch, everybody in the car for an afternoon of shopping, back to the home of the “host”, drinks, dinner and go home. From 11 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. We often say: if they were to make a Soap of our lives, you would say “this is over the top”/ “that wouldn’t happen in real life”. We have gone through much. Only a very few times did we have a moment of falling out with each other but everything was always solved within the hour. We can resolve, forgive and forget. Our friendship is tried and it holds. No, it grows because of it.

Right… that was the soppy bit. Let’s go to outfits, shopping and fun. It was a sunny holiday.

Below: dinner at the beach. Let me introduce everybody. On the left Claudia, behind her Marijke and behind Marijke is Marianne. On the right side: Jilske, behind her me and behind me Marianna. There is only one letter difference between Marianne and Marianna which often leads to confusion. They all qualify for 40+style. One more than the other  😆 . There is 21 years difference between the youngest and the oldest.Javea holiday-211831

Below: Marianne in a blue/white top which she bought in Spain last year. Wearing white trousers with it. What to wear on holiday in Spain

Below: Jilske, the most photogenic one of us all. She is wearing a white breezy summer dress. Jilske travels with a very small suitcase. But the amount of clothes she pulls out of it… amazing. Like watching a magician pull scarves out of his sleeve. No end to it.What to wear on holiday in Spain

Below: Claudia in a borrowed dress. We tried to find the same one for her, but couldn’t find it. Unfortunately, as it looks smashing on her (and on the owner too). What to wear on holiday in Spain

Below: Marianna. It was doubtful whether Marianna could join us on our holiday as she was due to be operated on her feet. Fortunately the operation was scheduled right after our holiday (and it was successfully performed). But it meant she wasn’t as mobile as would have liked to. She is wearing a very soft silk pair of olive green trousers with matching top and would of course have worn different shoes with this if she could have. Her orange cardigan gave a nice pop of colour. What to wear on holiday in Spain

Below: Marijke, wearing a black lacy number. She is one of the most difficult people to get a decent photograph of. Her face is always in motion. Like Claudia she wears figure hugging dresses very well. What to wear on holiday in SpainWhen we are in Spain, we go to the beach, we drink a lot of cocktails, we usually eat at the beach boulevard. And, as I said, we do a lot of shopping.

Below: first day, first shop… Jilske told me the combination of the green kimono top I was wearing that day (seen before here) with the fuchsia trousers was a great combination. Especially with the scarf we found. Who am I to argue? I bought the trousers and the scarf. The lady you see in the mirror is the lovely owner of the shop who recognizes good customers very well 😆 .What to wear on holiday in Spain

Below: Marijke tried on this dress because we all fell in love with it (her husband too as it turned out). But we all couldn’t wear this. This is a typical Marijke-dress. We found some great black peeptoe slingbacks to go with the dress.What to wear on holiday in Spain

Below: me again. These linen trousers and shirt were a steal. Perfect for hot weather and a style which I like. Also see the top picture of this post in which Marijke is photobombing.  What to wear on holiday in Spain

Below: Jilske took some more photos of the outfit so you can have a good view. The shoes I bought in Geneva work so well with this outfit. What to wear on holiday in Spain

What to wear on holiday in Spain

What to wear on holiday in Spain

Below: close-up of cute little clutch.Javea holiday-030845

Below: we really cleaned up, set the table and cleaned it again, washed towels and stuff, but the dining table was a mess. The whole holiday. Javea holiday-201512

Some more outfit pictures of the others.

Below: Claudia, the most sporty one of us.What to wear on holiday in Spain

Below: Jilske.What to wear on holiday in Spain

Below: Marianne.What to wear on holiday in Spain

Below: I will leave you with this last cheerful picture of Jilske, Marijke and me. Cocktail hour. The big white section behind us is the sea.What to wear on holiday in Spain

More examples of what to wear on holiday in Spain next week. As I said, my friends love shopping and clothes as much as I do.


No Fear of Fashion

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  1. Marianne van den Berg
    3 July 2016 / 17:55

    I must be the first who gives a comment, having been there with you. Looking at the photos makes me enjoy the holiday all over again. Like the photo album you made for us last year. Knowing that you aren’t a beach lover like most of us, you play along very well. Every afternoon before going for cocktails and dinner. It looks like a fashion show. Everybody tries to look nice. So a lot of outfits need to be documented. For you, the photographer, that is the busiest time of the day. The outfit you are wearing is looks great on you. You bought some very nice clothes in Spain. Looking forward to next week.

