Blue kimono top or rather: a haori top

Blue kimono topIt is holiday time my friends. Therefore this time a short post with very similar photos of my blue kimono top. It is actually called a haori. I gained this knowledge because Shelley (Forest City Fashionista) told me so. Apparently only the long version is called kimono. Thank you Shelley.

On the day the first three photos were taken, I was strolling through Amsterdam with Sylvia of 40+Style. Sylvia is Dutch too and comes to The Netherlands every year in summer. So we spend a couple of days together as we have become good friends.

I had just arrived back home from my holiday in Spain the night before and joined Sylvia in Amsterdam for lunch on Beursplein. My hair had a mind of its own again but you told me not to worry about it.

Below: this is the bull statue on Beursplein.Blue kimono top

I am very friendly with a bronze bull. I bought the top in Spain the year before and it is lovely to wear when it is warm. At the back this top is longer and it has a different pattern. The grey bag was a steal at € 25,-. I bought it just before going to Spain as my friends suggested not to take any fancy jewellery or fancy bags with me. Turned out that this plastic bag is my favourite bag. It is better than al the good leather ones I have haha. The trousers are blue and white striped and slightly distressed.

Below: as I wore it on my holiday in Spain.Javea holiday-031213

Below: Sylvia was about to take a trip to South America and wanted to post a little video of the two of us on Instagram. Here is the YouTube video.

Because you couldn’t really see the details of the haori, I asked Anja (Curly Traveler) to take some photos today (Sunday).

Below: you will see the famous head-to-toe-shots: front, side and back haha. At least the first picture of this post was different.Blue kimono top

Blue kimono top

Blue kimono top

Blue kimono top

I leave you with a smile.


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  1. 24 July 2016 / 17:37

    How cool that the kimono (or whatever you call it) is different on both sides. Could you wear it backwards too?
    And more than you are friendly with the bronze bull—I think he is being very “friendly” with you (it almost looks like he is sniffing your behind)—ha ha!!
    Look at you print mixing again—you are getting to be quite a pro! I need to keep reminding myself to keep at it—I get into my old habits and totally forget!
    Happy Sunday, Greetje and thanks for the hard work!!

    • Greetje
      24 July 2016 / 17:42

      It was luck that brought this pattern mixing on. I was wearing the trousers while trying the top on for something else. When you do get it right, pattern mixing makes an outfit much more interesting. Still difficult for me. And yes, the bull does look funny haha.

  2. Marianne van den Berg
    24 July 2016 / 17:59

    This is the first time I notice that this top has a different backside, ha ha. Must be because you are pushing me or I have a conversation with you, so I look you in the eye. I know that I liked it very much when you bought it last year. I remember that you showed me that the stripes of the trousers are in the front of the top as well. Anyway, after this very long expanation. I have one word for it , Excellent

    • Greetje
      24 July 2016 / 19:50

      I usually only show you the front because I am talking to you haha. I am very pleased with the pattern mixing.

  3. 24 July 2016 / 18:37

    LOVE that unique top!

    So nice that you’ve been able to spend some time with Sylvia and Anja. I miss you guys!


    • Greetje
      24 July 2016 / 19:52

      Right back at you girl. The top is far better than I expected. Sometimes you get lucky.

  4. 24 July 2016 / 19:08

    It was so cool to hear you talking Greetje…. and to hear your name being pronounced properly!

    • Greetje
      24 July 2016 / 19:58

      Dutch is like a throat disease and especially my name. I always feel a bit conscious about my high pitched voice. But I am not shy haha.

      • 24 July 2016 / 21:35

        A throat disease!? Hahahaha
        Very funny.
        You don’t sound high pitched at all ( we all sound deeper toned inside our own heads) you sound fine.
        Still laughing at the throat disease….. :oD

  5. 24 July 2016 / 22:34

    I love the bold pattern on the back of the top, a nice an unexpected detail! I hope to have the opportunity to meet Sylvia in person someday.

    • Greetje
      25 July 2016 / 05:13

      Shame your trip didn’t include Amsterdam as Sylvia is here and (at the moment) the weather is gorgeous. Trust it to be.

  6. 24 July 2016 / 23:00

    Great outfit! The color is great on you. Great photos too.

    • Greetje
      25 July 2016 / 05:15

      All items are comfortable. Trousers are like PJ’s, the top you can barely feel and the shoes are totally broken in with a comfortable heel.

  7. 24 July 2016 / 23:17

    I adore this top! It looks great on you, and I love it especially from the side and the back where you see the really bold pattern. STUNNING, lady.

