What to wear in SpainRight! Another post on what to wear in Spain. As I said in last week’s post, shopping, sunbathing and eating is what we (6 girlfriends) do on holiday in Spain. And drinking cocktails. This first photo shows you my long blue and white striped tunic. Or is it a dress? I don’t know, could be both I think. Most of my friends were not very thrilled when I tried it on in the shop. The photos they took showed a terrible outfit. And still I could not resist it.

Remember the maxi dress I bought in Spain last year (see below)? That was blue and white too, a bit longer, but totally different. I wore it twice. It just isn’t me. I gave it to Marianne this year who really liked it. My taste is changing. maxi summer dress 2 (1 van 1)Further down I will show you some more photos of the new blue “nighty”, as I lovingly call it. I am sure more people will think this hahaha.

OK the holiday in Spain…. Last week I introduced you to my 5 friends and showed you their outfits. This week some more.

Now first a laugh.

Marianna had brought facial masks for all of us to put on our sunburned faces. A treat. Then Marijke (below left) and Jilske (below right) decided to stage “a look” for the photo.

Below: they aimed to stage a “trailer trash” picture and succeeded, whahaha.

Marijke en Jilske

Let’s concentrate on the outfits again, shall we?

Below: Marijke in a long cream dress. Her hair just washed.What to wear in Spain

Below: Claudia in another figure hugging dress. With her figure she can.What to wear in Spain

Below: Marianne in an olive coloured outfit. What to wear in Spain

Below: Jilske in a lavender blue dress, arty and comfortable. Bought on the last day. This photo is a bit strange as it was made with an iPhone. The proportions aren’t quite right.What to wear in Spain

Below: this was another item I didn’t like on me. Nothing wrong with the top, but it just isn’t me (anymore). It found a good home.What to wear in Spain

The weather, the beach and the surroundings were gorgeous. Here are a few pictures to illustrate that.

Below: a pre-wedding party (flowers in their hair) at a beach restaurant, with that clear blue sea as background. Postcard perfect.Javea holiday-071857

Below: water bicycles in the shape of cars.Javea holiday-231203

And back to more outfits. Let me show you some more pictures of the “nighty”. Normally I would wear it with my skinny jeans, but I didn’t bring those with me and it would have been too hot for them anyway. Don’t know about the shoes yet. Have to find that out. For Spain I brought a lot of flat shoes.

Below: the colours are a bit funny as the sun was giving a red glow. Wearing a short leather and silver necklace with it. What to wear in Spain

Below: wearing a long suede tassle necklace with it.What to wear in Spain

Below: wearing it with a big belt. This looks more like everybody’s taste (as it gives an hourglass figure) but it proved to be challenging. There were a lot of photos were the belly area seemed big and bloated because of the belt.What to wear in Spain

Right, that was the nighty. Over again to my companions. We went shopping in a nearby town.

Below: how I love streets where the top of the trees meet to make an arch.Denia

Below: on either side of this long streets were shops. Mainly clothes, bags and shoes. We went in and out.Denia

Below: Marijke found a nice silky bomber jacket. What to wear in Spain

Below: Claudia found this skirt and these sandals and went boho style.What to wear in Spain

Below: Marianne in a new green cardigan with matching top.What to wear in Spain

Below: the wheelchair you saw in the previous picture behind her, is not for show. Marianne has Multiple Sclerosis which never stops her to look ever so elegant. She is a very cheerful person.What to wear in Spain

Below: Claudia and Marijke goofing around while we had a coffee. Marianne giving instructions.What to wear in Spain

And the last set of outfits.

Below: Marijke. What to wear in Spain

Below: Claudia.What to wear in Spain

Below: Jilske in a dress which was too short so she didn’t buy it as she had no need for another tunic. Shame, as it suited her well.What to wear in Spain

Below: Marianne, in a summer dress, ready to go to the beach. Watch the cute sandals.What to wear in Spain

Below: me in a trusted outfit. The green kimono top with grey trousers and a flower necklace, present from Anja (Curly Traveller).What to wear in Spain

Below: the cocktails were ever so nice.cocktails in SpainAnd that, my dear readers, is the end of the series What to wear in Spain.


No Fear of Fashion

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