    • Greetje
      3 July 2016 / 18:29

      It was such a joy making this post. Thank again for all your cooperation.

  2. 3 July 2016 / 18:05

    Oh Greetje!! The smiles tell it all!! Such a good life when you are surrounded by friends like these! It really makes you feel blessed, right? Because as much as we love shopping and clothes—our lives would be so dull without the laughter and fun that our friends bring to the mix! The top photo has got to be my favorite—who wouldn’t smile when they see it?
    And I had to laugh at your comment about Marijke when you said her face is always in motion—that’s how I feel when I’m trying to take pix of my mothers—-she’s always talking or checking out the neighbors!!
    And as much as I love the grey trousers & white shirt—I think the green shirt & fuchsia trousers are quite the standout!! Especially with your fun personality!!

    • Greetje
      3 July 2016 / 18:30

      Thanks Jodie. Have you got any suggestions what shoes to wear with the green/fuchsia outfit? I am still puzzled. I have the fuchsia/purple slingbacks you saw with the fuchsia poncho. I am leaning towards those.

      • 3 July 2016 / 19:13

        Personally, I’d go with a nude shoe just because there’s so much color in the rest of the outfit….and I’m trying extremely hard not to be so matchy all the time!!
        If you don’t have any nude shoes, then a grey or brown could be good too!!

        • Greetje
          3 July 2016 / 19:36

          I have a pink/nude shoe that might work. I thought the fuchsia ones might stay in the same colour range. You will see it ultimately on the blog.

  3. 3 July 2016 / 19:00

    This is amazing on so many levels, first the incredible friendship you women share, second, the amount of pure joy and laughter from this experience, and third, the stylish way you women travel has my jaw dropping! Love everything about this post?. Thank you for sharing!

    • Greetje
      3 July 2016 / 19:38

      You should see all the suitcases we check in haha. Although some of us manage to travel quite light. (Not me of course.) Glad you liked the post.

  4. Riley
    3 July 2016 / 19:38

    I do believe that the gray trouser outfit is my all-time favorite. It is just perfection.

    Thank you for such a joyful post. I can enjoy your friendships vicariously.

    • Greetje
      3 July 2016 / 19:55

      I value friendship above all things. My favourite passtime is spending time with friends, share thoughts and laugh as much as possible. The gray trouser outfit cost me very little (Spain is cheap for Dutch people) and it is the kind of laid-back-but-still-stylish way I want to persue.

  5. 3 July 2016 / 19:40

    Oh WOW…you ladies get more stylish every year! And the fun you share….so joyful! SO much to love here.

    Your linen outfit!! I love this ensemble, and I totally want to make a similar pair of linen pants…maybe in a soft blue or sand colour! I really need a white blouse like what you are wearing…it’s challenging to find good quality white fabric to sew, but I’ll be on the lookout.

    Everyone looks so chic, so beautiful, and so well suited to the clothing they are modeling.

    • Greetje
      3 July 2016 / 20:11

      And yet, we are all so different. Different styles, different taste and different bodyshapes. It was Marianne who suggested I would use these photos for my blog. As they are all over 40, they model for a sort of Street Style post.
      If you want me to send you detail photos of the trousers for you to sew, let me know. The waistband has elastic in it (so handy).

      • 3 July 2016 / 20:17

        Thanks Greetje. I have a pattern in mind that should give me that easy, but semi fitted shape!

  6. 4 July 2016 / 01:46

    Looks like so much fun!

    You do seem to know how to get about and enjoy yourself. It is wonderful to see.

    Everyone looked wonderful and perfectly dressed for a seaside vacation.

    I especially like the two dresses that Claudia was wearing. Swoon!


    • Greetje
      4 July 2016 / 06:01

      Thanks Suzanne. Yes, it is what you often say friendship is very valuable and I am lucky having been able to maintain these friendships. On the other side, always bear in mind that social media only show you the sunny side of a life, don’t let it fool you..
      As for the dresses Spain is a great country for such dresses and very affordable. You would love it.

