bangles, boyfriend jeans and a pink bagRon and I went to see the ruins of castle Brederode in Santpoort (no information available in English). Because I wanted photos and he remembered this place would give us a nice background (tip from my friend Anja). Unfortunately the sun decided to hide behind clouds, which makes the pictures a little dreary. I started the styling of this outfit with the new bangles. They are very attention drawing so I toned down the rest. Well.. sort of.

To begin with: boyfriend jeans by G-Star, They are becoming my most favourite item this summer. The way they are shaped, together with the high/low tops is very flattering for my figure. And sooo comfortable. This day I even had my sneakers (Ecco) on. Even more comfortable.

Above: I don’t think you have ever seen this blue top. It is actually silk at the front, which means, if there is a stain anywhere in the neighbourhood, it will end up on this top. Very annoying. The fuchsia bag was a purchase I made when visiting the bag museum with my stepdaugter. I thought I was safe in a museum and forgot all about their shop. The bag is by Picard, a German brand of quality leather handbags I had never heard of. To be honest with you… the shine of the leather makes it look like plastic. I have plastic bags which look more like leather than this one. So I regret this purchase a little. Although in reality the shine is a lot less than in these photos.

Now let’s talk castles, let’s talk ruins.

Below: not much left of the castle although still impressive.

castle ruin Brederode

Below: over the bridge (which was a drawbridge in the old days for sure).

castle ruin Brederode

Below: and through the “gate”.

castle ruin Brederode

We hunted for spots where the light was right and the wind wasn’t blowing so fiercely.

Below: look what I am wearing!!?! Isn’t that the coat I DIDN’T buy with my Shopping Saturday friends? Yes, it is. I looked at the photo we took that Saturday several times and I fell soooo in love with this coat. Had to search high and low in England and the Netherlands for the right size. Found the very last one in my size, which Karen Millen reserved for me. My beautiful stepdaughter collected it and negotiated so well that I got it for 1/3 of the original price. (Thank you Nicky.) I was and am so pleased with it. Which just proves that something you had to fight for is often worth more to you than something you got thrown in your lap.

lime coat

Below: indeed the background was pretty good.

bangles, boyfriend jeans and a pink bag

Below: windswept though. Now… did you notice my new bangles?


Below: the bangles and the ring in very good colours.

Bangles, boyfriend jeans and a lime coat

Below: these bangles are from the UK, from Little Mole Boutique, an online shop. Although they usually deliver in the UK, I got in touch with them by email and we arranged payment and shipment in no time. And I gave them the wrong address… (I can be very stupid at times). Had to pick the parcel up from my neighbour 22 houses down the road. When I disclosed the content of the parcel to her (I got chatty..) she wondered whether I couldn’t get any bangles in The Netherlands haha. I answered: “not these ones”.


Below: the ring is one of the four rings I received from Tiffany (see this post to view all four of them).  Isn’t that a match or what?

bangles and a ring

Below: “Anne! sister Anne! do you see any one coming?” (the cry of Blue Beard’s wife).

bangles, boyfriend jeans and a pink bag

Below: what the castle used to be like.

castle ruin Brederode

Below: on our way out we passed the little terrace.

Bangles, boyfriend jeans and a lime coat (35)_LR

Below: stopped for a photo but had no coffee. Somehow I didn’t think the volunteers were serving cappuccino.

Bangles, boyfriend jeans and a lime coat (27)_LR

Below: pretty place though.

Bangles, boyfriend jeans and a lime coat (38)_LR

Below: leaving the castle and taking a last picture.

castle ruin Brederode

Below: hope this last picture makes you laugh. The blue earrings with a purple stud match the bracelets perfectly.

blue earrings


Linking up with other fashion lovers at Catherine’s I will wear what I like.

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