Blue pencil skirtOh yes, talking, talking, talking. I am famous for talking. People sometimes avoid me because I talk so much. Anyway, last Wednesday I met Sylvia of 40+Style and Carin (follow her on Instagram: @catoinamsterdam). Of course it was hell to select an outfit, knowing you meet two fashion belles. I also wanted to twist Sylvia’s arm for taking blogpost photos. As I have been showing a lot of trousers lately, I decided on this blue pencil skirt. Rather formal, but I know I look good in a pencil skirt, so who cares.

We met for lunch at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. A quaint place with a lovely roof terrace.

Below: 2 photos taken from the roof terrace. Of course it was cloudy and rainy weather. Bummer.view from Volkshotel Amsterdam

view from Volkshotel Amsterdam

We decided to have a drink downstairs first as that had a cosier atmosphere than the roof terrace without sunshine.

Below: OK the photo is too dark. I know. I forgot everything I had learned about photography and just pressed the button.Volkshotel Amsterdam

Even worse when we decided to photograph each other at this dark spot. Will I ever learn?

Below: Sylvia (left) and Carin (right):Sylvia and Carin

Below: Carin is famous for her poses and I mirrored her haha. You can clearly see who is more experienced.Carin and me

Below: lots of people working here with their laptop.Volkshotel Amsterdam

Below: Sylvia and Carin waving at me. It is a good thing we don’t care what other people think.Sylvia and Carin

Below: then I dragged Sylvia to a brighter spot and asked her to be my stand-in, so I could set the camera properly. She looked cool in her new skirt.Sylvia of 40plusstyle

Below: and off she went, clicking away. Thank you Sylvia for taking these nice photographs.Blue pencil skirt

Below: being a matchy matchy person, I made sure my earrings were red, like my shoes.

Blue pencil skirt

Below: close-up of the belt. Sylvia knows me and reminded me I needed close-ups, when I wanted to run away. This metal belt is ancient. 30 years old. metal belt with red dots

Below: trying to climb on the piano, confident it could hold my weight. I am a positive thinker haha (not): Blue pencil skirt

Below: no … I am not going to make it.Blue pencil skirt

Below: close-up of the shoes. OK, I admit, I did a little smoothing over. My old feet so close up really need that.Red patent leather slingbacks

Below: I was wearing the white one of these rings below. They were a present from Tiffany, a fellow instagrammer. We exchanged only a couple of comments on each others pictures. I liked her rings and she just asked me for my address and sent them. Deeds like this so restore my faith in humanity. rings

We decided the menu wasn’t good enough downstairs, so after drinks we went back to the roof terrace.

Below: Sylvia and Carin sitting with the window and light behind them. For a less skilled photographer like me, a challenge (hate that word “challenge”. Just a word to cover up “problem”). Sylvia and Carin

Below: Sylvia.Sylvia of 40plusstyle

Below: Carin.Carin

Below: me. Sylvia thought it would be a good idea to make shots while I wasn’t posing.Blue pencil skirt Carin and Sylvia (45)_LR

It was lovely to chat with these women, so the lunch lasted hours.


No Fear of Fashion

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