How to create a good outfitDid you get a fright seeing this photo? I bet you did haha. While searching for my summer dress pictures, I found old photos of me, trying on different combinations. In search of the answer to the question: How to create a good outfit? These pictures were never meant to be published. My friend Anja (Curly Traveller) took them only to document what I put on. But I had to laugh so much over these photos, I wanted to share them with you and let you laugh as well. I don’t mind making a fool of myself in order to achieve that. 😆

Now remember…. this was a long time ago, my hair was still brown. Anja nor I knew how to use the camera. It was indoors and even though the quality of the pictures is poor to begin with, I made collages of three pictures, which diminshes the quality even further. Otherwise you would have to click through too many of these bad photos.

I wasn’t posing, hence the dark look on my face. Normally I treat you to a smile. Not so much in these pictures. Showing my grumpy true nature haha.

Above: a white pencil skirt with a brown belt and brown shoes. Don’t know what to call the colour of the shirt. And why not throw in an orange scarf?

Below: without the scarf. Bottom right corner showing the belt of the shirt tied at the back. Top right corner, with a silk skirt and a little orange belt on the skirt (and talking…).Silk shirt with 2 shirts

Below: the same silk skirt, shirt belt tied at the waist. Top right: belt hanging loose. Bottom right: shirt over the silk skirt.How to create a good outfit

Below: same shirt but in the colour grey, different belt. How to create a good outfit

Below: the series “yellow top with white horizontal stripe”. That look on my face hahaha.. And yes, that is my closet you see on the right.How to create a good outfit

Below: two different scarves and another necklace. The necklace in the bottom right picture is hard to see (bedroom curtains in the background).How to create a good outfit

Below: necklace, scarf, scarf. Hair is getting into a mess. And I think this is a different top. This one is the colour corn but soft, not hard yellow. Hard to see in these bad pictures.How to create a good outfit

Below: necklace, necklace, necklace. See the proportion difference between the longer necklace on the left and the shorter necklaces on the right? The longer necklace is better.yellow white striped shirt

Below: oh heavens … how wrong can you get? Trying to mix patterns with a blue and white striped top and a blue and white checked skirt. Diffent belts, different necklaces. Lost from the start, this is terrible all the way.How to create a good outfit

Below: no, it doesn’t get any better. How to create a good outfit

Below: before I show you the last two pictures, here is a hilarious shot.How to create a good outfit

Below: the jacket is too long for this outfit. All my jackets either suit trousers or skirts but can never serve both purposes.striped shirt with Kermit green jacket

And this is why I hate trying new combinations with existing clothes. Your bedroom is a mess, you have to hang everything back on hangers and in the closet. No fairies to clear everything away. And the result??? Mwah… nothing to write home about. OK, I found out that a long necklace in a V is best on the yellow/white striped top. And the orange shirt with the silk skirt had potential (I gave everything away so I suppose I wasn’t really impressed). The corn coloured top I am wearing with another scarf which is not in the pictures.

You see… it is hard work to get a good outfit.


PS.. and the next photo is another one that was never meant to be published. It is me on the beach of Javea this June. To support Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb, who is battling for wearing what you like, no matter what age. Theme of this week: a bikini or any kind of bathing suit at any age if you wish so. In I will wear what I like. Had I known I was ever going to publish this picture on the blog, I would have done my hair and worn sunglasses. I am trying to hold my belly in, but there is so much of it haha.

holiday in Javea 2016

No Fear of Fashion

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