  7. 4 July 2016 / 07:41

    You always have the most cute shoes. Thanks for sharing all these outfits.

    • Greetje
      4 July 2016 / 09:12

      Cute shoes… I always think that of other bloggers… but apparently I am not doing too badly either ?.

  8. 4 July 2016 / 08:51

    Sounds & looks like a fabulous group of women! Friendships that have grown over many years are so very wonderful!

    Everyone looks fantastic! I love your outfit – so chic. And I really WANT that little pink clutch! 🙂

    • Greetje
      4 July 2016 / 09:10

      Yes Andrea, it was a warm (in more than one aspect) and fun holiday. The pink clutch was € 19. So, how about you starting to import them? Or … for that price you might be able to afford the plane ticket haha.

  9. 4 July 2016 / 11:32

    Another great holiday in Spain with friends! Very nice outfits and everyone of you has her own holiday style…another fun post, very joyful!
    I can imagine your suitcase, overflowing of new clothes! Of course … a good holiday must include some shopping!! 🙂

    • Greetje
      4 July 2016 / 12:20

      I am afraid you are so right. My friends are just as bad as I am when it comes to shopping. It is a miracle we could all get it in our suitcases going back. Or perhaps we took “extra luggage” into account when we packed in The Netherlands? Haha

  10. 4 July 2016 / 20:09

    What a fabulous holiday! You all look vibrant and like you are sucking all the good things out of life. Lots of joy is shown here, xox


    • Greetje
      4 July 2016 / 20:41

      As long as I can laugh and make people laugh I am happy.

  11. 4 July 2016 / 22:54

    This was so much fun to read! I want to go on holiday with you girls and put all of my things on your messy table too! I always giggle the whole way through your blog posts; I can just hear you saying everything exactly as you write it.

    • Greetje
      5 July 2016 / 06:28

      I used to leave little notes for the girl I shared an apartment with. She said the same as you. Giggled when she read the note coming home in the middle of the night. I love to entertain and make people laugh. Which is why I love blogging. Even though it takes up so much of my time.

    • Greetje
      5 July 2016 / 20:18

      It is what I love to do: making people laugh, entertaining. Maybe I should become a comedian when I retire??

    • Greetje
      7 July 2016 / 16:57

      Thanks. It was indeed fun?.

  12. 8 July 2016 / 01:20

    What a fun blog post Greetje. So full of joy and the pleasures of friendship. You all look amazingly fashionable too. That messy table is the best!

    • Greetje
      8 July 2016 / 06:06

      There is a very funny picture in next weeks’s post too.

  13. 8 July 2016 / 19:08

    Oh my fecking god – that looks like so much fun. How could any of you stop laughing long enough to get in a photo or two? Although shopping, yes, that can be serious business. I love the trousers and scarf you bought with that green top. And of course the linen outfit I saw on IG.

    The location is breathtaking. I am not used to seeing views like that. WOW. How could you not have fun?

    Friends are the best!! Everyone looks so full of energy and joy.

    • Greetje
      9 July 2016 / 09:36

      It was the same kind of fun as we had in Vancouver. Lots of giggles and laughs and goofing around in the shops. We do make quite a noise all together haha. It surprised me that 6 women can get along so well for a week in one appartment. Mind you 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, big balcony. Luxurious.

  14. Trish
    9 July 2016 / 09:48

    It looks as if you all had a wonderful time, and the clothes! Smashing. I love all the bright outfits, but actually my favourite would be the linen trousers. So useful and wearable. I always find holiday clothes a bit too cool when I get back home, but them you could wear anytime. Sorry for no replies to previous blogs. We are all in mourning over the referendum result.

    • Greetje
      9 July 2016 / 14:10

      Oh dear Trish, I don’t check on you to see whether you have commented haha. If you do, it pleases me endlessly. If you don’t, you still might have read the post (great). But you could als be very occupied with real life (even better).
      I have no idea why I buy summer clothes, it is never warm enough for them in The Netherlands. I suppose it is the bright colours and the cheerfulness of summer clothes that tempt me every time.
      As for the referendum… I feel so sorry for all of you in poor UK. It is going to be so hard for you guys. I hope somebody in the government (with enough power) is going to say: “Right, this obviously was a bad idea. So sorry we asked your opinion, but we are not leaving”.

