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A little while ago I went to the Bags and Purses Museum in Amsterdam with my stepdaughter Nicky (update 2023: the museum is now closed). I have been to this museum about 4 or 5 times in the last two years. Every time I discover new beautiful bags because: a) there is so much to see, you cannot take it all in during one visit, b) they change some of the collection and c) they have temporary exhibitions. For this day of walking I chose my white sneakers and a red velvet jacket which I scored at a thrift shop (sometimes I get lucky). The jacket can be a bit dowdy or old-fashioned when you style it the wrong way. Fortunately I had Anja (Curly Traveller) to help me. Lots of little helpers keep me stylish  😆 .

You will see a lot of pictures. If you get bored, just scroll down fast. If you like them, you can also take a look at my previous post about this Bags and Purses Museum.

Below: my beautiful stepdaughter Nicky. Stepdaughter NickyBelow: we had lunch in the conservatory.Stepdaughter Nicky at the Bags and Purses MuseumBelow: I love the wallpaper in the conservatory.Red velvet jacketBelow: there is a lounge area, all done very much in the sphere of the old building. A bit Art Deco. For more pictures see my previous post about the Bags and purses museum. Nicky and me (in a red velvet jacket)There are two period rooms which are magnificent, but there were ladies having High Tea there and I didn’t want to disturb them. In my previous post there is a photo of one of the rooms.

Below: Nicky in the corridor between the two period rooms. I told her I couldn’t shoot a picture with all that light coming through the window, but she urged me on. And indeed.. this is a nice picture.Stepdaughter NickyMost of the photos you’ll get to see from here, are photos of bags. We started at the top of the building where the very, very old ones are. They have bags from (or even a bit before) 1500.

Below: this one is 17th ceintury I think (wasn’t paying enough attention. Again. Sorry.)Bag Museum 2016 (61)Below: I was doing my best though haha. Nicky caught me with her cellphone. Bad quality, but too funny to keep from you.On my knees in the Bags musuem

Below: the next three pictures are also very old (17th ceintury?). Further along you will get more information about the bags. Promise.old bags and pursesBelow: I love this one..Bag Museum 2016 (68)

Bag Museum 2016 (70)Below: OK now I have a bit of information… the left item is a chatelaine with tape measure, pencil, pin cushion, seal, corkscrew, note-book and needle-case. I think they forgot to mention the scissors. We giggled at the “note-book”. See the tiny pieces of paper? How were they going to note anything down on that? English 19th ceintury.

The object top right is a coin purse. French 19th ceintury. I forgot to look at the information about the bag bottom right.chatelaine and pursesBelow: magnificent. Evening bag, silk brocade with gold thread and silver frame, adorned with amethyst and yellow quartz. Austria/Germany ca. 1929.Bag Museum 2016 (77)Below: no information. I would buy them immediately if they were for sale.clutches2Below: again no info by me, but soooo good.Bag Museum 2016 (9)Below: this was a display of travel bags in various periods. The museum had a temporary exhibition about travel bags in 2014.Bag Museum 2016 (6)Below: moving up in time (there are a lot of bags in between, you have to see for yourself). This bag is lambskin with croco print. Omar Munie (Dutch) 2007.Bag Museum 2016 (82)Below: Design by Vlieger & Vandam, Dutch 2009, called Guardian Angel. My friend Sabine has a bag like this… She took it abroad on a plane. She got out of The Netherlands, no problem. But getting back, she spent an hour and a half explaining about the bag to the airport police. They were not amused, haha.Bag Museum 2016 (84)Below: gorgeous evening bag. Don’t know the period. Sixties? Seventies?Bag Museum 2016 (87)Below: information in the photo.Alexander McQueen shoulder bagBelow: an evening bag named Socks after the cat of the Clintons haha. Hillary is carrying it.

Hillary Clinton and socksBelow: The Sex and The City famous bag.Sex and the City bagBelow: A little suitcase from 2014 USA, painted by Denise Meyer. Nice.Suitcase painted 2014Now a few bags from the exhibition Street Couture. In it, the museum seeks to identify what sets haute couture apart from global street fashion. The Street Couture style is all about mixing and matching: high-end fashion combined with street fashion, sports with pop culture…

Below: Paloma Picasso, French, red patent leather 1998. Ahhh. Bag Museum 2016 (17)Below: Prada patent leather bag “Pyramid Flame En Flame”, Italy 2012. Ohh.Bag Museum 2016 (10)Below: quite the opposite from the previous two demure (although still bold) bags, are the next items. On the left and top right, an old schoolbag, designed by Bas Kosters (eccentric Dutch designer). On the bottom right a Michael Kors bag USA 2012, painted by Ton Pret, called “A girl’s best friend”. Street art bag museumBelow: in between the demure and the colourful, I found this leather Marck&Co clutch, tattooed by Henk Schiffmacher, who is a very famous Dutch tattoo artist. Do you recognize the shape of the bag? It is my bag from last Sunday. You could actually buy it in the Museum shop as it is a Dutch 2016 bag.Bag Museum 2016 (13)Below: probably sitting on a piece of art.Red velvet jacketBelow: Moschino, 1996 Italy called “Gateau Bag”. Bag Museum 2016 (19)Below: the last one because I thought he was hysterical. Who would want to walk around with this one? Bag Museum 2016 (26)-2Below: the halo seems to follow me around haha. It is a beautiful lamp hanging in the stairway.Red velvet jacketHope you enjoyed it. If you ever are in Amsterdam, do visit this fabulous little museum. (No, they are not paying me. Nobody is.)


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