    Dutch is a funny language. One of my favourite words/names/places is scheveningen! Actually, I’m just thrilled to have a Dutch friend (you!) who is not named Marijn or Marije. I seem to collect those.

    xx, Lisa

    • Greetje
      25 July 2016 / 05:18

      Aha, you know more Dutch people! Yes it is a strange language. Scheveningen and Greetje are equally difficult to pronounce. I prefer my birthname (Greta) but nobody knows that name. Besides that name is also very popular as a cow name haha. The top is very inexensive and very good value.

  8. 25 July 2016 / 10:39

    Wow, gorgeous print! This must be perfect for hot weather.

    • Greetje
      25 July 2016 / 18:26

      It is perfect for hot weather. Very comfortable, loose and breezy. The blue an white striped trousers are cool and stretchy. The combination happened by accident. This has become one of my favourite summer outfits.

  9. 25 July 2016 / 22:47

    Dutch is a difficult language and you have the most impossible name to pronounce!!! 🙂 You know, I created my personal version of it ! (which sounds like … Tweety )

    Your haori top has a beautiful print and suits you! I like the rim longer at the back besides the large shape makes it comfortable in summer. A good pick!

    • Greetje
      26 July 2016 / 06:29

      It was indeed a lucky pick. Often you don’t know whether the piece of clothing you buy, is going to live up to your expectations. It was a happy coincidence when I combined the top with the trousers. I really like this pattern mixing. As for my name.. your version doesn’t really sound like you are talking to me haha.

    • Greetje
      26 July 2016 / 06:30

      The power of video. We have to all get used to this pretty soon I am afraid. It has the future.

  10. 26 July 2016 / 14:44

    That’s such a smashing top! Great colour on you!

    • Greetje
      26 July 2016 / 18:22

      Hey Porcelina… Fun to “see” you again. Thank you very much for your compliments. I am very pleased with this outfit myself.

    • Greetje
      26 July 2016 / 22:46

      And the slim fit trousers are blue and white striped. Which means pattern mixing. One of the few pattern mixing jobs I did well. ?Getting better all the time.. So much better all the time…?

  11. 26 July 2016 / 22:09

    I love your haori top! Such pretty colors and patterns! And gorgeous heels! Fun video, too!

    • Greetje
      26 July 2016 / 22:50

      Thank you Andrea. It was a quick post as I have little time these weeks. Still not done anything for next Sunday…pfffff.

  12. 28 July 2016 / 13:57

    You are so rocking this lovely top – it’s also great with those jeans!

    I can’t wait for you to see what I’m wearing this week at the blog – come check it out and lemme know what you think!

    Happy Thursday!


    • Greetje
      28 July 2016 / 19:43

      This is one of my favourite outfits for summer.

  13. 29 July 2016 / 05:13

    OMG….the video made me laugh…well, the line where you said…with friends like that, who needs enemies, LOL. So lovely to see and hear you both!

    Okay…holiday time…I’ll be quick too. I love this look Greetje! The top is so fun and I am totally getting fun ideas for a make; the print mixing is fantastic. And it’s paired perfectly with your skinny jeans/pants…

    You look fab my friend! We have a bronze bull in Vancouver too…I’ll have to do photos with him soon to share with you.

    • Greetje
      29 July 2016 / 17:08

      I have to say, that I smiled too when I saw the video. But that was me. So glad it made you laugh too.
      At the moment I am changing my blog theme and I want to ask you whether you receive this reply in your mail. For me to know whether this very important thing is working. Thanks in advance.

      • 29 July 2016 / 19:05

        Well done on the blog refresh! Clean and sophisticated…and the pop of green on the top nav bar is just the right punch of colour!

  14. 29 July 2016 / 22:33

    Stunning top … you pull off this style so well!

    • Greetje
      30 July 2016 / 07:59

      It was rather a surprise to me as well haha. The combination happened by accident. And yes kimono-(or rather haori)-kind of tops do look good on me. Once you discover such thing you have to watch yourself not to buy too many of the same type.

  15. 30 July 2016 / 07:43

    Being tall I think you can carry off this style of top – I’m not sure I could. The colour suits you and I do like the pattern too, and approve of the striped trousers you’ve worn with it. All in all, it’s a success in my book. Hope you’re enjoying some down time x

    • Greetje
      30 July 2016 / 08:02

      Aren’t you proud of me? I finally did some pattern mixing. All by myself. I feel very proud, I can tell you haha. You might be right in thinking that such tops work better with tall women. Fortunally you know exactly what works for you. We all have our own pros and cons.

  16. 31 July 2016 / 20:34

    Oh yes, now it is all very clear to me, the stripes in the pants. I have to say I really love this combination. The top is stunning on its own but you look sensation in it with the pants and those shoes – heels are my faves. I like the flats too, which would be much better for running around with friends. Great photos by Anja.