      • Trish
        9 July 2016 / 16:58

        This is what we have been wishing for 2 weeks. Someone in Government to say, ‘Oh but we really didn’t mean it’! Hasn’t happened yet. 🙁

  15. 9 July 2016 / 22:29

    Another great post Greetje. You ladies certainly looked like you had fun. It sounds like a perfect mix – eating, shopping and laughing. What better kind of holiday could you find thn this? The clothes shopping must have been wonderful with so many different personalities and styles. I loved your white shirt and grey trousers, but most of all I covet those sandals! You have such good taste in footwear Greetje!

    • Greetje
      10 July 2016 / 09:15

      I always look at other bloggers and think THEY have the best shoes haha. But apparently I am not doing too badly either. As Melanie (bagandaberet) said: comparison is a thief of joy.

  16. 10 July 2016 / 02:51

    Oh what fun! This was a ball to read and reminds me how fun it is to get together with old friends! Yes, this is how it is done, breakfast ( well not that one, for me) lunch, shopping, back to hosts’!
    Love everything that you wore including the sandals- love-, and was most taken with Claudia’s floral printed long dress
    thanks for sharing this!
    Great looking friends with awesome style!
    xx, Elle

    • Greetje
      10 July 2016 / 09:19

      Glad you liked it. This Sunday I publish another post about this holiday. The sequel haha. With one particular photo which is guaraneed to make you laugh.

  17. Sharon Daly
    18 July 2016 / 15:25

    The way you and your friends include lovely Marianne reminds me of the support my friends give me in outings when my weak legs and poor balance pose challenges. My illness is similar to MS, and a rolling walker and friends help me keep going. We are going to Bilbao and Barcelona in September. Were your shopping photos taken in San Sebastián?

    • Greetje
      18 July 2016 / 19:39

      A friend is a friend. And a wheelchair doesn’t change that. I am glad that your friends think the same. I hope you will have a lovely holiday in Spain. Marianne sure did. Well we all did. It is so self-evident that we include her, we don’t notice it anymore.
      Our shopping photos were taken in Denia. We were in Javea and Denia and everywhere there were good toilets for people in wheelchairs. We also experienced many ramps. Nearly every store and restaurant had one. Only in the old town if a shop was right at the sidewalk and had several steps, there wasn’t a ramp. If we decided to spend a lot of time in such a shop, we just hoisted Marianne out of the wheelchair and into the shop and folded the chair and brought it in.

  18. Deb Darby
    31 July 2016 / 04:55

    Adorable ladies! The gray linen outfit is PERFECT! The sandals are PERFECT! How fun is that?

    • Greetje
      31 July 2016 / 08:06

      Thank you very much Deb. Always difficult to stay stylish in hot weather and this outfit is so comfortable and breezy. Both the trousers and the shirt were very inexpensive. The shoes however, cost me an arm and a leg.

  19. Melissa
    11 August 2016 / 15:30

    Love the photos Greetje! Looks like so much fun I am jealous (in a good way)
    Good lord your girl days sounds like the amount of time I used to spend when with friends back in the US. I haven’t had that click here so much unfortunately, but I will keep trying, it won’t happen if I don’t put yourself out there. Moving a lot the first years here probably also didn’t help. But now I am settled and bought a lovely flat here so it will happen eventually.

    However, I don’t waste away waiting for others I have at least a weekend away all to myself, without the hubby, each year. Great for getting my head back together and refocusing on myself.

    I also finally had to stop buying when I was in Spain, the weather here doesn’t allow for such summery things. This summer is horrible, I am literally wearing my winter clothes minus the winter jacket and winter boots:(
    The clothes in Spain were very much the style I miss, very feminine. What I found absolutely wonderful was putting on clothes and they fit like they were made for me! I haven’t had that in years! Being short Spanish clothes are much better suited to my body type. Unfortunately, here, nothing ever fits right, I just don’t have the lovely elegantly tall figures like the Dutch girls…. So most times it is back on the rack in disappointment, or tailoring costs have to be added in.

