Summer dressesAs it is summer, we are all on holiday. We all have little time to visit blogs. I decided to take a bit of a break too and do what lots of bloggers do: rerun older pictures. However with an appropriate theme: summer dresses. As it turned out, I haven’t got that many dresses. What you see in this post is what I have. All of my summer dresses. Apparently I am more of a trousers girl. Never knew that. Pity really, as I like dresses.

Above: the above dress with purple dots I have had for many years (my hair is still brown in this picture) and I love wearing it, even though it is a bit tight across the bosom.

Below: bought last year in the Max Mara outlet, a lightweight blue dress. I love the pattern, but it is just a little bit too short at the sides. Last week I finally found the perfect little blue stretchy pencil skirt to put underneath it to avoid the “short look”.Blue Max Mara dress

Below: here you can see why I think it is too short. I am very pleased that this is solved Max Mara summer dress

Below: this summer dress was a gift from husband Ron. It isn’t me anymore. I find it a bit girly, but what to do? It was a present. (Brown hair.) summer dresses

Below: the Filippa K dress I bought with Daniela of The Pretty Cute when she stayed with me in 2014. It is a size larger than I would normally buy (sale) which makes it very good for dinners. summer dresses

Below: unusual draping. Hardly ever wear it. It is either too hot or too cold for this thick linen dress. I also think it overwhelmes me.Black summer dress linen

Below: this dress is custom made. I even had it redone as the first edition had a great big flower smack on my ample bosom. Not a clever thing to do. The seamstress put in another piece with a smaller flower. Summer dresses

Below: this really is a spring dress but I love it for its clean lines. A little bit on the short side but I am willing to overlook that. You too? summer dress yellow black and white

Below: another fib as this is also a spring dress. From the Max Mara outlet. I love this little number. Always makes me feel the part. black and white striped summer dress

Below: two pictures of the white sleeveless dress which I do not own anymore. I had to give it away as it was really bursting at the seams. I am sad over that. It was a dress you could wear in a hundred ways. The summer equivalent of a little black dress. Oh and I gave the jacket away too.White summer dress with grey boyfriend jacket

Below: see what I mean? Totally different look.white summer dress

I searched high and low to find a picture of my mint green dress. An oldie from… I don’t know… 2011? Finally found it. What do you think? Keep of give away? See below.Summer dress

So all in all, I find something wrong with most of my summer dresses. I will be on the look-out in the Max Mara outlet next year for some new ones (expect me to arrive in April Dan). Enjoy summer fooks.


No Fear of Fashion


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