Shopping Leidsestraat AmsterdamWhen you are really broke and addicted to buying clothes (as I am), the last thing you need is a day in Amsterdam with your two friends who love shopping just as much as you do. But, I was still on holiday (which means I am in a merry spirit), the date was set months ago and I also love to be with my friends. You will remember Anke and Sabine as you have seen them many times before, on our Shopping Saturday tours. This time we went shopping in Leidsestraat Amsterdam. We hadn’t been there yet. More about the outfit above at the end of the post.

Of course we started the day with cappuccino in a side street, at Sweet Cup, Lange Leidse Dwarsstraat 93.

Below: Anke on the left and Sabine on the right. The fuchsia poncho you see on the chair is mine. It was clever to bring it along as it turned out to be a cold day.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Sabine took several street pictures of me, but we found out (afterwards) that the camera had moved to “manual focus”. Result: blurry photos. Only a couple were reasonable.

Below: this one is funny. It looks as if I was cut out another picture and photoshopped in this one (not).Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: Anke wore a blue and white long tunic, so I was glad I wasn’t wearing mine haha.Shopping in Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: looking serious. Wearing sensible flat shoes, a top which was meant for hot weather and capri trousers. Freezing. So nice I had my poncho. In this previous post you can see more of this outfit, also with high heels.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: Sabine was dressed in more sensible clothes, like boots and a jacket. Plus a fun shirt.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: cute bike.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: At Goods (Leidsestraat 70) Anke spotted this perfect raincoat which still makes you look good. Not easy in rain clothes.  Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: also pretty good from the side.

Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: Anke tried on a raincoat in yellow too. BAD idea haha. She bought the green one.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: Sabine spotted a perfect coat, also at Goods. I loved this one. So did she.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: but first Sabine had to find out whether the coat was big enough to wear with something big underneath. How about this cardigan?Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: the coat fitted over the cardigan. Sussed that out. Now contemplating over the big slit in the back. Would that be a problem? They decided it wouldn’t and Sabine bought the coat.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: in the meantime Anke had found this lovely kimono(type) top. She loves wearing it.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: a good view of Sabine’s own printed top. Shopping in Leidsestraat Amsterdam (41)_LR

Below: right…. time for lunch. We lunched at Walem, Keizersgracht 449, which is just off Leidsestraat. Their terrace looked lovely but we thought it was much too cold and went inside. When we paid for our lunch we decided it wasn’t cheap but didn’t think anything of it and paid. Then the waiter came back and apologized profusely. They had charged us too much and he gave us back the money we paid too much (1/3 of the total amount). Very decent of the restaurant, very silly of us. Shopping in Leidsestraat Amsterdam (54)_LR

Below: they were in a shopping mood, my companions…. pfff. Nextdoor from our lunch restaurant was YDU. Which means Young Designers United. I have mentioned them before. This was such a good shop (UPDATE 2023: they are no longer there). As the name says, they sold stuff from young designers. Different, unique and affordable. Here is Sabine in a lovely pink shirt. She actually bought a smaller size, but this one looked just as nice.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: big slit at the back of the shirt. Peekaboo. Just as Anke was doing.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: Anke was really getting into this shopping. The shoes were from the store and too big, so don’t pay any attention to them. Pay attention to the shorts. Blue you might think….Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: not quite… The shorts had two sides.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: and this is how it looks at the front. Funny, tempting, but Anke didn’t buy them. Instead she bought a long light coloured oversized silk shirt with yellow polka dots. You will have to use your imagination as I forgot to take a picture.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: then Sabine found this ever so cute shirt with pussycats. Needless to say it came home with her.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: I love these bags….. Shopping in Leidsestraat Amsterdam (85)_LR

Below: and that grey/green one in the middle.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: Anke showing the grey/green bag.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: over at Ted Baker, Leidsestraat 64, Anke tried on many lovely shoes. And walked away (pun intended) with nothing. The ones bottom right are not Ted Baker’s.Ted Baker Leidsestraat Amsterdam

I know you have been wondering for quite some time now, thinking “And where were you? What were you trying and buying?”

Well, as I said, I was (am) broke. So I just sat there and took pictures wanting to buy everything. Yep… you cannot go on forever. I did try some awesome stuff which was also in the sale. Like the lime yellow coat from Karen Millen (below). I love it…Shopping in Leidsestraat Amsterdam (95)_LR

Below: flipping hxll, it does look good. As I was making this post and saw the photos, I nearly bought the last one online from Selfridges England, reduced twice. But first I checked my bankaccount. And closed the site without buying.Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: Gsus, Koningsplein 8 which is at the end of Leidsestraat. Here I tried this top and this skirt. They were a steal in the sale and still, I left them there. Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Below: the back. Shopping Leidsestraat Amsterdam

Shopping without buying. Don’t for a minute, think this was easy for me. Temptation is ripping my soul apart. But in August I am going to visit Daniela in Turin (Italy), which means shopping in the Max Mara outlet. I don’t even have money for that at the moment, so I really need to slow down.


No Fear of Fashion



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