    Great post keep them coming, it is making me pine away for Spain again..
    (did you eat those aubergine tapas??? I know you did! The one with the dark Spanish honey the aubergine lightly fried in batter? Oh my God, girl! I still am having dreams about those things! I ate them daily, DAILY!)

    Oh life ain’t that bad I am off to sunny Greece in 3 weeks. Love being able to just bip to all the places I dreamed of as a little girl.

    Oh and as far as packing I am the capsule wardrobe Queen! Few basics some great accessories that match everything (any item, clothing or accessory if it doesn’t have multi purpose it doesn’t get packed)
    Ryan air is so freaking cheap and they finally allow a personal bag again along with carry on. So I just pay for a check in on the way back, my carry on roll suitcase becomes check in and the very clever lightweight fold bag I pack becomes my carry on:) Overshopping problem solved!

    • Greetje
      11 August 2016 / 19:30

      You sound like a very clever shopper abroad. Indeed, the Dutch clothes are focussed on women with hips and height. A colleague of mine who is petite once told me she always went tO a shop with special clothes for women smaller than 1.65 m. And nice, fashionable ones. Unfortunately I don’t know who, what or where anymore.
      You are getting really Dutch, complaining about the weather haha. Come and live in Haarlem. We have had lots of sunshine here this year. While the rest of The Netherlands was flooded.

  20. Melissa
    12 August 2016 / 00:45

    Oh Greetje, Haarlem wat mooie! I love that city. I went once over 11 years ago before I moved here. It is really nice. I like it better than Amsterdam.
    I am fully integrated, yep. Ik ben ook Nederlandse, ik heb geen Amerikaanse passport meer. It is just that my Dutch writing really is bad…. I work all day in my native language and the hubby is a Jeng (Maastrichtenaar) so his native language is Limburgse which I also understand, problem is the few times he speaks to me in Dutch I am always saying wa bleef????? So then he goes right back to English. Irritates the heck out of me. I tell him I understand you but I say wa bleef cause I can’t frikin’ hear you! Speak up quit talking binnen de mond man! ? I would prefer he spoke to me in anything but English. Heck when we travel and I speak to people about my home in the Netherlands or whatever, they turn to him and say oh are you from America? He doesn’t talk much and speaks low so they don’t hear his accent and so they assume my English is so good cause I am married to an American or something.
    Then add to the fact that while I was required to learn Dutch almost no one ever speaks it in Limburg, then I moved near the border and now whenever I leave the house I speak German. Yes even in the Netherlands when you go into the stores in my town first language they speak to you is German, even though they are Dutch. I don’t mind as German is one of my favorite languages. I know I know….. You don’t need to say anything…. I know what you are thinking? watching football gets pretty interesting in my neighborhood. In cafes you have no clue what language to speak. Best is in Belgium you walk into a store in this part you literally just gotta wait and see what language is gonna pop out, French, German, Flaamse, Dutch, Limburgse…. then you go from there. I understand them just ain’t fully fluent in them all. I love it keeps life intersting?
    I loved shopping in Spain so much and like you said for us Dutch it is so cheap. Since we can’t use the summer clothes as much I have decided other than my basics I will shop in Spain during winter and get winter fashion there, I just got to find out the big sale times. I am gonna check with one of the distributors for our company handling the Spanish market. My homegirls there will give me the inside scoop?
    While I really do like Haarlem alot, I got goals Chica, next move is gonna be Spain. Already trying to find away to retire early. Still got a way to go, but I have a good job and own not rent my apartment. So my nomadics are over for a few years. Gotta stay settled somewhere and build up pension funds….

    • Greetje
      12 August 2016 / 11:06

      You are quite elaborate in your comments haha. It is unusual for foreigners to speak Dutch so well, even more unusual to speak more languages. My Scottish friend Pat spoke only English for years when she lived in The Hague, as everybody spoke English there. Then she met her husband and moved to Brabant where hardly anybody spoke English. She took Dutch lessons and can now speak Dutch. But they packed up and moved to Switersland. Where she had to learn French. Poor thing. By the way: Maastrichts is a whole other language than Dutch. I know.

  21. Melissa Armour
    13 August 2016 / 20:32

    Sometimes it feels like another planet if you know what I mean…..

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