Blue kimono topIt is holiday time my friends. Therefore this time a short post with very similar photos of my blue kimono top. It is actually called a haori. I gained this knowledge because Shelley (Forest City Fashionista) told me so. Apparently only the long version is called kimono. Thank you Shelley.

On the day the first three photos were taken, I was strolling through Amsterdam with Sylvia of 40+Style. Sylvia is Dutch too and comes to The Netherlands every year in summer. So we spend a couple of days together as we have become good friends.

I had just arrived back home from my holiday in Spain the night before and joined Sylvia in Amsterdam for lunch on Beursplein. My hair had a mind of its own again but you told me not to worry about it.

Below: this is the bull statue on Beursplein.Blue kimono top

I am very friendly with a bronze bull. I bought the top in Spain the year before and it is lovely to wear when it is warm. At the back this top is longer and it has a different pattern. The grey bag was a steal at € 25,-. I bought it just before going to Spain as my friends suggested not to take any fancy jewellery or fancy bags with me. Turned out that this plastic bag is my favourite bag. It is better than al the good leather ones I have haha. The trousers are blue and white striped and slightly distressed.

Below: as I wore it on my holiday in Spain.Javea holiday-031213

Below: Sylvia was about to take a trip to South America and wanted to post a little video of the two of us on Instagram. Here is the YouTube video.
Because you couldn’t really see the details of the haori, I asked Anja (Curly Traveler) to take some photos today (Sunday).

Below: you will see the famous head-to-toe-shots: front, side and back haha. At least the first picture of this post was different.Blue kimono top

Blue kimono top

Blue kimono top

Blue kimono top

I leave you with a smile.


No Fear of Fashion



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