    I loved your video too. I’d like to see more of you in video! Your laughter is a therapy in itself.

    • Greetje
      31 July 2016 / 20:38

      Instagram gives you small photos, not always easy to spot such things. Cathing up on a Sunday eh?
      Well this outfit has become a favourite of mine now.

      • 31 July 2016 / 20:49

        Oh yes, trying, TRYING to catch up. Heh.

        • Greetje
          31 July 2016 / 20:55

          You’ll never be able to. Nobody will hold it against you. We are all in the same boat.

  17. 1 August 2016 / 01:42

    Now that I have seen the top in closeup, I realize it is a top, not a short jacket (which is why I thought it was a haori, which are shorter, kimono shaped jackets worn over a kimono). So it is a kimono sleeve top, and a very pretty one at that. I really like dual pattern – I would love to have a few of those in different colours to wear during this hot summer we are having.

    • Greetje
      1 August 2016 / 06:12

      So I have to correct this haori bit haha. I do have a haori, a real silk one from the 1930ies or something. That is indeed a jacket with kimono sleeves, so a haori.
      This blue one is polyester. You throw it in the washing machine and no need to iron it. My body doesn’t mind polyester, not even in hot weather. Lots of people would go mad in it.

  18. Melissa
    11 August 2016 / 14:56

    Hoi Greetje,

    Ben ook net terug van Spanje, heerlijk!!!!!!!!!!! The rabajas were very dangerous indeed. I found a beautiful bone white colored linen mix sundress, for only 24 euro!!!!!!! It was the dream dress I always wanted to wear when I was little, about the only 70’s style I would have liked. It has spaghetti straps straight neckline/chestline, shows off the color bone detail, A-line.
    Normally I never buy linen, my Type A hates messy things, can not stand the wrinkles, but this is blended so it flows nicely almost no wrinkles.
    Anyway when I grew up I found I could never wear spaghetti straps, large breasts never worked in strapless and my body was so tiny dresses were never fitting right.
    But now with my nice smaller ones:) I can wear anything and even go bra less, this particular dress has a thick layer flap design in the top just around the breast area, very clever and so cool for the hot summer nights in Spain, and with the little summer glow, my finally long hair I was my 70’s dream girl I always wanted to be when I grew up, traveling Europe in the summer…

    What drew me to this post, and I just had to say something…. naast de fiets maar niet op, I noticed….

    As far as the language, I swear in the beginning I hit one person a day with spit trying to speak Dutch in the beginning:( Now I am a professional, it is only about once a week:)

    As far as the name I always hated mine growing up and I also hated my nickname even worse. When I moved out of my small town and introduced myself I used my full name Melissa and eventually started to love it.
    So you just gotta move and make all new friends and introduce yourself with your preference to get rid of the name you don’t like:)
    When I went incognito I always picked the most crazy glamorous name I could think of. “India, what your name is India? Yes… Oh that is exotic….” (I used to watch soaps way back in the day I picked it up after a woman that I thought always looked so glamorous India Von Halkein from the Guiding Light, hehehe) Heck with one guy that really irritated me I used the last name also. pfff idiot.

    What can I say I was dramatic back then. BTW outfit is so cute!

    • Greetje
      11 August 2016 / 19:17

      Hahaha, you should start a blog of you own. You have the writing skills, and apparently the figure and hair you always wanted. Must be heaven. And yes I was not “on the bike”. I sometimes ride a bike to town when I am wearing high heels. Because I cannot walk around on them all day AND walk the distance from and to my house.
      Didn’t have a chance to change my name. I once when I was still young wanted it to change it into my birthname Greta as you probably have read in the comments. But then a popular children’s TV programme came up with a character which was a cow called Greta….

  19. 14 August 2016 / 22:07

    A stunning top, Greetje. Really beautiful on you. Casual yet elegant.

    Really like the new look on the blog too. I’m revamping mine in the next few weeks too!

    PS I think you look better without your sunglasses on and I should know having met you in real life!

    • Greetje
      15 August 2016 / 06:15

      Sweet!! Thank you Jacqueline. You know Sylvia was joking, don’t you?
      How nice that you saw me revamp. I think hardly anyone noticed. I didn’t want too many flashy elements. Trailed other blogs till I found one I liked and asked for that theme. As you know, fellow bloggers are always prepared to help you.

      • 15 August 2016 / 23:49

        Hee, hee, oh yes, I knew she was joking! But you still have beautiful eyes.

        • Greetje
          16 August 2016 / 06:35

          I take a bow haha

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