favourite outfitsToday I am being featured by the very popular Fabulous After 40 site. Many of my blogger friends have been interviewed before me at this community for women over 40. And of course I am very flattered to join them. This post is an addition to my regular posts on a Sunday. In line with the interview I decided to show some of my favourite outfits. Might be nice for new readers. Those of you who have already seen them, perhaps even commented on them, can sit back, relax and come back Sunday. Or click through to Fabulous After 40. Many of the photos I chose were taken years ago, when my camera skills were …. not that good…But they are still my favourite outfits. I wear each and every one of them. 

Note: if you click on a photo, you will go to the original post and see more.

Below: this silk jacket is a remake of the original one, bought in France 10 years ago. Timeless and always makes me feel good. Purple silk jacket with distressed jeans and white slingbacksBelow: this skirt is one of the best. If you click through to the post you see more combinations with it. Such a versatile piece. It was the sales assistant who came up with this combination with the anchor blouse. My first pattern mixing. I am not good at pattern mixing so I hardly ever do it, but it does make an outfit often much more interesting. Black and white striped pencil skirt with anchor blouseBelow: my thrifted yellow coat (Benetton). I saw it being brought in and before it hit the store, it was mine. Usually I am not that lucky.Yellow coat thirfted (Benetton)Below: these treggings as I think they are called, are a little bit risqué, but I wear them wholeheartedly and feel fabulous. And because of that attitude people perceive it like that.black and white treggings, black sweater and golden necklace.Below: by now you might have guessed I am a great fan of black and white. Here is my tuxedo suit. I wear it to the office, to anything. Not just to parties. Would be such a waste.Tuxedo suitBelow: my yellow ochre trousers. My husband found them and brought them home. Where do you find a man like that? And yes I was a brunette. Now I am a blond.Yellow ochre trousers with green jacket and yellow chain necklaceBelow: my trusted skinny jeans. I love them.Skinny jeans, blue long top and red patent slingbacksBelow: another outfit with these jeans. In the post you can see the very unusual heel of the shoes.Cream booties with skinny jeansI got a few complaints of a fellow blogger that I didn’t wear skirts anymore… And she was right. So I tried to correct that.

Below: my multi coloured dress. Like a T-shirt and to my big surprise it looked good on me. I expected lumps and bumps showing everywhere but no. Sometimes you just have to try something on. Multicoloured dressBelow: oops… black and white again… I usually add  an extra colour. Lime sweater with white pencil skirtBelow: I nearly discarded this outfit but decided to wear it once more…. and got so many compliments that it went right back into my closet.White skirt with leaf vest. Pauw.Below: a white dress with purple dots. My friend Anja styled it with yellow sandals. Would never have come up in my brain.White dress with purple dotsBelow: really…. another black and white number… Am I boring you by now? Oval polka dotsBelow: I give up… I am a black and white girl. With an extra colour. Very confronting, such a walk down memory lane….. Note the polka dot tights.Black leather skirt with cream topBelow: a more recent buy.Cream pleated skirt Max MaraBelow: found another colour!!! My blue Max Mara dress.  Blue Max Mara dressBelow: trying something different than pumps.Pencil skirt with golden bootiesBelow: skirt and top by Marella.Cream skirt and blue silk top MarellaBelow: shopping at the market in Haarlem. That can be done on heels.Black pencil skirt, lime shirt Max MaraAll these outfits are my favourites. And there are more. It is so much that I often am ashamed of myself. Then I say to myself: just be very thankful for being so fortunate and be generous.


No Fear of Fashion

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