Battle of the jeans GreetjeThe title for this post, battle of the jeans, was Sylvia’s idea. Sylvia (40+Style) and Anja (Curly Traveller) are both back in Haarlem and we are spending some time together. We know each other for quite a few years now and have lots of laughs together. We share the serious stuff too as that is what friends do. Only I don’t spill any (serious) beans on this blog. Not somebody else’s beans in any case.

Below: left Sylvia and right AnjaSylvia and AnjaBelow: we were having lunch in Vogelenzang in a lovely place called Buitenplaats Plantage. They serve organic, biological food from a local farm. When I saw the menu I was a bit apprehensive but no need for that: the food was delicious and beautifully served. It is a big restaurant with a terrific atmosphere, lots of light (good for the photo shoot!) and terraces for sitting outside. Buitenplaats Plantage Vogelenzang

Buitenplaats Plantage Vogelenzang

Buitenplaats Plantage VogelenzangYou are now going to see the three of us all with different type of jeans on. Hence the title “battle of the jeans”. Of course they are all good. Just depends on your taste or mood.

Below: me wearing my boyfriend jeans (the ones you saw last week), high heels so my sprained ankle gets a little nudge that this will be the future again (you saw these heels before with skinny jeans), white shirt and a necklace my mum gave me for my birthday a while back.Battle of the jeans GreetjeBelow: Sylvia was wearing her Paige flared jeans with a blue jacket and a fun shirt. Hating the fact that her higher heels were still back in Singapore.Battle of the jeans SylviaBelow: Anja wore skinny jeans and a Chanel-type jacket.Battle of the jeans AnjaWe were goofing around. Luckily the other people who were also having lunch, were amused about the photo shoot and not irritated.

Below: I was trying to point out that I was taller than Sylvia.Battle of the jeans Greetje and Sylvia

Below: “no, you’re not”, she replied. Let’s call it a draw haha. My deep brown tan is the result of that holiday week in Spain.Battle of the jeans Greetje and SylviaBelow: a picture of Anja without her jacket, in her blue / purple shirt. She has purple rings on nearly every finger as she is a “more is more” woman.Battle of the jeans Anja

Below: trying to take some more pictures and Sylvia wanted to break with the static poses haha.Battle of the jeans Greetje and Sylvia

Below: this last one made some women two tables back, laugh. So I hope it will make you laugh as well.Battle of the jeans Greetje and Sylvia

Below: my beautiful birthday present from my mother. A necklace of murano glass beads. Like a rainbow. Sylvia, Anja and me in Vogelenzang June 24 2016 (28)_LRBelow: we asked the waitress to take a few pictures of the three of us and I set the camera with Anja and Sylvia as target. You can see where this is heading: trouble. As Anja got hold of two pens in the shape of a piece of bark.Sylvia and Anja

Below: they tried to use them on me…. My face is clearly showing what I thought of that: yikes, yuck.Anja, Sylvia and Greetje

Below: time to go home girls….Anja, Sylvia and Greetje

Details of what I am wearing: boyfriend jeans: G-Star, white shirt: Marina Rinaldi, red patent leather peeptoe shoes: Unisa.

Next week I will show you some (outfit) pictures from my holiday in Spain with 5 girlfriends.


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